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  1. Well my buddy needs 4 cheap dipsy rods. He is just getting started and would like to get 4 rods with line counter reels. Preferably with line. Would drive anywhere from Lackawanna to Rochester to get going this weekend. Let me know what you got. Thanks!
  2. Allice has walleye. That is for sure I've seen a few caught. Never caught them although I've tried many hours. The lake has lots of bugs and the panfish are big there. Decent bass and a few good pike. The place is narrow. Its really just a river, not a lake. Bottom is littered with tree limbs and such and your bottom bouncing worm harness or dipsys will snag everything. Expect many expensive break off's. Its not long either so you'd set up and have to pop some dipsys to turn and reset. Plus's its a wave pool on nice days with all the boat and waterskiing traffic. Its an obstacle course and is nuts to even think of trolling anything there.....so...? That leaves jigging. Most fish I catch are all on the dropoffs with the most wood piles under it. Jigging down in the trees for bluegill. Lots of break off snags so just cheap jighead and worm or waxie. I usually use ice fishing rods with 4lb line and have lost a few big ones to the woodpile not able to get them out. Always bass sheaphead and other stuff but it really seems like the place that you have to hit the fish in the face to get a bite. And that spot will usually be good for more fish but 2ft over and no bites. Would really be nice to have the anchor on the trolling motor cause you can't hold anchor in deep water without blowing around. Find cover and try jigging a bait in the face of a very well fed fish and hope he bites.....also Glenwood lake near there is a nice small lake. Both have walleye. But I'd not recommend them as walleye lakes. More lakes where you could get lucky and hit one or two on the best day ever, but for the hastle I'd fish elsewhere. There are a few people that fished that whole lake there whole life and can catch a few semi consistantly, most are 12-18 that I've seen.
  3. I have 2 aluminum boats. I also destroy everything and am not the best at fixing it. But.....I have used aluminum brazing rods and a propane torch to fix holes and tears in the hull of my boats. Flux core aluminum rods in home depot. Cheap and easy. Watch a few utube videos
  4. We need more details....what size/type of boat....what you fish for? My first thought off my head is Basshole....could be bass guitar or largemouth bass.....and you'd have to be kind of a Basshole for it to work. But most us drunk rock and roll types are. Lol
  5. I was out in my 14ft row boat with a 9.9 on it last night. Caught a few perch out of olcott and played in the waves as long as I could....but you know how it is....one wave comes over just a bit and somebody gets a little wet and people cry...it was raining anyway. So we came back as the waves just started to top the pier. Was fun. Just bought the boat to replace my 12ft and new it would be rough out there but paid the 8 bucks and hit the water around 3 just to run the motor and guage the way it would handle waves. A lot better than I thought. A lot better then the sears gamefisher. Played in the harbor for a bit and took my 12 fish home. Great time and couldn't ask for more. Lol so if you want....I'll come bomb around in your row boat with a 25 on it....just make sure it has the foam in the seats still and don't go out far....I couldn't tell you how many times me and my brother sunk the canoe out there....
  6. Does anybody target perch in the big water during the summer? I know Ontario gets some big perch. Would be nice to find them out in the deep during summer.
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