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  1. I’m pretty sure it was floating when I drove by it yesterday morning, but when I came in it was down. “Sea Ox” I believe.
  2. Route 18 tackle and I think Mitchel’s may be carrying them soon. Maybe there’s more I don’t know of.
  3. Not all companies sizes are equal. Like “Owner” for example, it’s 1/0 is more like others 2/0.
  4. I was on another boat out of the river this morning and the same thing happened with a king coming to the surface and taking the spoon off the water. We were shocked to say the least.
  5. I don’t really see browns and coho sizes down. I believe the bows had a decent die off years ago also. These salmon are way off on their historical average size.
  6. My customers are very happy and that’s all that matters to me. I’m going with the genetics theory for the size issues IMO.
  7. All set. 3rd call was the charm…
  8. My post said “I can’t get a call back from them”…..
  9. Does anyone know what make the x4D transducer is? 2 choices and 1 is “airmar”. I can’t get a call back from them and would like an answer soon as the boat is out of the water and I’d like to get the wheel kit replaced on it.
  10. Unfortunately, till people stop giving them money to slip their boat there it may never change. I don’t get it, people having issues in that channel ruining lower ends for years, but still use it. Unless they dredge yearly, that channel is not suitable for bigger boats.
  11. Went to Scotty’s 3 years ago so I could see the small fish hitting. Also use them for my copper and clip the copper right to it. Love them.
  12. Last year it was in June and the gun club was pretty full. This years attendance was terrible. Probably because I knew guys that were gone for the derby. Maybe that was part of the reason.
  13. Look in your inbox for a message from me.
  14. I’d call tow US and pay for it, then send in receipts for reimbursement. The best bet is to “phone a friend” for quicker tow. Only 1 boat that I know of on the south shore. Maybe that changed
  15. I used to subscribe to it till I called my insurance company and they said save the receipt and they’ll reimburse me if I need a tow. Some years ago off Wilson, my coupler went and tow US said about 4 hours. Luckily Lucas F came out and got me with the boat he was fishing on. Point is, call your insurance company.
  16. Many times out of Sandy, my friends have seen the “eclipse” while I’m out there fishing. It’s a free show about 3 times a summer……
  17. I use Troutmans 13# torpedoes to around 80’ and when temp gets deeper than that I go to his 16#.
  18. I use the Amish ones. Ive done the fish thief and didn’t like all the stretch.
  19. If they call 2” above average low then yes…lol
  20. New price. $120 for all. These are $210 new with tax. I’ll eat them before I price drop again…..
  21. The last 2 years there has been an explosion of bass boats up at the St Lawrence in June. Hardly ever seen more than a few in a day before then. All now with 4 12”+ screens each with a dude on the front of the boat finding the bass on the beds while looking through a “traffic cone”. I’ve plucked a few fish off beds once in a great while, but man this is just gross to watch….
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