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  1. I dont want the truth to get in the way but isnt this Federal?
  2. I have an 87 sea nymph fish and ski with a 2011 90 HP e-tec Could anybody suggest a transom saver to purchase? Do you need to know the trailer model?
  3. Fleas are absolutely awful right now so be ready
  4. as of right now there are few and most of them are high in the water column
  5. Need to add some of the larger luhr jensen doders... send me a pm or add some pics here if ya have some sitting in your garage
  6. Do you have a launch on property now?
  7. If he is able to own or operate any hunting or fishing related business after this it will just prove that conservation at the federal level is a sham
  8. short leadcore weighted lines with spoons and stickbaits they can actually be found all over the water column.. I personally like to have riggers deep and junk lines high and just cover all the water from 80 feet up
  9. im slightly concerned with the lack of 10-13 inch salmon normally catch 5-10 a trip
  10. By South end I'm guessing you mean the flat before the ledge? In that case yea it was an abnormality slow year but as was stated it went from ice to warm quickly and right at prime time there was that heavy rain that turned it to mud Our trips recently in the Myers and t falls area have been ok but fish are all over the water . I caught a lake trout on a stick bait over 220 fow yesterday and in 80 fow marked a fish on bottom and 2 seconds later the 78 rigger popped so figured well that's a laker and it was a 23 inch salmon wtf
  11. Dude I dont know who it is but this thing is absolutely mint and decked out to the 9's. Guy was fishing alone. I think he needs friends!
  12. Standing on our dock today south of long point you drove by in a new Duckworth looks to be Offshore model decked out to the 9's. Watched you catch a fish solo while the autopilot did the work. I'm very very jealous of your rig. It was like watching a rolls Royce drive by
  13. I think the string method really has some magic trick to to that gets that barb just right so it doesn't rip ya apart. It's pretty amazing
  14. I was going for that method at first but it was so deep there wasn't enough hook left to push through. The string method was the way to go. It was really awful, still had a crazy ass Atlanta attached to it when I got stuck
  15. Just thought I'd give some reassurance if you ever have a hook buried in ya really badly. The mono/sting rip out method is absolutely the way to go. Had a bad one in my hand Saturday and it took me an hr to man up and rip it out. Wish I did it instantly. No pain at all and did literally no damage to speak of. If you ever have it happen just do it and be glad it's over with. It feels like a leap of faith but it works
  16. I'm in Binghamton.. you can keep me on the list of possibly would tag alongs
  17. I have a supply of those in 28 and mag if ya need them
  18. You can always find lakers in 80 fow on the bottom
  19. Forgive me if I'm wrong but I don't believe the state sets migratory bird limits?
  20. I use extremely light action rods on both my riggers and boards on cayuga Sometimes I think it's too light as I'm hitting neutral quick for newbie fish fighters
  21. I can troll for 7 hours and burn 3 gallons with my etec. I think it's unfortunate they are done
  22. I think your opinion is in the majority
  23. It was a lot but it's a great feeling that in 10 years I have never turned the key more than once at the dock. I drive cheap used cars in exchange
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