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  1. I didn’t need to go past 200ish fow all summer to get Salmon and it seemed to be somewhat normal summer temp conditions other than a couple of occasions. With that said, I did notice less fleas most of the time when I was expecting more. No clue the reason, just a fact from my boat.
  2. How you remember this fact from 2012 I’ll never understand……lol
  3. I have 2 10# weights for $20 for sale on here and also offshore releases for sale cheap. Webster..
  4. New price just in time for the hard water.
  5. Another “only only only” price drop…$35
  6. Yup, what Rick said. About an hour.
  7. I met the owner of MC Rockets some years ago when we were up in Quinte fishing the ice and he had small microwaves in his apartment that he used for whatever plastic he was using to make them. Not sure if this helps or not…
  8. A client I had on the boat Sunday said he had been in the Genny gorge recently and seen a few porpoise.
  9. Now $125 or $240 for both.
  10. I’m not saying you’re wrong at all, but the amount of Salmon I’ve caught over the years, it just hasn’t seemed to matter. IMO it’s reactionary. This year has been great with the Hawk Mags, but when that’s most of your spread, that’s what they’re gonna hit. Our biggest is a 35# taken in the 80’s on a Andy Reeker in the summer….
  11. Weights and offshores I dropped the prices.
  12. My only only price drop….. $45 plus shipping if needed.
  13. 2 for sale that are in about as good condition as they could be for 8 years old. They were used for a couple months per season till the fleas show up. Hardly any wear marks, very few. Great condition with 20# mono on them. $125 or $240 for both. SOLD
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