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  1. Judging from his picture that doesn’t look like an option
  2. Good point Yank. I can’t speak for Wayne Co. but Monroe Co. does absolutely nothing to promote our great fishery. If it wasn’t for some nice browns caught off Braddocks and several off I-Bay, Rochester, the only weigh station in Monroe Co. BTW, would have been shut out. IMO there is a connection. All the other lakeshore counties advertise and promote. You can count the tackle shops in Monroe Co. on one hand and not using all your fingers. County officials need to step up and help these small businesses survive. Promoting the fishery is a good start
  3. That is not surface temp. I’m told that is approx. 35ft right on the floor.
  4. Great story with a happy ending Bill. I’d say you had a “calling” to go back out for a boat ride to be able to save that woman
  5. I got 2 16lb sharks from Rich aka Bikini Bottom. I met him at Narbys. He has posted his # before 1-607-346-4782
  6. Great story Matt. I was thinking big sheepshead during the day in I-Bay. Way to make his day.
  7. WOW!! And I thought that 26lb brown that was posted a few weeks ago was something. Go Ontario!!!
  8. Sounds like you got rid of a lot of bad luck in one week. Good luck with the boat shopping.
  9. You can’t beat a Boga Grip. Very well made and has an accurate scale built in
  10. ENE wind could have something to do with that
  11. Well, I said it would never happen on my boat but it did. Took the wife out for a ride from I-Bay to meet my nephew out at Braddocks for a swim a few beers. We were a little early so I dropped the probe down and had good temp down 45-50 in 60ft. Put 2 riggers and a dipsey out and you guessed it, 10 mins. later the dipsey fires and a nice 15+ hits the net. Wife’s not in the derby. Pulled the lines and said we’re done fishing.
  12. A-Lure-A. At least the traffic to the gas dock at Sutter’s is helping to keep the weeds down a little. I was wondering how SouthPoint was. Hopefully doesn’t get any worse for you. The Game Club is low and weedy. Very fortunate to have an outboard. Good luck fishing
  13. Because of the low water we’re weed choked at our marina. The worst we’ve seen this early in the year. And it’s just gonna get worse as the level drops
  14. Go for Yamaha and you will sleep well. $$ but worth it
  15. I know of one in Port Clinton OH. Waypoint Marine deals in used Pursuits and Tiaras. There used to be one in A-Bay that sold a lot of Pusuits over the years but not they’re not showing any inventory on their website. Walstrom Marine in Michigan is another. Good luck
  16. There are a lot of freshwater Pursuits on the Great Lakes. You need to be searching Lake Erie and Michigan boats for sale thru brokers or private sellers. Can also be found in upstate NY also in Alexander Bay Area. IMO, as stated above you need to be a very competent troubleshooter when dealing with an older saltwater boat.
  17. Thanks Brian. Vaguely remember that. 2012 is outside of my recent memory range.
  18. Brian Weidel from the USGS gave a very good presentation and is an excellent, knowledgeable speaker. Lots of graphs showing past trawl results and variety of baitfish. This years numbers should be interesting. Not so sure that the die off we’re seeing is that common. Haven’t seen anything like this in recent memory
  19. I take back the raccoon statement. Got a little carried away there talking about the nest oiling. Bottom line is something needs to be done about those damn birds. The USFWS needs to expand the permits to put a dent in the NE population.
  20. I was told the oiling of the eggs worked great on ground nests like Gallou and Stoney Islands years ago because the birds killed all the trees and they had no choice where to nest. Given the opportunity to nest high in trees like we’ve seen in Irondequoit Bay and other islands, the birds will nest there, which makes oiling and raccoon predation impossible. A fire fighting boat with a high pressure water cannon would be my choice of weapon.
  21. It’s true most marinas require you to have insurance in their contracts, but very few make you prove it with paperwork. Marinas are not liable. We just started this year making dock renters show proof of coverage. Sorry to hear about your damage. Hope you’re back out fishing soon.
  22. I found replacements for my Rule wash down and live well pumps on Amazon.
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