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  1. Coldwater Line Counter Reel | OKUMA Fishing Rods and Reels www.okumafishing.com › ... › Linecounters Okuma Cold Water line counter reels are constructed upon a powerful star drag foundation including heavy-duty machine cut brass gears, dual anti-reverse systems and full Carbonite drag system with up to 7kg of maximum drag output, Okuma anti-fogging Clear View Technology.
  2. FYI. This might be for the newer models https://www.cannondownriggers.com/support/faqs/what-maximum-weight-can-be-used-cannon-downrigger
  3. Harvey, Like to purchase 2 12lb torpedo weights. The check will be in the mail Monday morning. Thanks, Ron
  4. Harvey, like to order (2) 12 lb. torpedo weights shipped to 14420. Thanks, Ron
  5. West Marine usually runs a $25.00 off special 2x a year for Boat us. Once at xmas and another in the spring. It cost me $60.00 for unlimited towing. Another $14.00 for trailer towing.
  6. If you want to keep up with what is taking place around the nation on gun legislation. Youtube Guns and Gadgets
  7. Brian I will take them and pickup. Ron
  8. Was at Sandy last night. Need boots it was over the docks.
  9. Want to buy (1) 36" Berts Buff Bright track. Live in the Rochester area.
  10. Big Blue Enterprises...Bufallo, N.Y. (716) 573-6341 Great guy to talk to. He does make his own as stated above.
  11. Look on Cannons Website Frequently Answered Questions.
  12. on a fine catch, and having your first mate be part of it. I will be out with mine tomorrow.
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