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  1. Light and variable are my 2 favorite words. Any forecasts with E or NE wind I'd go golfing. Somebody here on the LOU couple years ago recommended the app"Windalert" for wind forecasts. It's free. We've had good luck using it
  2. I remember reading here on the LOU awhile ago to use feeler gauges to set your clippers to the lb. test you use. I tried it and seemed to give a consistent tension
  3. If you ever saw the interior of the "Hooked Up" boat you wouldn't say that.
  4. Thanks Brian that explains it
  5. Very surprised to hear browns being stocked so early. Mid April to May 1st have been the dates in years past for Monroe Co. brown stocking. The Genesee Charter Caps usually get a call for assistance from DEC and several members show up to help. No calls this year that I've heard
  6. Scary stuff for sure Bruce. Hopefully things settle down before you start getting real busy with trips. Drove to Florida couple weeks ago. Things just starting to get spooky here with restaurant closings and such. Not sure I wanna leave though. NY sounds worse. I saw a bumper sticker out in cattle/horse country on a drive across state yesterday. ID RATHER BE LOST IN THE WOODS THAN FOUND IN THE CITY How true!!
  7. That may be true. However Scottys can be had for 1/3 the price. You can buy a lot of tackle for the difference. Everything is a trade off.
  8. February 11, 2020 Public Comment Processing FWS-HQ-2019-0103 U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service HQ MS: JAO/1N 5275 Leesburg Pike Falls Church, VA. 22041-3803 Dear sirs: We urge you to apply our tax dollars to cormorant management to reverse the devastating damage that is being done to Lake Ontario. Zebra mussels, gobies, and now cormorants are a problem for our local ecology. Snyder Island is being decimated by roosting cormorants. The soil is being effected by their excrement which is causing significant damage to native vegetation. Each spring fewer and fewer trees leaf out. The same goes for other areas around Irondequoit Bay. Cormorants are having a negative effect on the Lake Ontario fishery. The DEC stocks game fish only to have their efforts devoured by cormorants. The charter boat captains are losing customers and revenue due to these invasive birds being protected. Sincerely, This is the letter we have sent to the USFWS HQ. Use it as a guideline with your own specific examples and locations. This is the only way to get something going to manage these good for nothing birds.
  9. We've switched to using the Scotty releases on riggers and have had good luck. We use the ones with 12in mono leads which lets you see if dragging small fish. It also makes setting your lines in the release easier. Very adjustable depending on target species
  10. We were made aware of this several weeks ago at my I-Bay Fish & Game Club by a member who belongs to the Conservation Council. A letter was written with some specific examples of damage to Irondequoit Bay. We plan on getting as many of our 350 members as we can to forward the letter. I'll "try" and see if I can post the letter here as an example Kevin
  11. Totally agree. Saltiest and Tekotas are top shelf reels. No question. However you can get 2 high speed Convector CV30DS's for the price of one of the others. Whenever I try to justify a new fishing purchase, I remind myself we fish the Great Lakes for maybe 4-5 months. It's not Key West.
  12. Great idea J.D. Did you use a flaring tool on copper tubing?
  13. I'd wear a white coat and a chefs hat while dragging the roadkill. That will keep the drive by folks guessing for sure.
  14. Are those the ML rods from Fat Nancy's? Streamside or Riverside?
  15. Or no bail at all. Just an appearance ticket
  16. https://1000islandslive.com/man-flips-ice-boat-over-in-alexandria-bay-ny-video-footage/ Just got this on an e-mail.
  17. You probably could run mono, 20-30lb?, because of the short leads. Trying to release any dipsey with longer leads would be difficult or impossible because of line stretch. Braid or wire is the preferred way to go.
  18. Highly recommend the Boat US Unlimited Trailer Tow Assist for $14.00. Have used it on trips to 1000 Islands several times. Coupled with the Boat US app on your phone it made contact very easy. Jimski makes a good point about on the water towing. Find out where they will be dispatched from before you decide to go for unlimited water towing.
  19. I think he wants you to search Carp Madness on U-Tube.
  20. My parents took me up there around 1963 for tours of the dam and locks. Don't remember much, I was only 10. Kevin
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