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  1. Daiwa Sealine Reels

  2. Look all the upper lakes are high now and this will come through Lake Ontario eventually.
  3. Now that rifles are legal for deer hunting in most counties of New York, shotgun purchases probably dropped off here.
  4. It is what it is. This story came from the Financial reporters who comment on the stock market and its difficulty.
  5. Below the Falls

  6. You who elected Trump are the culprits who caused this. When Obama and his gun law history created paranoia among the owners who hoarded more guns but now stopped purchasing more guns feeling more secure with Trump in office. Yes I voted for Trump but if Hillary was elected guns and ammo sales would have picked up.
  7. Below the Falls

  8. Big Browns Spring trolling

    Every sewer district in New York State has sewage releases during high flow situations. This was admitted to by Governor Cuomo as he said we do not have the taxpayer funds available to stop it.
  9. Northern king spoons

    Spring cold water fishing the light spoons work best at two MPH or less. After the waters warm up the heavy magnum spoons work best at three and a half MPH trolling speed. Dodgers may not work with them though.
  10. Below the Falls

  11. Starcraft Fishmaster 196

    Mounting downriggers too far aft on the stern. Makes them hazardous and difficult to work with. Mount them more forward so hooking up to the ball is easy. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  12. First year browns

  13. Another thought might be to add a couple pieces of new aluminum plates across the transom to strengthen it. Looking at the law enforcement boats and their transom are triple plated to support dual and triple engines. No wood is involved. Since your Crestliner is welded aluminum this could also work. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  14. Crestliner Eagle Wobbly Hardtop

    How about slowing down in rough seas? Slamming your boat down causes more damage than the roof supports.
  15. Storing my boat outside in winter

    My golf cart is now buried under a snow collapsed carport type structure. They have to strong enough to support heavy snow and steep enough for acumalated snow to slide off.
  16. First year browns

    The larger hot n tots with a trailing small spoon on a leader behind the middle hook work well on the west coast trout fishing. The plug acts as a lure and diving planer. Something different but it also works on walleyes.
  17. First year browns

    Early spring fishing needs slow moving stick baits. Rapala type lures moving at two MPH or less give the right action. The deep diver plugs are trolled faster and not as productive. If the sun comes up after 8:00 AM and you have a bluebird sky, you may have to fish deeper like fifty foot depths where light weight spoons trolled slower are the most effective then.
  18. What size hooks and rings would you run?

    Do not use copper split rings. A king will straighten them out and you will lose your hook also.
  19. Storing my boat outside in winter

    I have cats move in at night and one presented me with a litter of kittens. We still have one of them in the house today. Raccoons will do a job on your seats and upholstery so watch out for them.
  20. Folding deck chairs

    Come on now, we all know the best chair is a bar stool, easy to get off and stand up. Easy to sit in for hours.
  21. Storing my boat outside in winter

    I fasten the boards with 3 inch Tork head screws. They do not strip out when disassemballed are used again in the fall. I keep the black side of the tarp exposed to absorb the sun's heat during the winter and spring. My stern drain plug is opened in the winter. My battery charger is plugged in all winter so it is ready to go. 3/4 inch tabs are mounted on top of the support poles to hold the support poles up in place with screws.The base of the support poles have braces on both sides to stabilize the frame. My tarp is ten yeas old now and has several holes but the help ventilate. I have seen the shrink wrap tarps form black mold over the winter on all the vinyl and paint when ventilation is not present.
  22. Storing my boat outside in winter

    PM me your e mail deal, I think I can send a photo that way.
  23. Storing my boat outside in winter

    I make a tent with a 16 foot 2 by 4 supported by a set of 2 by 4 staffs and cross boards on my 18 foot Crestliner. A 24 by 12 tarp covers it and bungee stretch cords keep it tight. It is now ten years old and takes twenty minutes to put it back up. Snow slides. Off and ventilation keeps the mold from building up. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United