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  1. Temps were down around 90 ft out of I-Bay on Wednesday. Winds should not have changed that too much Good luck
  2. If you’re going to go 2 for 2 it might as well be those 2
  3. Thanks for the post. Commenting is very easy on that link. Let them know you want action not words.
  4. Tunas Reel Troubles recommends mono backing on wire reels
  5. One downside of using new Sea Flee is it won’t hold in a Scotty pinch type release because it is so slick. I have to switch back over to black releases on my riggers when I spool some on. Blood Run even recommends taking 10 wraps before setting in the black to prevent slippage. Everything is a trade off. No matter the species though, they don’t like it.
  6. I think it’s the sawing action of the wire on the twilli tip which makes them fall right off. Not sure that would be the case with mono. We’ve been using Blood Run Sea Flee for a couple years on riggers. Works great
  7. Nope. Not sure how you would/could rig that
  8. I’d like to see a pic of your crimped connections. How do they fit thru level winds and eyelets?
  9. Consider that making terminations with steel is a pain in the a- -. Copper connections are much easier to deal with IMO
  10. Nice catch and thanks for the report. Good to see some inside brown action. Hopefully that water sets up a little east also.
  11. I’d be careful. What’s the HP rating for that True Temper. Looks a little overpowerd.
  12. Good to know, thanks Brian. Maybe they should note that on the LOC homepage
  13. It’s also disappointing that the only weigh station in Monroe Co is the port of Rochester. Certainly can’t help people to sign up if you’re from the east side
  14. Starts today the 27th and runs to July 27th I’ll go with 30 king and 19 brown. Good luck everyone
  15. No sign of them yet
  16. We keep our dipsey leaders wrapped around short 8-10in. pieces of foam swim noodles. Both ends of leaders are secured in the foam with 1in. roofing nails. We keep 15lb, 20lb and 40lb. All around 8ft long. You can use a Sharpie to mark on the foam which is which
  17. Love my ProPacks. Don’t forget to send in your registration info to Scotty. Helps if you have any problems. Lifetime warranty is a bonus
  18. 2 fixed position 30 degree rod holders and 2 bow rail clamps for sale. Pursuit sports was acquired by Traxtech. All the same product. Clamps will fit 7/8in to 1 1/2in rail. Rod holders can be screwed directly to clamps or to a track mounted to clamps. All excellent condition. $100.00 firm. Shipping extra. Rochester area. PM for info
  19. Decided to stay inside for browns this Am. Water out front had good color and 56 deg. Headed East and water kept getting clearer and clearer. Turned around past Shipbuilders and after a few lure changes picked up 2 fat brownies back towards Oklahoma beach. Dirty white boy and glow frog in SS size. 20 FOW. Good water kinda disappeared with S wind. Marked very little bait but the 2nd brown gorped up a big moon eye. Gonna hit it again Fri. Winds look good
  20. Gonna give it a shot outta I-bay tomorrow. Will give a report late afternoon.
  21. I’ve done my 250 Yamaha in my slip mid season for the past ten years with no issues. I use a DC pump with a jumper battery. A calm day a with no boat wakes helps. Like CK3080 said the lower unit presents other issues.
  22. I paid $75 apiece for these rods in 1985. Still using em. Fun for smallies or kings
  23. That Ugly stick sounds like it might be a little light for the wire/dipsey. Medium heavy to heavy would be better. Can't go wrong with Mason 7 strand on FISHUSA. I don't see Blood Run wire offered that I've used before.
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