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  1. Got my order in the mail today, Very nicely made. Thanks again!
  2. and this lot Luhr-Jensen Cut Bait Rig Sufix Leader 9 Pack lot on ebay for $40 i was going to use live bait but I also want to get some scented plastics, but dont know what there called and were to get them, could you advise.. Tks
  3. i have a cold, lol but that's what i meant.. Cut bait, I just bought a bunch brads super baits on ebay.. So im good there, i just needed some more fly's and rigs just like the ones i just got from you. they're perfect and a good price. I like the single and treble combo.. just need to get a couple flashers/Dodgers and then Ill be all set for Salmon and trout..
  4. Ill take these as well.. Tks Len
  5. Id like a set too, Paypal payment sent. Best Regard. Len
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