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  1. A new plant for Ultima Battery Production is on the way. Search this out.
  2. Large charter boats can raise their rates to pay for gasoline. The price of gasoline now is governed by inflation of our dollar and holiday demand.
  3. This Canadian website refers to Great Lakes fishing situations. Also farming fire protection and clearcut logging flood water damages.
  4. The 40/50 HP electric motors will operate a 16 foot aluminum boat. Compare the weight of a couple tanks of gasoline and a 40 HP outboard and the battery weight and motor weight are similar. The Trailer boats are launched and charged at home or on shore. My 18 foot trailer boat with a two battery charging system is on charge daily even through the winter.
  5. Early in the previous century a 120 pound salmon was weighed and measured from a fish trap near Ketchikan, AK. The photograph showed the fisherman standing next to the fish and it was as long as the fisherman was tall.
  6. China depends on iron ore and coal from Australia. When the high sea trade routes are closed to China, watch what happens.
  7. Tesla and Bezos {Amazon} are promoti.ng the battery vehicles for their own use. Tesla is to sell batteries he makes. Solar panels to charge the batteries along with windmills to do the same when the wind blows. Bezos is the richest man on Earth. The demand for gasoline and coal will fall in the future. Your boat will sail or be battery powered charged with solar cells. My brother has an Airstream camper whose refrigerator runs on solar power off the roof. His ice cream does not melt if you can imagine that. Germany and Denmark have huge buildings that collect the wind power from off shore wind farms that power those countries on weekends with their power plants shut down.
  8. Not only Tesla but Amazon is putting thousands of electric delivery trucks on the road now. Amazing is the Amazon truck driving with a Ford F150 in its bed. The Tesla Tractor Trailer rigs are impressive.
  9. Become familiar with Teslas electric cars and trucks. Round trip mileage of 358 mileage will get you to work daily. Check out the videos on trucks and cars. Bezos has battery driven cars and trucks, see Amazon and Rivian for videos. The villages in Florida with 65,000 residents relies on every home with a battery golf cart for local visiting and shopping.
  10. My battery powered golf cart gets more hours running than my 24MPG SUV. When will our leaders see the success operation of golf carts in the 67,000 population of the Villages in Florisa?
  11. The lakes are our source of drinking potable water for millions of our citizens. Salt water is too expensive to convert to drinking water . Look at California today.
  12. Salt water wind farms have no comparison to the dangers involved in our drinking water sources. We must protect our drinking water or abandon our cities and homes.
  13. The offshore maintenance costs are unreal and their profit margins are negative. The Lackawanna and Hamburg near shore structures have lasted now from twelve and five years. All nacelles and blades have been replaced using land based cranes this year. Offshore cranes are too difficult to operate with the tolerances to replace elements. The lifespan of underwater power cables has not been demonstrated yet. Why waste taxpayer costs to support the "White Elephant" projects.
  14. I I fished Alaskan Waters from Ketchikan to The Kenai and Russian Rivers. Three years I fished Puget Sound from British Columbia to Olympia Washington. The salt water fishing methods are similar our Lake Ontario fishing practices. A plastic squid on a flasher worked well there. Salt water king fishing is best trolling for edible fish. Herring is predominately used for bait and it also takes halibut. The US Coast Guard is a good boat ride there.
  15. Due to poor Chinook Salmon Returns in the Yukon and Kenai Rivers sport fishing and commercial fishing has ended. You can expect tourist fishing on the Great Lakes waters to increase now. Warm Pacific waters due to global warming and over fishing by Pollack Trawlers are among the causes suspected.
  16. Most dead salmon feed the new hatch as the mountain streams are low in nutrients. On the Kenai/Russian River streams, wasted carcasses are required to be placed back in the streams as feed for the next hatch of eggs.
  17. Always troll with the wind on your stern to keep a steady course. The worst course is travelling straight into a strong wind. It sometimes is best to pick up all gear and travel upwind at high speed to return to your preferred waypoints.
  18. My brother took a sixty pound Chinook from thr Yehtna River a few years ago.
  19. We run three in line side planers on each side of the boat. Lead cores on all, dipsey divers on a 3 setting to get deeper or down riggers on the stern. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  20. A 120 pound chinook was taken from a fish trap near Tree Point, Ak at the turn of the last century. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  21. Probably the fish was a six year old chinook that could have been determined. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
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