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  1. Cayuga Cayuga today

    This was the other one... just mouth blood
  2. Cayuga Cayuga today

    Our lake house is about 2 miles north of the power plant on honoco rd.. we were do I g work today and I took a few casts with an old ugly stick bait. Lake trout following almost every cast.. landed 2 over 6 lbs... in 2.5 f ow to 6 inches..... puking up 2 to 3 inch gobies
  3. Cayuga Cayuga today

    Wasn't able to see.. this was casting from shore
  4. Cayuga Cayuga today

    Let's get out this summer
  5. Florida school shooting

    Should I link the studies that show strict physical discipline leads to higher rates of depression and violent behavior as adults or let you guys just keep going
  6. Florida school shooting

    But there actually are a rather large number of attacks on police at police stations
  7. Florida school shooting

    Keep buying that narrative.. nothing he did or said that has been made public to this point would have have met the standard to issue a warrant let along seize property
  8. Florida school shooting

    That's the exact point I'm making... it's time to start shifting our attention.
  9. Florida school shooting

    Or maybe the point is we have spent way way way too much time and money fighting "terrorists" when the threat is right in front of us We can gain support for travel bans and a giant wall but can't see why bump stocks and high capacity magazines area bad idea?
  10. Florida school shooting

    And by act of terror you mean Muslim right?Because I'm sure the individuals at the school felt terrorized and the shooter had been in contact with white supremist organizations
  11. Florida school shooting

    Just to drive this point home.. 10% own almost 80% of the wealth with the top 1% at 40% Now matter how you slice it that does not lead to a healthy society
  12. Florida school shooting

    It is ok Dick.... I think we all have it on our minds.. this site is nice because unlike every other corner of the web we have managed to keep debate out of it. I think we all realize we stand on different ground on many issues but have managed to keep it to what makes us the same... fishing and the love of it It's a very worthwhile discussion but thankfully we have been able to leave the things that set us apart out of here
  13. Florida school shooting

    you realize somebody from "your generation" perpetrated one of the deadliest shootings in american history Dave
  14. pic can be seen here.. anybody have them in an 1oz or bigger?
  15. Florida school shooting

    I would consult facebook
  16. If somebody really believes that somebody purchasing a gun stopped and thinks for a moment: ahhh yes I'm going to buy brand x over remmington because the sandy hook shooter used a remminton I have a bridge for sale
  17. Convectors

    About 25 each plush shipping each way?
  18. new sled for shanty

    Almost every salvation army in the country has old ski's
  19. for sale : usa Ice Fishing Rental Chaumont Bay

    Booked 4 days next winter. Amanda seems like a fun gal. Very excited
  20. Or.... ya know.. maybe not make a dangerous product that misfires
  21. Convectors

    How much r tom upgrades
  22. new sled for shanty

    I see
  23. new sled for shanty

    try flexseal