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  1. Headed directly N out of I-bay at 7:30 AM and hit two 10lbers, one at 110' down in 240 fow on the way out and the other at 100' in 150 fow on the way back in 2 hours later. Lost one at about 270 fow on the way out. White/green glo spin doctors with green/white and green/white/blue Atomik flies. One of the kings brought a lamprey along. Glad I could pluck it off before I released him. Nice morning out there.
  2. After 45 days of working on your boat, now I know why you're always out on it. Thanks for the report on a good day on the lake. I troll the same stretch and it's good to keep tabs on the action.
  3. Thanks to everyone for their help and comments. This will be a winter project, and your suggestions will give me a lot to try. This rigger has a coated cable on it for the SubTroll and it worked fine up until the problem started in July. Over the winter I'll strip off the cable to look at the set screw and check the ground connection on the board. I like the simple DVM check for ground continuity idea too. All those can be done in the basement with the boat battery.
  4. Thanks for the I-bay report Matt. Good to keep up with the action out there.
  5. Thanks for the I-bay report Terry. It only takes a couple of nice fish to get hooked on the troll.
  6. Thanks guys, these seem to be likely things that could ge bumped out of whack. I'll check them out next time I get the downrigger off the boat. It's not bad holding the switch up for 45', but 150' I dunno.
  7. Dan - I haven't touched the cable since I've had them so I don't think its come disconnected from that screw. I haven't gotten anywhere near the end of the spool. Steve - you could be right about the board. So many electronics like that "just go" because the boards are poor quality and made for 50 cents a piece. When I get tired of holding the button up to retrieve the cable I'll take a look. My guess is I would see where a component on the board is fried. Thanks for the help guys.
  8. At first they looked like salmon because they had some black around the mouth and the tails were slightly forked, but I'll give in to the experts here. After doing some comparisons it looks like the anal fin is a difference too. You're right, either way they were fun to catch and long overdue. Thanks guys.
  9. Just wondering if anyone has had the problem where their Cannon Mag-10 downrigger has stopped automatically rewinding when you hit the up switch. It was working fine one day and then the auto up function stopped working. It still rewinds fine if I hold the rewind switch in the up position. If it matters this downrigger has the insulated cable on it for a Sub-Troll unit. Thanks.
  10. Well Hans, I took your advice and went out about 5:30 tonight. Headed directly north from I-bay and dropped my lines at 150 fow running at 45' and 55'. Hit a nice laker at 170 fow on the 45' line and trolled out to about 250 fow when I turned back toward the bay. Hit 2 coho at 180 and 170 fow on the way back. All three fish hit on the 45' deep line. And they were just about the 21 degree latitude. First salmon I've ever caught .... what a fight!
  11. Hans and Zeb - I appreciate you taking the time to explain some of the terms and give me the additional insight. I gather from other posts that the fishing is a little difficult at this time. I think my biggest mistake is the time of day I have gone out. Due to my schedule I always seem to hit the 9 or 10 AM to 2 or 3 PM time slot. Probably the worst time. I'll see what I can do to get out earlier. I have a decent Furano graph and a Eagle GPS so I can certainly see where the 19 to 22 latitude lines take me. I have 2 Cannon Mag-10s and only run 2 lines as most of the time I'm fishing alone. And I think I'll also change my tack on always heading east. It just gets me away from the bay but not in the deeper water where it seems more fish are taken. I dock my boat in I-bay just east of Meyer's Marina. I prefer being out on the lake as opposed to the bay. It's much more peaceful and enjoyable, and I can mind the lines much better. This website has been very valuable to pick up hints and tidbits, and as you say, I need to stick to it and take note of what's working and where and when. Thanks guys. This is all new to me, but even on a decent day with no fish, being out on the water can't be beat.
  12. Hans, I'm pretty new to this, fishing in my first boat set-up for trolling the lake with downriggers. What do you mean by "55' rigger and 35' rigger slider"? Do you have the downriggers at 55' with one spoon and a second slider line at 35'? Also, what does "fish were between 19 and 22 North line" mean? I have a Sub-Troll which I have not used yet as the power line is broken. When you talk about breaks at 44 and 51 are you refering to the temperature you measured that made you set the riggers to 55'? I've been out 4 times in the last month trolling east of I-bay toward Hedges in Webster and I've had terrible luck. Only 2 small lakers so far. But I'm probably too late out on the water as I have left about 9-10 AM for all trips. I usually fish in 70-120 fow. Is this too shallow? I'm wondering if heading stright north out of the bay to deeper water is a better use of my time than heading east. Thanks for any hints or help you can offer. I enjoy the time out, I'd just like to bring a little fish home with me.
  13. Thanks FLX, nice job on sticking with it. I always seem to be fishing too shallow in the I-bay area. How deep were you fishing in the 120 fow range you were in?
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