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  1. I'll take the wire rods, the glt with the 47 reel and the maxi mate and spoons.
  2. I wasn't sure if it could hold a flasher or not. Some people say yes, some say no. Wanted to try it but I've been using regular dipsy's my whole life so tripping is not as important to me as not having false trips. I would use braid on this setup but my normal wire dipsy's are on 10' rods with twilly tips so was just gonna cut off a few feet of the messed up wire that I screwed up with poor storage and make those my high divers. Then get some 8'6" rods for the low divers. Then I'll be able to break down the long rods and just store them regularly and keep my low divers in 1 piece. The 10' just are too long to store in 1 piece on my boat and I normally only have 1 other guy with me so in my 6 rod spread I'd only have 1 diver per side unless we are chasing browns or walleye. Still need to run the rigger with the probe and paddle and I'd probably run another wire before a diver but when I can't buy a bite I buy more equipment to wash my ever growing collection of baits. Never know I might end up using these as my main divers and just storing the regular dipsy's.
  3. So adding a few things this year and one is going to be a slide diver setup. I want to know if anybody who uses 19 strand wire really likes it. I want to try that anyway so might try it out but I already got 2000' 7 strand ready to spool up 2 rods so unless someone talks me out of it I'm going to run that. I've also never ran a slide diver before but ran every other diver so most of it should be about the same. My plan was to get 2 ultimate clear divers and run them with 25' mono then 8-12' floro leaders. I'd like to know if the lite bite version is ok for big flashers and meat rigs and mature salmon. I'd use it for walleye too and like for it to trip with a perch. If a lite bite will trip a perch and still hold a flasher I'd get it. If not I'll just get the regular slide diver. Should have already got this done. Putting away the ice fishing gear and got to get the boat ready.....the browns are waiting!
  4. I run my 25lb big game salmon rods and my 17lb walleye rods. I just use lighter leaders for the browns buy don't spool any just for browns.
  5. I'll take them if you take PayPal and ship
  6. I made a bunch of these a few years back. They can be set so sensitive you could see a 1 1/2" fathead swimming or so it takes a decent tug to pull them down. Only problem I've got with them is everyone I know wants me to make them a set just like mine. Got the rods pre rigged at sheels for about $7. I use them for dead sticks all the time and for perch in deep water I'll set it up with a open water perch rig with 2 minnows and a heavy sinker and can drop it down fast. No drag tho so better be prepared for when a big one bites. https://youtu.be/DUNeUPoKbiY
  7. Great lures for sure but they must not fit in the spoon crank box that good. Lol
  8. There is no fish in the ponds. I'd go anywhere else but there. I don't think I'd even fish it if I lived on the water.
  9. Both of those bodies of water have lots of atv and snowmobiles on them. You could still go thru the ice so if your not sure then don't go driving around where nobody else is going. A little common sense and you should be fine.
  10. How was the snow? I'd like to get up there this week sometime.
  11. I haven't been to conesus this year and I don't know for sure. But there is a new bait shop on the north end of honeoye....Doc's bait and tackle....8690 main St. And there is the bait shop on the west side of silver...higgans family bait shop.....3834 W Lake Rd. What direction are you coming from?
  12. Staging salmon are hard to figure out. The GaryD rig should have caught atleast one. Maybe the jumpers were trying to get a look at this secret weapon!
  13. I pull the front hook off and just run the back trebble in both. I run them both on three way swivels usually 6' leaders and 10" droppers to big pencil weights.....dont know the size weights but get them from creek rd bait and tackle.
  14. Yes.....you all need Jesus!!! But that Garry D rig is the outdated version. The new hot rig is the same plug but in a white glow with shaved beaver glued to the front half. It's called the Harry D rig and some big slobs are dying to get it in there mouth.
  15. You can add snap weights to lead. I'm not an expert at it but my charter friend does it all the time.
  16. I just got a good deal on a kicker motor and am looking to set it up. My questions are what is the best adjustable bracket? Is the panther good enough or is there a better one? Next I've seen the electronic speed control kits with a servo for the throttle. Is one kind better than others? Last question. Do I just lock the kicker straight and steer with the big motor or should I spend the money on the ez steer? Please help me!
  17. I need a kicker motor! Ideally a long shaft 9.9 4 stroke with controls but I'd entertain any newer motor in good shape. It's for a 22' islander so 8hp is about as low as I can go. Let me know what you got. Pm me or reply here. Ive got a bunch of older 2 strokes but looking for something more reliable.
  18. Go to the classifieds. Find troubles add for fixed sliders. Order the ones you need.
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