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  1. Reconyx last a long time I have 10 cameras out since Sept and only 2 required battery changes due to the large volume of pictures they took As far as rechargeable they won't last long I run them in my cam I have for surveillance at my warehouse if I get a month out of them only taking minimal pictures thats a lot...it doesn't matter for my use there as I have 2 sets and can change them monthly
  2. I have 11 Reconyx same ground covered
  3. The best Reconyx hands down but at $599 they better be
  4. Good luck this is a tough time of year to be hunting buck it's hit or miss
  5. Next season is shaping up to be good!
  6. Took me 3 shots to get it zeroed after bore sighting by eye 1st shot was high, made adjustments and was a little to low and final 3rd adjustment right on that’s how a scope is supposed to track
  7. These where the last 2 shots with Robs muzzleloader I took Then I broke it down and gave it a thorough cleaning before I gave it back to Rob so it doesn’t surprise me. He had to put a few rounds through it to get it rung out
  8. The Lead sled is a rest and won't cause an issue until you start loading up with weight preventinging from moving
  9. Spend the money on good Optics https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1020604978?pid=828914
  10. Also your gun may need a fouled barrel my Omega is a bit off on a clean bore but nowhere near 9" I alway load a squib round with a small amount of powder and a patch pushed in tight and fire it off in to a garbage can and then load up
  11. I know you guys don't wanna hear it but Leupold is junk now BTDT won't ever buy another
  12. My buddy just took this deer in Alberta Ca.
  13. Just after 7 am slipping through the thick stuff I managed to thread the needle 175 dressed missing an eye
  14. Can you run ozone on your breath azzhole and armpits?
  15. Had a family commitment at 3pm today Had to get down from my stand a 2 pm and leave the woods At 4 pm 23yds right in front of my stand this guy shows up...4th shooter at this stand in the past week and no shots
  16. Buck are cruising this morning had a shooter pass by but no shot presented
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