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  1. I tried to setup a link but it did not work and the mesage sent. If you want more info on claming, type in Your Guide to Cape Cod Clams. It explains everything you need to know. Amazon has the culitvator rakes for $10. Ron
  2. Claming, was one of the fun things that we would do as a family. We stayed in Brewster which is on the bay side. Go out in low tide and dig for Quahog clams. We would either make clam chowder or have stuffed clams. You will need a shellfish permit, clam rake, a bucket and a pair of old sneakers. We bought 4 prong cultivator rakes before we left for the cape. You maybe be able to rent a clam rake at one of the tackle shops? If you hit something hard while raking it is most likely a clam. Within a 10 ft circle you will find others.
  3. 2 yrs. ago we were bottom bouncing / drifting off of Port Clinton. I see a Cruiser heading toward us. I shouted to the guys pull up, started the engine and got out of the way. The cruiser was, on plane about a 200 yds. away at that point. We got out of the way just in time. When it went buy, no one at the helm. Guy and girl sitting aft. He would have run right over us.
  4. I am with you on the jump. I had coon dogs for 30 yrs. Was very fortunate to have a friend in the adks that ran hounds on coyotes, and bobcat. Spent many a weekend during the winter up there.
  5. Had to be real sweet hound music. With the deep snow the hounds had to be right on the yote's butt.
  6. Are the moonshines standard or mags?
  7. I guess I jumped the gun a little bit. If you have a aluminum painted boat I would test a small area. Fiberglass is a lot more forgiving when it comes to cleaning products.
  8. DO NOT USE IT ON A ALUMINUM BOAT OR GALVANIZED TRAILER. Experience taught me. It will melt the paint on the boat, and etch the trailer. It is a acid.
  9. Weekend starts on Friday $12....The machine takes credit cards.
  10. Call fish307 the tech will walk you through it. I used them several times, very good schematics on the web site parts-repair
  11. When the gas lines were replaced. Was the priming bulb replaced? Had a problem with my 115 hp. The bulb would not prime. Cut the old bulb open, full of varnish plugging the check valve. Changed lines and bulb worked fine after that.
  12. Fished on the head boats in April. Great group of guys!! Cheap fishing, $40 for all day. Boat limited out one of the two days.
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