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  1. I read that public comments on the proposed reg changes runs through November 8th.
  2. I’m happy with my Scottys also. Be aware they take up a little more room because the spool is horizontal not vertical like others. If you go with Scotty get the boom mount rod holder which keeps the size down.
  3. Final Approach X-Landr layout goose blind. Aluminum frame and weather proof cover. Folds into a backpack for easy carrying. 2 hand held flags included. Very good condition. $90.00 PM for info. Rochester area
  4. $3500-4000 for a new trailer. Clean looking and well maintained boat, however the owner did say if he was keeping the boat he would probably re-power. Hmm
  5. Don’t hesitate to look out of the Rochester area. The western basin of Lake Erie is a great boating area with many boat dealers. This year may be a tough search because new and used boats are hot item thanks to the virus. Good luck
  6. Weeds in I-bay at the south shallower end are the worst we’ve seen in recent memory. Boat traffic is keeping the channels open to the marinas thankfully. Kayakers are paddling extra hard in the shallows
  7. You can private message me here or text or call me at 585-743-7337 and we can set something up
  8. I took the weight off my 2nd keel just for that reason.
  9. SHURflo portable oil change system. 12vDC. Perfect for inboards, I/O’s and 4 stroke outboards. Brand new impeller repair kit installed. Save big $$ and change your own oil. Rochester NY area. $90.00 firm. PM for more info
  10. I’m betting they’d try it.
  11. Saw this off Rochester while fishing in September of 2012. Sent from my SM-G950U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  12. Wondering if you still got issues or did it just start working again like mine does.
  13. Or start earlier. [emoji849] Sent from my SM-G950U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  14. Is it not reading at any depth? Does the wet paper towel in the antennae help? Sent from my SM-G950U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  15. Sorry, should have made that more clear. Province of Ontario canada
  16. According to the news release hunters with a outdoors card and small game license can take 15 a day from Sept 15th to Dec. 31st. Like Brian said, a reasonable effort must be made to retrieve and dispose of killed or wounded birds. Cormorant stew anyone? Hopefully the USFWS will monitor the hunt this fall and allow something similar in the US. And not be influenced by wacko environmental groups who think they are a beautiful bird.
  17. Without trying to sound like I know what I’m talking about, Wouldn’t your 600 depth correspond more with a 22 or 23 N line. 43 is the degree line. 23 would be the minutes and much more accurate. We saw you running in late morning. Thanks for the wide swing around us in 120fow
  18. Sounds like a very capable tow vehicle. My guess is your boat/trailer combo runs about 6000-6500 lbs. Adding fuel and equipment maybe 7000-7500. I also wouldn’t worry about trailering the 8ft 9in beam. I’ve been trailering a 8ft 10in for 10 years and zero issues
  19. I drilled out the two rivets and replaced with the same. I was desperate
  20. Take a look inside the head unit and see if spider webs may be causing the problem. Happened to me several years ago and that was it. That analog needle is very sensitive
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