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  1. The DEC was effective in cutting back on stocking Chinooks along with natural reproduction numbers. The secret is in the forage base availability. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  2. Some unknown Federal Agency is auctioning off underwater sites for windmill farms construction. The secret auctions happen without public knowledge, just keeping the public out of the comments so the auction money is in the banks first. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  3. Wind mill farms off Germany and Denmark tie up areas of up to fifty square miles, not a 1500 foot circle area.
  4. The DEC always found an “Answer man” who could keep the public informed with their decisions and also put the “radicals” in their place. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  5. Lakes Erie and Ontario are rivers with strong currents relative to surface winds. At Buffalo the lake surface will rise to plus nine foot but at Toledo ships will anchor off shore due to shallow conditions in the harbor. That is a tremendous volume of water moving distances of hundreds of miles. Offshore winds on the south shore will blow warm surface waters to Ontario and cold waters will upwell near the south shore. Fishing changes with water temperature changes. Surface winds make the lakes like rivers with current and water temperature changes. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  6. Did this guy count the gobies?
  7. The Anchorage News Paper reports that salmon raised in Indiana are being sold in east coast stores. They mature in 18 months rather than 36 months naturally.
  8. California is putting Offshore Windmills in now. Their rationale is their electricity will make a separation of Hydrogen and Oxygen from water. The hydrogen will power tractor trailer powered Volvo engines made by the Chinese owned Volvo corporation. Their exhaust will be water vapor instead of CO2 an CO into the environment.
  9. Lead core line wastes a lot of fishing time reeling all them colors. Just a simple sinker snap locked or rubber banded to your line catches fish also. A sinker attached at 6 to 8 foot above your lure will allow you to net the fish quickly. Most important is the use of side planers where your sweeping area is spread away from your boat as it passes over the fish even in deep waters. The spooked fish move off to the side of your boat where your side planers have your lures.
  10. Just get your car and boat or trailer in line. Do not let anyone cut the line.
  11. Cattaraugus Creek State ramp at Irving ,NY. Close to walleye, bass , perch and catfish after July first when lake water temperatures rise above 65 degrees on the surface. Good now.
  12. Sunday afternoon my cell phone lost coverage. The big crowds on the beach area overloaded the cell tower. I was really out of my mind, this never happened before. After driving up to Route 5, my cell phone service returned. A vhf radio would still work . Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  13. Channel 16 must be monitored at all times for emergency and Coast Guard emergency relay messages. Your radio should have a scan feature to allow multiple frequencies to be monitored.
  14. Legally you are required to keep your VHF radio on at all times and monitor Channel 16. If something bad happens and you do nothing, those accident lawyers will put your bank accounts and possessions under a lawsuit that will take years to release the liens.
  15. "When there is money involved, Watch Out!"
  16. 60 Years on Lake Erie. My boat launch fish camp is at Point Breeze RV near Lake Erie Beach.
  17. Cell phones mainly. Make your own contacts. Broadcasting over the radio to everyone ?
  18. They get to keep the farm, the husband ends up sleeping under a bridge. Do not see any win in this.
  19. Subsidies are the missing public costs in wind farms when they claim costs. Canadian women have organized opposition to wind farms after living with them over time. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  20. Inline planer boards for small boats produce fine with three boards per side.
  21. Google this site for information on what is coming. Off Shore Wind sites have been secretly auctioned off by our friends in Washington where the income has already spent. The USCG last year published its regulations on your access to your fishing and travel trips. Learn how to choose stories and enlarge and forward the full screen tricks.
  22. May 14, 2020 the USCG issued regulations for wind mill farms. The taxeaters have auctioned off thousands of acres of offshore sites so the deals have been done while our media does not have a clue of what is going on. Industrial construction costs are being studied but the numbers are in the billions. The wind mills are in now with a project in Lake Erie off Cleveland, Ohio. They will be done by 2030.
  23. Search out on the web "Offshore Wind Farms". A lot of information the public has no idea what is going on.
  24. Equinor has being permitted 50 wind turbines in New York State. Where?
  25. The Mount Morris and Rushford dams are full to the top now due to high rainfalls. This could help raise Lake Ontario water level.
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