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  1. I found an old Boat US magazine article about boat sealants and adhesives. The best sealant in your case would be BoatLife, a polysulfide, or 3M 4000 UV, a polyether. 3M 4200 and 5200 are polyurethane construction adhesives and not chemical resistant.
  2. Tony, I have had good luck using BoatLife Life Caulk. Comes in clear and white. The stuff is bulletproof above and below the waterline. Good luck
  3. Yeow!!! Those are some good lookin dekes.
  4. 1’s, 2’s and 3 colors can be deadly off boards in the spring
  5. https://saveoursodus.us4.list-manage.com/track/click?u=e80cd20a5fb0205b543c03c63&id=b443678cef&e=e1f92704f8 Here is an interesting article on lake levels
  6. There used to be a Pursuit dealer in Port Clinton OH. Should be some used ones around on Lake Erie. My Pursuit 255 Offshore with a single 250 fishes very nicely on Ontario
  7. An added bonus of running split shot or a rubber cored weight in front when running flatlines, is it helps to keep weeds and other crapola off your lures
  8. X2 on the Vanish flouro. Rubbish
  9. I use a 15ft RV freshwater hose from Wally Mart. Coils easily on a makeshift hook under the gunnel. And yes the pressure cutoff is mandatory.
  10. Sorry couldn’t resist. I just glanced thru this 3 yr old thread and came to a conclusion.
  11. New aluminum 14.5 X 17 propeller for Yamaha outboard. 15 spline. $60.00 Rochester area. PM for info.
  12. Ok gotcha. He was talking about storing the rod, not fishing it.
  13. Baddad1- Not sure what you mean by getting the wire off the rod. Sliders definitely have their day. Storing them on the rod can be a PITA, especially if you have to break the rod down for storage. I keep a braid setup dedicated for a slider with 30lb fourocarbon double uni-knotted to the braid that the slider clips to.
  14. YouTube has some great videos on insulating cheap Igloo and Coleman coolers with spray foam. The lids usually are not insulated on cheaper coolers. Using the low expansion foam is the key. I have not tried it but plan on doing so. Search it out
  15. I wasn’t going to pull for either team until reading your post Mike. Go Bucs!!
  16. UNREEL


    Not to mention 30 miles offshore in a gale.
  17. Never thought about changing the reel handle location on my high speed Convectors. Gonna give it a try on my wire 30DS reels and see if there’s a noticeable difference. Thanks for the tip
  18. Yes that boat did sell in 2016 and I assume not available
  19. Browns at Bills for the AFC would actually make me forget this Covid for a day. Go Browns!!!
  20. I didn’t have the pleasure of knowing Mike for very long. He moved next door to me about 5 yrs ago and we connected immediately. Fishing conversations in his driveway were always an eye opener comparing the Sandy bite with what was happening out of I-Bay. We never got to fish together as I said we would, and I’m going to regret that for a long time. Lynyrd Skynrd’s “Call me the Breeze” is going to be the first song played this spring
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