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  1. Nice hoodies,not good eating but make a nice mount!
  2. Nice one,way to go,will look great on the wall!!
  3. It was bad last year too ,three night trips only hooked two,didn't see many jump or hooked ,prob won't even try it this year.the lake salmon fishery is in trouble
  4. Was also out in the boat casting from 7 to 11 seen 1 caught from a boat and one from the pier , zero jumping, almost October and hardly any salmon. Disgusting to say the least
  5. Not only every hunter , every true American ,sportsman ,shooter,and anybody that believes in the constitution and all our rights! Anybody that votes for Coumo or anyone against our rights are traitors
  6. That will work, have a reel that holds at least 200 yds of new 12 lb mono or braid.Med action 81/2 or 9 ft rod would be perfect.Get a bunch of 3/4 oz. green ,blue and firetiger perch coler little Cleo's and moonshine glow spoons,you will lose spoons , most salmon I hook hit near bottom on a slow retrieve. Good luck! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  7. I would shoot that 10 pt in the middle any day . Looks like a 3yr old 120s? You have that plus biggers one ! Great spot good luck oct1
  8. Great fish! Musky conversion for 59 by 33 fish states that would be approx an 80 lb musky! Possible yes I guess ? Likely no. Even if it's a 60lb fish it would be c/r record fish if it's legit
  9. Nice job rd9. What was the hot spoon the lakers were hitting on , and were most trout on bottom or up higher? Thanks
  10. Great tiger and a fish of a lifetime,should get a replica mount done because that might be hard to beat!! Way to go
  11. A Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  12. Looking at the raymarine firefly gps/fishfinder combo or the lowrance elite 5 to purchase for this fishing season .anybody have any pros or cons on these units. Thanks
  13. Merry Christmas and a happy fishing and hunting new year to all!!
  14. Hey dog hunters. Do the small handheld electronic calls have enough volume or should I purchase a large one . Also what are some of the best mouth calls to use and when. Thanks!
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