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  1. New to the area, but not new to boating. When the ramps get busy, who gets priority, boats loading or boats unloading? basically, if I’m getting off of the water do I grab an empty ramp with my boat and then go get the trailer or do i dock it off to the side and then get my trailer and find an empty ramp? I know it can be a free for all, but want to get general consensus.
  2. Looking for an update from FleetTracker on his Tracker and meangreencj7 on his polarkraft.
  3. Is this information still accurate? the same exact question was asked this year at the dec state of the lakes meeting for the western finger lakes. The officers present all agreed that as long as the big motor was completely immobilized that you will be legal.
  4. Is this still available?
  5. What fish finder do you have that lets you see your jig?
  6. Yes, I have a 19' center console with a 135Honda and it sits on a roller trailer. I may be in the market to get a different trailer and wondering if bunks are preferred in this area?
  7. I will be moving up from the cheseapeake bay area and from most of the reports, it looks like trolling is the main technique for catching fish in LO. I only ask because i really dislike trolling and am hoping there are other opportunities in the Rochester area. The most fun part of fishing to me is getting the strike and setting the hook and i don't get that same excitement while trolling. please help a newbie out...
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