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  1. This video should be mandatory viewing by all the "do gooders" at our hearings. It will have them on a better track when they speak up or comment on the web. Another good Atlqantic Salmon video on Lake Huron is from the "411" crew at "Detour Passage Atlantic Salmon"..Trolling methods are shown.
  2. Search our VPS site for AtlanticSalmon Restoration efforts here and in New York waters. "Bringing back salmon" is a good show to learn from.
  3. Aircraft with long distance wiring cables use higher battery voltages like 36 volt to power up the aircraft. It is important that larger gauge copper wire is used. Also inverters can put out 120 volt AC for Football games, etc. A second or third battery can handle the trolling speed more. Battery systems weigh about as much as another trolling engine.Charging systems at home or at the dock will make you a "Greenie".
  4. Drive away services can transport your RV to Alaska as they are an essential service. Also they will drive your RV to Arizona, Florida. Etc. Charter airlines can also take you to lower states and back.
  5. We were caught up in the Dunkirk Walleye Tournament when winds over 45 MPH blew up over 10 foot waves. Our 21 foot Crestliner took over an hour to make it back six milles. Many waves had the boat vertcal dozens of times and we were lucky to not get fully blown backward. Fishing for money makes your decision making do foolish things. Winning a contest like that is something that the organizers may face criminal and liability charges. Stay safe and do not get worked up in a foolish endeavor.
  6. Too many of the older influential fishermen have their own boats tied up at marinas. They could care less about sharing their fish and water with out of towners. Trailer boaters, jet ski owners are forgotten by the legislators in the "black hole" called Albany. Cabela's/Bass Pro stores are selling hundreds of boats annually and maybe they can influence or even open up new ramps across the state. Even better they could lease and operate these sites. There has to be a way now. The hundred mile round trip costs in time and money. are a burden most families can not afford.
  7. Most boats have a recommended passenger rating. The engine rating recommended depends on the beam, transom and floatation rating. We used a ten horse power engine for years on a 16 foot boat Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  8. The fishing education, locations especially shore fishing methods, are the greatest tourist draws that we New Yorkers are unaware of. The fishing in the lower Niagara River gorge from shore are amazing and no where in North America can be had.
  9. 14 day quarantine on arrival there. Forget about it.Anchorage has. Million visitors daily in the summer. My brother who lives in downtown Anchorage now says there are no tourists anymore. The airport has mainly freighter traffic. Even the residents are not traveling south this winter. Commercial fishing boats are having trouble with crews stopped at the Canadian border even. We have better salmon/ trout fishing here on Lake Ontario and it’s tributary systems. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  10. Search out on You Tube for hours of fishing Lake Ontario , its tributaries like Oak Orchard Creek and an eighteen pound brown trout, the Niagara Bar and the upper and lower Niagara River with Kings, Lake Trout, Brown Trout and Rainbow Trout featured. A lot of fishing tips are here. While you are restricted to your home, you can avoid network television junk. Streaming Television is todays modern viewing television, computer screen and even your cell phone. Unlike network broadcast programs you can search out from thousands of shows peoduced by anyone with a camera or professional movies. All you need is a wi fi connection and the whole world is yours. The hottest stock market item now is Net Flix. World Wide Web is at your key board so figure it out. Also I have local broadcast antennas that feed my TV the local ststions free after installing a good antenna. My lakwside antenna gives me 62 channels free. If I rotate it facing Canada The Canadian sttions come in fine. An outside higher antenna is Gold for TV viewing. The wi fi connection is your biggest cost now.
  11. You can rent an RV from a private party cheaper with an ad in the Anchorage newspaper. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  12. A covoid test may be ordered at your expense, not your insurance cost.
  13. Canada is part of the British Commonwealth.
  14. Boaters in the British Cayman Islands are now captured to enforce a fourteen day quarantine enforcement order. They can not leave for the fourteen days.like a prison sentence. Be careful out there. They were charged without legal documentation entry.
  15. My brother took his friend to the Clearwater Creek, a tributary of the Yehtna River off the Big Susitna River and he landed a 60 lb. King. The Kenai is not The only trophy King area. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  16. Saltwater trips for kings and halibut are available from Ketchikan to Homer. Search them out.
  17. The lifejacket rule is to save search and recovery efforts in cold water. Your surviving family will receive no benefits without a death certificate that is issued when the body is recovered.
  18. A couple Starcrafts cracked at the chine.A local TIG welder fixed them fine. A new for stroke engine will save you for less gasoline burned. With a large king on, you should clear all other lines, your riggers, raise the outboard and net the fish off the side of your drifting boat.
  19. The truth is “a boat is a hole in the water you pour money”. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  20. A couple Starcrafts cracked at the chine.A local TIG welder fixed them fine. A new four stroke engine will save you for less gasoline burned.
  21. Watertown, NY lake level rose 7 froot last night. That is on top of the recent actual levels.
  22. The Seiche effect in Buffalo raised Lake Erie six foot without the wind blown waves.
  23. My 1992 18 foot Crestliner had 26 years service from my original Evinrude 90 hp. I replaced it with a 4 stroke Mercury 90 hp that trolls fine. Also I have a 9.9 Honda 4 stroke for trolling and it brought me home at 6 mph a couple times. The Mercury tops out at 34 mph although I use the boat at 25 MPH cruising speed.
  24. We also kept an 18 foot welded aluminum boat powered with a Suzuki jet Drive up the Yehtna River at the moose camp. It was used for moose hunting and salmon fishing in the river there. Very convenient for river travel when you are ninety miles from the nearest road.
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