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  1. hey guys, i know im seriously late in responding and leaving an update from my trip to lake alice in new york. i just want to say thank you for the few that posted and gave me some info. we caught some bass. i mainly stuck with a chart/white spinner bait and when i found wood or brush a 3/8oz black and blue bass jig with black blue craw trailer. we also got some pike. same thing spinnerbait... and we got some crappie fishing shoreline brush caught a decent amountt 30ish. no size though mainly 6in 7in fish i think we caught 2 fish 12". tough lake to fish, electronics are necessary, unless your one of the locals in that case they all wanna fish there but never catch anything. yeah ok. heard stories of walleye from the only old timer willing to talk to me. next year maybe ill try some late night jerkbaits by the bridges
  2. nice, havent caught a gar in a long time beautiful fish though, thanks for the info, like i said we were young and before we knew what we had back then we should have fished it harder but i figure we do some bass pike and crappie....and if were up for a challenge see if we cant find a walleye or two.
  3. hey guys, me and a few buddies are heading up to waterport in may. we all havent been there in years and even when we did go fishing wasnt as big part of concern when we were young, we caught some bass and a few crappie back in the day but never fished it hard. any recommendations on where to fish or what to use. im not looking for gps coordinates to your spot or your favorite lure, just a general idea of what is in there and maybe where to start. i remember its broke down into three sections by the bridges, amd i remember rolling spinnerbaits caught us bass. thanks in advance
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