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  1. Walleye shy away from a boat above them. No matter how deep. Side planers with stick baits off the sides of the boat are the best. Long lines are a waste of time since your moving boat above them sends them in a group off the where you herded them. Good luck, same as early spring trout fishing in near shore water. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  2. An appointment at the DMV is a long wait. With the number they give you, you get to stand in a line. After you get to that desk, you get to sit in a chair till another number pops up on a television and you are paying attention you will get to a person who fills out your paper work and takes your money. If your DMV office is a half hour drive away, you will waste half a day of your precious lifetime there instead of fishing. The DMV sucks.
  3. That is why Head Boats summer in Gloucester and winter in Boca Raton.
  4. A 38 pound brown was caught on Oak Orchard Creek last year. See you tube for the video. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  5. Commercial trollers in Pacific waters attach with squeeze clips half a dozen or more lines with spoons or dodgers to their cannon ball lines. with about twenty foot of mono and a spoon they handline the fish on board the boat. Check out a video on You Tube of commercial trollers there.
  6. Breakfast on board is an opportunity.
  7. Early light, before 8:oo AM, J13 Rapalas worked fine near shore at this time of year. After the sun rose 50 foot of water was better for kings.
  8. The charter boat could prepare breakfast for its guests. Head boats in Gloucester have sleeping bunks available overnight for fishermen with long distance travel. Chow was available when the boat got underway.
  9. Warmer Lake Erie waters from the Welland Canal and Niagara River attract batfish to the Bar area and the salmon follow the bait.
  10. The windmill site is 70 KM by 70 KM in 60 feet 0f water. High voltage wires are stretched on the bottom between the towers and shoreline. Imagine the loss of boating opportunity within the grid and shore.
  11. You Tube has a show on new wind farms built near Germany and Denmark. It is really scary if your home is close to sixty foot of water where these huge wind machines are installed.
  12. On the newest turbines, the nacelles weigh 750,000 pounds It takes two large cranes to lift them off a ship. The upper tip of the blades are 1500 feet high where they can be seen from "Alaska". Just maintaining them will require a "sky hook".
  13. A fish stocking program is too strongly influenced by the "Money Fishermen", the Charter and money contest fishing groups that offer easier fishing access to open lake fishing. I suppose if there was a contest for Atlantic Salmon then the DEC would listen to that user group.
  14. NY and Vermont have a joint LL program for Lake Champlain and its tributaries. Big money thrives on LL fishing. Especially from the fly fishing guys that worship them. The Lake Ontario guys are sort of happy with their Kings and trout. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  15. The peak wave height is never measured correctly by the buoys. As the wave passes over the buoy the peak height is only recorded partially as it does not support the buoy continuously. only partially.
  16. The new windmills from Europe tower up to fifteen hundred feet to the tip. They will be visible from every where. They are too large to transport over roads which will require raising bridges. Special new ballasted ships are needed to install and maintain them.
  17. Yesterday the You Tube Channel showed the new windmills being built today and they are so large two heavy duty cranes were used to load them on a specially ballasted ship. There is no hoisting ships on the Great Lakes capable of installing and maintaining the newest windmills.
  18. 42F, water temperature. Sorry Jim
  19. With the river water temperature at 72F., The smelt run has been reported now. At the below the Black Rock Canal Lock, a heavy run of emerald shiners is on now. It is best to package small bags of minnows and salt them and freeze them till the day you use them so they will have the bright shiny color. This is a good year for perch catches and emeralds are the native bait best to use. Check the DEC Regulations on use and transportation.
  20. Now we have the spring high water level. It will not get higher unless the control dams flow is cut back. Contrary to media reports the water level is not controlled by nature but by the Dam operators.
  21. A good story on surplus electric power is being used by Volvo, a Chinese owned company, to produce hydrogen gas for use in their steel mills rather than coal. When burned hydrogen gas produces water.
  22. 4/8/2021, Microsoft News has a video of a windmill on fire in Pennsylvania. A big mess there.
  23. Hire a mobile crane to set the boat in the water. Your triple axle trailer is good for winter storage to avoid marina charges.
  24. Atlantic Salmon are a true native Lake Ontario species like the Lake Trout. Like sea run German Brown Trout after spawning they return the next year to spawn again. Their aerial jumps are more exciting than the "boot" fight you have from lake trout.
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