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  1. bandrus1

    Lead core questions

    I let about 10 to 15 feet of backing into the water AFTER the lead hits the water
  2. bandrus1

    Lead core questions

    I also struggle with leadcore in general I use about 40 to 60 ft leader
  3. bandrus1

    Salmon Size This Year

    18 lb now will be like 25 to 27 august
  4. I ran 100 percent spoon pattern except when I proke out a lake trout rig
  5. Probably going g to be a little choppy out there in the morning by looks of it... Fished yesterday and found kings over 100 to 150 20 to 40 down Hot item was a dipsey on 1 setting out 85
  6. If you believe in that sort of thing
  7. Good.. a compass is very important aside from the GPS unit
  8. bandrus1

    Safe Boat for Lake Ontario

    Thats a hewescraft I believe
  9. Anybody got a last min report from today
  10. bandrus1

    Safe Boat for Lake Ontario

    Need a lot more info... Aluminum or fiberglass? Plan on keeping in a slip or trailoring it? You can get a lot of boat size wise for 25k
  11. I wouldnt mind a report either
  12. I saw given a fair report from oz in 100 to 125
  13. I have a set in Binghamton with a mast also