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  1. I’m very happy with their hot Italian sausage and snack sticks. That cracker bologna sounds good for next time
  2. Are you happy with your Wilsons order? I’m thinking of bringing them some more and trying something different.
  3. What Gator was describing was with a short 10-12ft piece of mono tied to the wire, when you reel everything in all the wire ends up on the reel with the mono in the eyelets on the rod. This eliminates the inevitable and dreaded curly Q’s in the wire
  4. A nightmare and a hard pass for sure. I assume retrievers are not used to get the birds.
  5. International Lake Ontario-St. Lawrence River Board HOME WHO WE ARE WATERSHED LIBRARY NEWS & EVENTS The International Lake Ontario- St. Lawrence River Board to Implement Strategy to Deviate from Plan 2014 this Winter FacebookTwitterLinkedIn Date December 11, 2020 The International Joint Commission (IJC) has approved the Board’s request for authority to deviate from Plan 2014, and as conditions permit, outflows from the Moses-Saunders dam on the St. Lawrence River can be increased to exceed Plan 2014 flows. The risk of high water on Lake Ontario in 2021 is moderate due to persistent high-water levels on Lake Erie and the upper Great Lakes. This will cause inflows to Lake Ontario from Lake Erie to remain high over the coming winter months. The main driver of a high-water event in the Lake Ontario basin will depend on seasonal factors such as precipitation and snowpack runoff. Since June, Lake Ontario levels have steadily declined to just above the seasonal long-term average. Levels remain well below those that would automatically grant the Board the authority to deviate from Plan 2014 outflows. The Board and IJC recognize the continued threats posed by high water supplies into the system and the risk of another high-water event in 2021. The Board will implement a deviation strategy to take advantage of opportunities that may arise through the winter. The IJC has granted this authority under Condition J of its Orders of Approval, which allows for the testing of some regulatory deviation strategies from Plan flows. This authority will begin on 1 January 2021 and continue through the end of February. This regulatory strategy will be reassessed in February and could be revised with a request for further deviation authority from the IJC should conditions warrant. During this period flow limits are expected to pertain to low Lake St Lawrence levels, municipal water intakes and river ice formation. All deviation strategies, regardless of magnitude of impact, implemented by the Board in this time frame are intended to cumulatively reduce the risk of high-water impacts and balance the interests of other groups throughout the system. There remains considerable uncertainty in the weather and water supply conditions between now and next spring. These natural, uncontrolled hydrologic factors are the primary driver of water level fluctuations on Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River. If basin conditions are extremely wet, and similar to those observed in 2017 and 2019, no deviation strategy will prevent water levels that can cause flooding and damage shoreline properties. Providing those types of benefits are beyond the reach of water regulation and are more reliably addressed through coastal resilience and planning. Information on hydrologic conditions, water levels and outflows, including graphics and photos, are available on the Board’s website and posted to the Board’s Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/InternationalLakeOntarioStLawrenceRiverBoard (English), and more detailed information is available on its website at https://www.ijc.org/en/loslrb. Contacts: Rob Caldwell: (613) 938-5864 [email protected] Bryce Carmichael: (513) 418-8562 [email protected]
  6. Got the same light. The above link rates the light at 18watts. That will draw 1.5 amps. 16 gauge will handle 7 amps. 18 is good for 5.
  7. Bill. I dropped my stuff off on Oct. 22nd and got the call on Nov. 12th. Not a big order, only 14 lbs. I would think you gotta be close to getting a call. Kevin
  8. Try the LOCBA to book a charter. Lake Ontario Charter Boat Association. Tried to copy/paste a link but not smart enough.
  9. It’s a little bit of a ride there but well worth it. They also have a nice selection of Cuba Cheeses and other health foods. LOL
  10. Picked up a batch from Wilsons Beef Farms for the first time several weeks ago. Very good quality and good prices. All vacuum packed.
  11. UNREEL

    Sold / Closed Anchor

    Can’t say thank you enough Mike. This LOU community is a great group.
  12. UNREEL

    Sold / Closed Anchor

    Thanks Frogger. I’ll get back to you. Price?
  13. Looking for a 15 or 16lb river anchor or fluke anchor. Lost one today duck hunting PM if you got one laying around rusting Rochester NY area
  14. Don’t tell me they tried that at Russel Station
  15. Got a new I-Pad in May. I of course got the lights but no sound. That’s more than half the fun.
  16. Good idea about the possible frozen impeller Frogger. I gotta pass that on to my buddy who hunts divers in the second duck season
  17. Definitely a good idea however the law does state it needs to be worn only while “underway” in a 21ft or less boat. At least that’s the way I read it.
  18. Well that sucks!!! I will watch for any signs of it for sale or being used on the Bay Check your PM’s
  19. That definitely solves the curly Q issues on the wire. If 80lb braid is not available, 40 or 50 lb mono works also. Even gives you a little shock absorber as a bonus.
  20. Call Jake at Rochester Shrink Wrap. 766-3976. Irondequoit/ Webster area.
  21. Subject: Coalition to Protect Great Lakes Shorelines - weekly update CRISIS ON THE GREAT LAKES Save a Way of Life WELCOME! Like you, we care deeply about the damaging high water on our Great Lakes, which is destroying natural habitats, public lands, residential and commercial property. The Coalition is fighting to better protect riparians from high water, flooding and erosion. YOU HAVE BEEN HEARD! BREAKING NEWS: Lake Ontario St. Lawrence River Board RESPONDS to Coalition Email Campaign! Read the letter Takeaways: 1. LOSLRB has considered deviating as we have asked them to, but decided against it. 2. But if the water on Lake Ontario climbs from now until the end of the year like it did in 2018, We MUST PUSH FOR ACTION #3. (3. Operate under 2020 winter deviation rules a. Respect I-Limit but operate up to 1st tier F-Limit (22.10 m) Jan-01 to Feb-28 b. Operate at 2nd tier F-Limit (22.20 m) Mar-01 to Mar-31) Keep up the great work! HERE'S HOW: NEW! Email Campaign to Lake Ontario St. Lawrence River Board Please send NEW! this email with your name/signature To these email addresses this week! Let your voices be heard! We are asking for a technical solution to achieve balance for Lake Ontario riparians when it comes to water levels. Further details on the proposal are seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qDnhbsxmHnA&t=59s "TELL THE IJC"...what high water has done to YOUR property. Take the survey STAND UP AND BE COUNTED! Our friends at GLSL Cities Initiative want to put YOUR city on the map for stimulus funding due to flooding or erosion. Michigan cities are standing up and getting counted -- where are you New Yorkers? How about you Ohio? Pennsylvania? Help them work for YOU by making sure YOUR town, village or city fills out this survey. Getting the Word Out WYSL 1040 AM and 92.1 and 95.5 FM Greece Chamber of Commerce’s October Business Voice Radio Show and Podcast featured a Spring 2021 risk of flooding segment with PAG Member Bernie Gigas Listen HERE NEW: Is your community group looking for a speaker on Spring 2021 flood risk? Email us at [email protected] IJC: Update on Lake Superior Outflows and Expected Conditions - October 2020 MARK YOUR CALENDARS: 10/29 @ 9-12 PM Central Public Meeting of the Great Lakes Advisory Board REGISTER: To register and receive information on how to attend this remote/virtual meeting, please send an email to the DFO at [email protected] with the SUBJECT line of “Request to Register for October 2020 GLAB Meeting” and include the following information: Name, Title, Organization, Email, and Phone Number. Attendees must register by 3:00 p.m. Central Daylight Time on October 28, 2020 to receive instructions for participation. New: AROUND LAKE ONTARIO: How upper Great Lakes impact Ontario as Lake Michigan water levels are 2.5 feet above average Farming, broadband, lake levels: McMurray, Jacobs confront NY-27 issues Lake Ontario water levels are lower than any point in 2020 and the record flooding year of 2019 New: ACROSS THE GREAT LAKES: Water supply safe from Lake Michigan's high waters 400-ton historic pavilion being moved away from Lake Michigan amid worsening erosion Is Lake Michigan the most dangerous Great Lake? Great Lakes Water Levels Trending Down Climate migration: counting the economic value of the crisis is impossible, reform is long overdue The undeniable link between weather disasters and climate change MUST READ: Study reveals many Great Lakes state parks impacted by record-high water levels COALITION -- In the media: NEW: How upper Great Lakes impact Ontario as Lake Michigan water levels are 2.5 feet above average Great Lakes Coalition's Ron Wilson interviewed on connection between upper & lower great lakes - Big problems for smallest Great Lake: more precipitation, warmer temperatures, and a controversial regulation plan upend life along Lake Ontario - Dave McDowell, Save our Sodus President A conversation about Lake Ontario flooding with an engineer helping to review Plan 2014 Review Underway: Will IJC’s efforts be enough for flooded shoreline municipalities? The Buffalo News published an op-ed written by the presidents of Lake Ontario St. Lawrence River Alliance, the Great Lakes Coalition, and Save our Sodus. Read it here Previously, the Syracuse Post Standard published an op-ed written by the presidents of Save our Sodus, Lake Ontario St. Lawrence River Alliance & the Great Lakes Coalition. Read it here PREVIOUSLY....WORTH READING: Chicago Tribune Great Lakes Series: Lake Ontario: - Big problems for smallest Great Lake: more precipitation, warmer temperatures, and a controversial regulation plan upend life along Lake Ontario - Dave McDowell, SOS President Lake Huron Lake Erie YOU MAY HAVE NOTICED, THAT WE CHANGED OUR NAME....HERE'S WHY: COALITION TO FIGHT PLAN 2014 is now.... COALITION TO PROTECT GREAT LAKES SHORELINES. Why? 1. This better reflects the progress we've achieved in getting the IJC to recognize that Plan 2014 as administered is no longer working. Evidence of that progress: - An expedited review process of Plan 2014 and how it can be better administered - The creation of a Public Advisory Group to liaise with the public during that review, 3 members of which are associated with our cause - GAO investigation of the efficacy of Plan 2014 - The successful addition of a riparian representative on the Control Board (Bill Reilich) - The hiring of a Washington D.C. firm to lobby for a more balanced application of Plan 2014 2. This new name allows us to build a broader coalition of great lakes partners dedicated to finding a better water level balance for riparians throughout the system - from Lake Superior through the St. Lawrence River. PAG Member Bernie Gigas Interview: A conversation about Lake Ontario flooding with an engineer helping to review Plan 2014 GAO REPORT RELEASED READ IT HERE: RECOMMENDATIONS: The U.S. commissioners of the International Joint Commission should work with the Canadian commissioners to update the Lake Ontario-St. Lawrence River Board communications plan and ensure that the plan incorporates best practices for public relations efforts, in particular defining target audiences and developing mechanisms to monitor and inform adjustments to strategies, and generally accepted principles for communicating risk-related information. The U.S. commissioners of the International Joint Commission should work with the Canadian commissioners to develop and enter into written agreements with entities that the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River Adaptive Management Committee identifies as having information or resources that the committee needs to effectively monitor and evaluate the impacts of Plan 2014. The U.S. commissioners of the International Joint Commission should work with the Canadian commissioners to ensure that IJC fully incorporates the key elements and essential characteristics of the adaptive management process into a comprehensive adaptive management strategic plan for Plan 2014. IJC RESPONSE SCHUMER/GILLIBRAND RESPOND BRINDISI/MORELLE/KATKO RESPONSE SOS/LOSLRA COMMENT Lobbying Corner/Legislation to Support STORM ACT: One Pager Q and A Section by Section FEMA: Building Resilient Infrastructure & Communities (BRIC) Learn More EFFORTS TO LEVERAGE STIMULUS TO PREVENT EROSION OTTAWA WASHINGTON S-LIMIT Rep. John Katko (R-24) advocates an "S limit" to protect shoreline residents. According to his office, he"submitted a request to the House Appropriations Committee to require the IJC to establish an explicit S-Limit at 247.38 feet to protect the shoreline." The Coalition has introduced the concept of an S limit in all its meetings with elected officials & has asked its lobbying partners to do the same. Montreal has a limit to protect it, and so does shipping. Shoreline residents should too. IJC NEWS - IJC Endorses Great Lakes Basin Warning System Read Recommendations - VIDEO; IJC Great Lakes Water Levels Webinar, July 17 PAG Profiles: - Bernie Gigas, of Greece, NY Read more about Bernie Twitter - Sarah Delicate of Bowmanville, Ontario Canada Get to know Sarah Facebook - Dave Scudder, Sodus Point, NY Get to know Dave We will attempt to post as many profiles of them as we can. Get the full list of members here EDUCATIONAL WEBINARS: WEBINAR: Protect your property from high water! Watch again Find materials here WEBINAR: "What has caused Great Lake levels to increase?" WEBINAR: Flood protection & COVID-19 Watch HERE Materials HERE YOUR feedback wanted: Is there a new lake issue or topic you'd like to be addressed in our next educational webinar? Email: [email protected] with your ideas! PROMOTIONAL OFFERS FOR OUR READERS: Novat Shoreline: Smart Breakwall Diversion System The company is offering a discount to Alliance members and they will also be making a donation to our legal fund for each system purchased. There are other similar systems out there, so we encourage people to shop around, compare features and get competitive quotes. RAPID-H2O Flood Barrier PROMOTIONAL OFFER Marine Construction by ecotechconstruction.net (Ecotech will donate $100 on a $4k job and $500 on a $15k job to the Coalition.) CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS! If you have time, interest, & ability to help with SOS and LOSLRA's administrating and/or fundraising, please reach out to Valerie Burba at: [email protected]
  22. Webster Park on Lake Rd doesn’t have a kayak launch or a swimming beach but you can access the lake from the shoreline. Plenty of parking also. Mill creek empties into the lake at the park and Four Mile creek is just to the east
  23. As stated above by Sk8man.
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