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  1. Yes spot and stalk in the high desert!
  2. Sonora desert for 6 day hunt fly out on the 12th come home on the 20th....Muy Grande size mule deer possibly coues deer as a bonus if I see a good one Here is a picture of one they took last week
  3. Congrats all I’m done actually been done since Dec 5th 2 buck and 2 doe is plenty Next hunt Jan 13 Sonora Mexico mule deer
  4. Pay once cry once Reconyx Cells are hands down the best
  5. This will about put a bow on a great season !
  6. I won't shoot over 40 yds and am pretty proficient with mine
  7. Big doe I feel dirty it’s like cheating
  8. Keep at it my cameras are blowing up this morning
  9. Got my target buck he died with is rack wedge under the rail of the train tracks...train took of a few inches of 2 tines and half his ear but I guess I'm lucky he didn't get demolished
  10. There is plenty because there are not many if any rifles available yet
  11. Order my license on line beginning of August and it arrives in the mail in a few days
  12. The youth hunting and the legal shooting hour charge are fine The rest are not good Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  13. So who's running the NYS DEC now? Seems like Joe Biden or a moron with the same mental capacity
  14. Identical 6.8 Western switch barrel builds for me and a friend and I for our January Sonora hunt! Terminus Apollo Lite Ti Actions, AG Composites stocks, Triggertech Diamond triggers, Wyatts extended mag boxes and 7.5 twist Hells Canyon Armory carbon barrels! TT Scopes removed and ready for reinstallation upon completion
  15. Putting on the feed all bunched together
  16. I have a custom 6.8 Western being built right now should be done in a month or so Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  17. Yes sir Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
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