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  1. When snags with spoons happen in shallow nearshore water at this time of the early season consider using stickbaits. They float up when making turns or stopping for snags. Your fishing time increases when you can avoid stopping for snags.
  2. Water temperatures are the key to success at this time of year,. Snow melt from farm fields are exposed to more sunlight and that is the key. Dirty colored water has crystal clear water underneath it and the colored water shades strong sun light for the fish.
  3. You must be a night shift operator in a water plant . I had 26 years on the night shift.
  4. I remember winters when the ice was three foot thick. Strong enough to allow a steam locomotive to cross the lake. This year the ice is no where near as thick,
  5. Three ounce lead sinkers get you down to 80 foot easily.
  6. Too much Precious fishing time is lost dealing with the extensive reeling out and retrieving these extreme lengths. Side planers are more effective and productive.
  7. My early spring King success was to troll near shore with Rapalla J13 plugs from first light near shore. After 8:00 AM we moved off shore as the sun rose up in the sky. Out to fifty foot at least with light weight spoons slow trolled.
  8. We had a perch fish fry this evening at Hoak's Restaurant with unlimited visibility. It looked like solid ice all the way to Ontario.
  9. If all the Western Basin ice is blown back to Buffalo., The Welland Canal will be packed up with ice and the Niagara River will flow a lot of ice cold water for a while now.
  10. Mooching reels will work fine off downriggers or bottom bouncing close behind the stern of the boat. With side planers though you actually tire of the long line retrieval times.
  11. Some good strong SW winds will pile up the western basin ice fields on the eastern shores. The loose fitting ice will make huge piles along our shoreline here.
  12. Coast Guard ice breakers are opening a channel on the Saint Clair River to alleviate flooding there and on Lake Huron. Always something new happens.
  13. Many 40 pounders were not weighed in for contest entries.
  14. Does anyone remember when forty pound Kings were caught regularly?
  15. Natural reproduction results in smaller salmon that are not fed during the long winter months. They are most likely forage for the mature salmon and trout. Anyway their value is not usually counted in stocking numbers.
  16. A virus shot program is reported tp give you 90 days of quarantine exemption and it may be extended for 120 days.
  17. Removal of fish is part of the stocking program. Eventually if not enough fish are removed then stocking is not necessary. Catch and release actions sometimes not good conservation practices.
  18. Cruise Ships to Alaska are banned in Canadian waters now. This will decimate Alaskan Tourist industry for another year again. Even if they do not stop their presence is illegal.
  19. Keep it operating, it has waypoints stored you may never find again. Personally I have four old machines on my dash board.
  20. My paper x15 Lowrance graph with some playing around with the controls marked fish down to 250 foot. Most graphs are not tuned to display fish real deep. On a bright sunny blue bird sky day in Lake Ontario the salmon go really deep but often rise up to feed on plankton feeding forage. This was found with attached devices that reported their daily depth changes.
  21. The Cabelas/Bass pro store has a good selection here along with a whole display of other good stick baits
  22. Most fishermen fail to realize that the "dirty water" is only on the surface. Crystal clear colder water is beneath it and the shadow protects near shore fish from bluebird sun rays penetrating below it.
  23. The Great Lakes ice field is now at 3.3% coverage. A small area of Georgian Bay is now the only iced over area. The air temperature in the Buffalo area is five degrees higher this month mainly due to the lack of Lake Erie ice.
  24. Rapala J13's on side planers in the spring are my hottest lure for kings before the sun comes up high.
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