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  1. First picture of buck that dropped 1/2 rack ...he had both sides day before
  2. I'll let them run till end of Jan and see what bucks have made it
  3. 6.5 Creedmore Bergera Mountain rifle I Moe Greened this one with it
  4. Rob has this rifle with him hopefully he sees some hogs
  5. Texas hill country smaller bodied deer than we have here, that buck is a real stud for where Rob is hunting!
  6. Anyone can hold for drop but the real voodoo is doping the wind a shot gun slug will drift way more than most realize in wind
  7. I get same drop from my Tarhunt 20 ga 13" at 200yds
  8. I'd move it at least 12" from the cabinets
  9. 3rd coyote past this spot and this one has a meal in it's mouth
  10. That's why I don't shoot doe this time of year she is your calling card
  11. Patiently waiting for November 18 and another buck tag.
  12. Had a rough day yesterday had a good shooter pass close by at 7:30 am and my shot was deflected buy an unseen branch. Shook it off and remained in stand saw a couple more small buck. Then at 10:30am I heard gravel falling from the rail road bed and readied myself and through the thickets came a huge shooter he walked into my window at 33 yds and I release seeing my arrow heading straight for the boiler room only to see it fly right under his brisket. He jumped back into the brush none for the worse other than a little haircut . I found a couple of strands of hair mixed in the muddy broadhead when I retrieved it. Human error I help on him for 20 yds not 30 yds I guess he had me a little unhinged. I left the woods after that for 2 hours then decided to end my pity party and get back in the stand. I sat from 1:30 pm till dark only seeing a coyote which almost gave me a shot 3 times but not quite. wind change had me hunt in my stand on the opposite side of the thick center bedding area. I saw a couple small buck early sniffing around. I started thinking mature bucks were locked up again. Shortly after a doe runs by and heads into thickets I look back and see the big shooter from the day before! He runs after her but further away and gives me no shot. Soon after a parade of small bucks coming from all different directions ( now is the time to be hunting doe bedrooms) I didn’t plan on sitting all day but I said to myself “you are not leaving the woods today!” Shortly after the big shooter from earlier works back though the thickets Too far and thick for any kind of shot. I grunt to him and get his attention and for a split seconds it looks like he’s going to come! But that was fleeting he headed away nose to ground. 30 seconds later a 2 1/2 year old buck follows him. Im thinking I just can’t catch a break. I settle back in and start to watch the football game on my phone. After Chiefs 1st TD I hear rustling and look to my left and hear comes the 10 pt I’ve got pictures off. Big bodied mature buck but not real wide. I said he keeps coming I’m gonna take him. He came in on a string and stopped then turned broadside at 15 yds. The rest is history . I saw the arrow hit and knew he was done,he ran off through the woods hung a right and I lost sight of him but heard him crash. I waited 20 minutes got down didn’t even look for blood just through the woods to where I heard him crash to see the white belly dead as a door nail. He is now hung in my shed, my cousin and I dragged him out whole as I didn’t want to leave guts in the area especially with coyotes running around. He weights 170lbs gutted so he went over 200lbs live weight
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