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  1. J plugs / silver horde

    I didnt see this.... I will, send me a PM to remind me
  2. Hardwater report !!

    im pretty sure that area tends to be pretty open
  3. Hardwater report !!

    anybody have an oneida condition report?
  4. Cayuga Cayuga today

    tough to say really
  5. Florida school shooting

    No prob kingflusher
  6. Florida school shooting

    Well ya held out an hour
  7. If you decide to break this lot up let me know
  8. Florida school shooting

    We got a live one folks
  9. J plugs / silver horde

    stillfishing, I have some I dont use I would be willing to sell ya
  10. Cayuga Cayuga today

    This was the other one... just mouth blood
  11. Cayuga Cayuga today

    Wasn't able to see.. this was casting from shore
  12. Cayuga Cayuga today

    Let's get out this summer
  13. Cayuga Cayuga today

    Our lake house is about 2 miles north of the power plant on honoco rd.. we were do I g work today and I took a few casts with an old ugly stick bait. Lake trout following almost every cast.. landed 2 over 6 lbs... in 2.5 f ow to 6 inches..... puking up 2 to 3 inch gobies
  14. Florida school shooting

    Should I link the studies that show strict physical discipline leads to higher rates of depression and violent behavior as adults or let you guys just keep going
  15. Florida school shooting

    But there actually are a rather large number of attacks on police at police stations