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  1. Out of business years ago
  2. Try the Dreamweaver site online. They have a Green Goby in a 28 size and they used to have super slim also.
  3. It seems like NY can’t wait to be a California clone with banning hunting contests and slave reparation legislation. Fishing tourneys are next. We’re looking to get out of NY also.
  4. Still available. Good Christmas present
  5. He easily could have just offered them to another fisherman using that parking lot. We give salmon away all the time
  6. Tuna Alley style Costadelmar sunglasses with 580 blue mirror polycarbonate lenses, and 1.5X readers for knot tying. Matte black frames. Case and lens towel included. Like new. $120.00 + shipping
  7. Highly recommend knee replacement surgery if you’re in pain. I had left knee done in 2009 and right in 2011. Have had zero issues since. Just turned 70 last month. As everyone has said, the success lies in the rehab. Being in good shape before the surgery also helps greatly with the PT. Good luck
  8. I hear you. Wading in that cannot be fun. And how about the smell after they ferment for a week. 🤮
  9. On Irondequoit Bay in the spring, there is a large die-off of the gizzard shad every couple of years. Hundreds line the shoreline ranging from 1-3 lbs. The winged rats love it.
  10. RF cable is used primarily for threaded cable tv connections. You need a single pin push on type audio cable
  11. It is just a single pin audio cable from antenna to the head unit. Can be purchased easily. I’ve got an almost new 12fter you can have if you want it.
  12. You can buy the clips in bulk and use a piece of downrigger cable or mono and a snap to make your own at a big savings
  13. Rtrucking40- Not sure how you’re losing your Scotty releases. Do you have shower curtain hooks or do they have a large snap attached to the planer line?
  14. I heard from a local who spoke with one of the construction guys that the pier did not pass an inspection. Hard to believe after all that work. Not sure of the completion date
  15. We were out of I-Bay yesterday with Tony and you. A good day on the browns. Just wish they were a little bigger. Surprisingly no lampreys and no lampreys marks on any of the browns seen this month
  16. It’s usually referred to as the ‘T’ bar just east of Shipbuilders. Some fishy guys call it the yardarm
  17. Got this in Summer 2022 LOC derby. 18.5 lbs. Love those brownies
  18. I thought a 10 color was good to about 40 ft. 4 ft per color. It’s also about 100ft longer than a 200 copper so it should be on the outside if doubling up on one side
  19. Not many choices really. To the east in Fair haven there’s Screwy Louies and to the west Route 18 Tackle. Neither one close. Mitchels has 2 sizes of meat and priced very fair. There is a LOU member in Spencerport area that sells it when available. I believe it’s Rigged SFC
  20. I would definitely put the Twilli tips on and the wire knot will work fine with the 19 strand
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