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  1. ErnieLearns

    Fair Haven Pier Trouble

    It may take years for them to start work. The letter states it has to compete against other projects with the limited funds available. If we're lucky it will start this fall, but don't hold your breath.
  2. ErnieLearns

    Where are the smallmouth bass?

    You can catch smallies consistently in Lake Ontario if you fish structure. The best spots are the water pipes. Look on a map to find the general location, use side imaging to pinpoint the pipes and fish them with drop shots and those small dropshot plastics. Right now where I fish they have been in 12 to 14 feet of water.
  3. ErnieLearns

    Port bay launch

    Any word on the docks?
  4. ErnieLearns


    Does an orange flag work for the daytime?
  5. ErnieLearns

    Scotty vs Cannon

    Also check out the Scotty Striker rod holders. They use the same base as the regular Scotty rod holders but I believe they are stronger.
  6. ErnieLearns

    Lake alice waterport

    I would throw a spinnerbait or jerkbait to target bass or the monster pike that inhabit Oak Orchard. Funnny I caught a gar trolling a thunderstik at nite fishing for walleyes on the lower part of the Oak.
  7. ErnieLearns

    Ice status for Sodus Bay

    Port Bay on East side narrows had 8 inches of clear ice followed with 3 inches of white ice on top over 20 feet of water. No issues where I was and the drag from the South boat launch was a breeze. Saw 3 or 4 machines on the ice. For every 4 or 5 dinks you had 1 keeper.
  8. ErnieLearns

    DEC license rant

    If you have a lifetime license you can go to the DMV and they will put a symbol which indicates it when you renew your drivers license.
  9. ErnieLearns

    Fishing out of a kayak

    If you looked at the picture the kayak had to be registered with the DMV because of the trolling motor. I'm currently looking at Hobie but they do weigh a lot. I would check out Oak Orchard Paddlesports at all the different kayaks they have.
  10. ErnieLearns

    Victor Bass Pro

    Victor Bass Pro Does anyone know when the Victor Bass Pro is suppose to open?
  11. ErnieLearns

    Sodus launch

    It's sad that the people in charge of the association are going ahead with the fire works.
  12. ErnieLearns

    Sodus launch

    The Port Bay Improvement Association has just reported that the Northern launch is open at Port Bay. That launch is right next to the lake.
  13. ErnieLearns

    Bass Fishing

    Any of the bays along Lake Ontario this summer may offer very unique bass fishing since all the docks are under water. During normal water levels, its hard to beat Sodus because the bay has a lot of different structure.
  14. ErnieLearns

    List Boat Launch open and closed

    I guess they need to proofread their web page.
  15. ErnieLearns

    List Boat Launch open and closed

    Wayne County Office of Tourism states on their fishing report which was updated this morning that both of the DEC launches on Port Bay are open contrary to what has been reported here recently. Can anyone verify that they forgot to put the word "not" in front of open.