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  1. I think the string method really has some magic trick to to that gets that barb just right so it doesn't rip ya apart. It's pretty amazing
  2. I was going for that method at first but it was so deep there wasn't enough hook left to push through. The string method was the way to go. It was really awful, still had a crazy ass Atlanta attached to it when I got stuck
  3. Just thought I'd give some reassurance if you ever have a hook buried in ya really badly. The mono/sting rip out method is absolutely the way to go. Had a bad one in my hand Saturday and it took me an hr to man up and rip it out. Wish I did it instantly. No pain at all and did literally no damage to speak of. If you ever have it happen just do it and be glad it's over with. It feels like a leap of faith but it works
  4. I'm in Binghamton.. you can keep me on the list of possibly would tag alongs
  5. I have a supply of those in 28 and mag if ya need them
  6. You can always find lakers in 80 fow on the bottom
  7. Forgive me if I'm wrong but I don't believe the state sets migratory bird limits?
  8. I use extremely light action rods on both my riggers and boards on cayuga Sometimes I think it's too light as I'm hitting neutral quick for newbie fish fighters
  9. I can troll for 7 hours and burn 3 gallons with my etec. I think it's unfortunate they are done
  10. I think your opinion is in the majority
  11. It was a lot but it's a great feeling that in 10 years I have never turned the key more than once at the dock. I drive cheap used cars in exchange
  12. Oh yeah my repower 90 hp with rewire and controls was almost 12k in 2011
  13. You absolutely can catch lakers in the cold months. I would use brown streamers because the LT like gobies Second best bet imo would be late March through April in the same places you would see people trolling stick baits on surface
  14. Given what penalties you see handed out for hunting violations these days it isn't worth your time
  15. If I were you I'd drive a little extra to t falls. Just less of a hassle
  16. I love when lakers cruise up in like 5-10 fow. Put out my spring spread with boards and sticks and hold on
  17. Best value? get a 90 sea nymph gls put a brand new 90 hp and 10 hp kicker and deck it out with rod holders, riggers and electronics and every toy you want for under 30k
  18. My personal suggestion would buy an older hull and deck it out including a new motor
  19. Hi green A lot to unpack here You can flatline and have success in the colder months with surface diving baits. As the surface temp rises you will need to gain depth. 10 color lead and 300 copper can be your friend. I would suggest staying in 70-90 fow. If you have not gotten into vertacle jigging I would highly suggest it. Get yourself a drift sock and use it along with trolling motor on windy days. Theoretically with your setup you could use a bottom thumping rig with a heavy weight on a 3 way swivel
  20. Trolled yesterday 3 ft off the bottom in 100 ft ish 16 lakers in a little over 3 hours. Average was about 6 lbs. Was epic. Ran 10 color.. 300 copper... 2 3 color lead and didn't move them on silver fish
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