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  1. Sorry couldn’t resist. I just glanced thru this 3 yr old thread and came to a conclusion.
  2. New aluminum 14.5 X 17 propeller for Yamaha outboard. 15 spline. $60.00 Rochester area. PM for info.
  3. Ok gotcha. He was talking about storing the rod, not fishing it.
  4. Baddad1- Not sure what you mean by getting the wire off the rod. Sliders definitely have their day. Storing them on the rod can be a PITA, especially if you have to break the rod down for storage. I keep a braid setup dedicated for a slider with 30lb fourocarbon double uni-knotted to the braid that the slider clips to.
  5. YouTube has some great videos on insulating cheap Igloo and Coleman coolers with spray foam. The lids usually are not insulated on cheaper coolers. Using the low expansion foam is the key. I have not tried it but plan on doing so. Search it out
  6. I wasn’t going to pull for either team until reading your post Mike. Go Bucs!!


    Not to mention 30 miles offshore in a gale.
  8. Never thought about changing the reel handle location on my high speed Convectors. Gonna give it a try on my wire 30DS reels and see if there’s a noticeable difference. Thanks for the tip
  9. Yes that boat did sell in 2016 and I assume not available
  10. Browns at Bills for the AFC would actually make me forget this Covid for a day. Go Browns!!!
  11. I didn’t have the pleasure of knowing Mike for very long. He moved next door to me about 5 yrs ago and we connected immediately. Fishing conversations in his driveway were always an eye opener comparing the Sandy bite with what was happening out of I-Bay. We never got to fish together as I said we would, and I’m going to regret that for a long time. Lynyrd Skynrd’s “Call me the Breeze” is going to be the first song played this spring
  12. I’m very happy with their hot Italian sausage and snack sticks. That cracker bologna sounds good for next time
  13. Are you happy with your Wilsons order? I’m thinking of bringing them some more and trying something different.
  14. What Gator was describing was with a short 10-12ft piece of mono tied to the wire, when you reel everything in all the wire ends up on the reel with the mono in the eyelets on the rod. This eliminates the inevitable and dreaded curly Q’s in the wire
  15. A nightmare and a hard pass for sure. I assume retrievers are not used to get the birds.
  16. International Lake Ontario-St. Lawrence River Board HOME WHO WE ARE WATERSHED LIBRARY NEWS & EVENTS The International Lake Ontario- St. Lawrence River Board to Implement Strategy to Deviate from Plan 2014 this Winter FacebookTwitterLinkedIn Date December 11, 2020 The International Joint Commission (IJC) has approved the Board’s request for authority to deviate from Plan 2014, and as conditions permit, outflows from the Moses-Saunders dam on the St. Lawrence River can be increased to exceed Plan 2014 flows. The risk of high water on Lake Ontario in 2021 is moderate due to persistent high-water levels on Lake Erie and the upper Great Lakes. This will cause inflows to Lake Ontario from Lake Erie to remain high over the coming winter months. The main driver of a high-water event in the Lake Ontario basin will depend on seasonal factors such as precipitation and snowpack runoff. Since June, Lake Ontario levels have steadily declined to just above the seasonal long-term average. Levels remain well below those that would automatically grant the Board the authority to deviate from Plan 2014 outflows. The Board and IJC recognize the continued threats posed by high water supplies into the system and the risk of another high-water event in 2021. The Board will implement a deviation strategy to take advantage of opportunities that may arise through the winter. The IJC has granted this authority under Condition J of its Orders of Approval, which allows for the testing of some regulatory deviation strategies from Plan flows. This authority will begin on 1 January 2021 and continue through the end of February. This regulatory strategy will be reassessed in February and could be revised with a request for further deviation authority from the IJC should conditions warrant. During this period flow limits are expected to pertain to low Lake St Lawrence levels, municipal water intakes and river ice formation. All deviation strategies, regardless of magnitude of impact, implemented by the Board in this time frame are intended to cumulatively reduce the risk of high-water impacts and balance the interests of other groups throughout the system. There remains considerable uncertainty in the weather and water supply conditions between now and next spring. These natural, uncontrolled hydrologic factors are the primary driver of water level fluctuations on Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River. If basin conditions are extremely wet, and similar to those observed in 2017 and 2019, no deviation strategy will prevent water levels that can cause flooding and damage shoreline properties. Providing those types of benefits are beyond the reach of water regulation and are more reliably addressed through coastal resilience and planning. Information on hydrologic conditions, water levels and outflows, including graphics and photos, are available on the Board’s website and posted to the Board’s Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/InternationalLakeOntarioStLawrenceRiverBoard (English), and more detailed information is available on its website at https://www.ijc.org/en/loslrb. Contacts: Rob Caldwell: (613) 938-5864 [email protected] Bryce Carmichael: (513) 418-8562 [email protected]
  17. Got the same light. The above link rates the light at 18watts. That will draw 1.5 amps. 16 gauge will handle 7 amps. 18 is good for 5.
  18. Bill. I dropped my stuff off on Oct. 22nd and got the call on Nov. 12th. Not a big order, only 14 lbs. I would think you gotta be close to getting a call. Kevin
  19. Try the LOCBA to book a charter. Lake Ontario Charter Boat Association. Tried to copy/paste a link but not smart enough.
  20. It’s a little bit of a ride there but well worth it. They also have a nice selection of Cuba Cheeses and other health foods. LOL
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