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  1. Correct and not a soul on this Earth thinks the big apple is all of NY State….
  2. Go online and look up Maine trailer registration. You may have to get it weighed, but no yearly inspections. $20/yr roughly.
  3. It is not sold and the price is listed at $400. I’ll give Thork till the evening to answer first.
  4. Do you want it? Shipped? Pick up?
  5. This is a complete unit that works as it should. The new blue probe was used about 5 times this season and the black one is a spare. Brand new spool of 200’ coated cable and I spooled up the old cable. A few cable leaders for the weights included, a torpedo antenna and all the instructions you would need for installation. $400
  6. I’ll put them in my truck and I’ll be in chili this week. Text me 370.8068
  7. Depending on how much of a rush you want them, I can leave them on my boat for you. It should be floating in a couple weeks at East Fork. I’m working on the west side this week also.
  8. 4 Sam’s Pro releases….$20 SOLD 10 offshores w/clips……$20 2 10# weights…….$40/both 8” flashers…….$50 Shipping not included
  9. Scroll down further, I put up the combo for sale yesterday.
  10. If we’re not bumping we’re not boating….LoL
  11. Okuma Solterra 50L, 500’ Bloodruntackle copper, backing and leader on an Okuma classic pro copper rod with twilli tip. Ready to go. I only used it 2 times at the most. The rod May of been used more, but not the reel. $300 Not shipping it.
  12. $30for both. shipping $12
  13. $30 for all shipping $10
  14. 8” chips $60 for all. shipping $10
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