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    gone fishin
  1. will you take $125.00 for boards
  2. ssduke

    The Best Dipsy Divers ?

    chinook drivers cut the water and you don't know they are on when fighting a fish. they come in 5 sizes, I have used all sizes depending on how depth you want to go and how much water is under you. all I use now. never had a problem cutting line. ssduke
  3. ssduke

    Chinook Diver -vs- Dipsy

    Use one of these to see the difference, they are so much better to fight a fish or to just reel in. make in Rochester NY. been using for two years didn't have any problems.
  4. ssduke

    Fish Hawk Customer Service

    This what I call customer service. This is the kind of company to buy from. ssduke
  5. ssduke

    big boards and traffic

    Most boards are hard to see. Some are small and the color is hard to see. We have flags on ours. some people think they own the lake so I try to give them room.
  6. ssduke

    Chinook Diver?

    I have been using the last to years, best on the market. when you have fish on you don't even know you have a dipsey on. this is all I use. great dipsey.made in USA. ssduke
  7. ssduke

    Field and Stream in Horseheads.

    I went to see field & stream yesterday they have very little salmon gear I asked the manager it was like he didn't care. I use to go to bass pro they are getting the same way don't care. forget grander mountain & dicks for salmon gear , go to the mom & pops they have local knowledge.I do like the salmon classes bass pro has in the spring.
  8. nice fish dan,don't you ever work. ssduke
  9. ssduke

    Chinook Diver?

    I used last year and love them, I don,t use anything but now .If you live in Rochester ny you can buy on lee rd. ssduke
  10. ssduke

    Got that out of the way, now I can fish!

    nice tom dan duke
  11. ssduke

    Dipsy Setups

    check out Chinook drivers on craig list they work great .went you fight fish you don't know they are on,.you can pick up in Rochester ny I used them last year they are make out of stainless steel.go thur the water great. ssduke
  12. went and where is the elosta sale
  13. Is there a lotsa flea show this weekend 3/15 2014 in cicero ny. thanks
  14. ssduke

    brads super baits

    Has anyone used brads super baits on lake ontario for salmon.