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Everything posted by bandrus1

  1. bandrus1


    The invitational not pro am was this weekend
  2. bandrus1


    I'm between the plant and Myers right now east shore and not bad
  3. Used and in fair shape slightly nicked here and there but spins like a top $300 plus actual shipping to your door
  4. bandrus1


    fish are everywhere.. 100-600
  5. bandrus1

    Cayuga Cayuga Myers 8/7

    Where r ya a coach at
  6. bandrus1

    any tips for a newbie on Cayuga?

    6.5 med heavy for me ...... Setting the hook 110 feet down with 1 oz of lead ya need some backbone imo
  7. bandrus1

    any tips for a newbie on Cayuga?

    If you feel a hit go Kevin van dam on them
  8. bandrus1

    What size weights are you guys running

    Nah u good
  9. https://www.ebay.com/itm/3-light-fish-shape-trolling-spoons-fishing-spoons-feather-light-salmon-trought/302825805264?hash=item4681d315d0%3Ag%3A2AwAAMXQs6FRNsfD&_sop=10&_sacat=0&_nkw=trolling+spoon&_from=R40&rt=nc
  10. bandrus1

    Fish hawk x4 issue

    Yes.. prob is only activated when wet
  11. Loss golden shiner
  12. bandrus1

    Fish hawk x4 issue

    If it's used it could have very well been damaged while being disassembled and transported
  13. bandrus1

    Fish hawk x4 issue

    Can ya take a pic and show us where it's mounted
  14. bandrus1

    Fish hawk x4 issue

    I'm confused... It won't read boat speed on surface or it won't read speed at the ball
  15. fishing in the future! whats the secret!
  16. bandrus1

    “Duffy” from Wicked Tuna

    What a deva
  17. bandrus1

    Mag Dipsy Diver chart

    think the mag chart is accurate for walker deeper divers?
  18. bandrus1

    Moore's Marina

    They did a whole outboard sale and install on my boat and have been my only place of service since owning my boat.... It is any places busy season and I get the frustration but they are good people
  19. bandrus1

    HELP. My car smells like fish

    No more fun loving in the back seat
  20. It kinda looked like he was bumping the thread as he had them available and I have a few people may be interested But now ya have me thinking