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  1. Should really find out the gear ratio. 3.73 would be ideal. The only down fall is the independent rear suspension. 2002 was the last year for the solid rear axle, which is ideal for towing. 2005 motor should be the 3 valve 5.4.
  2. Just wandering what pitch prop I should run on my 1994 Johnson 15 hp 2 stroke kicker. Pushing a Chapparal 198F. Boat weight around 3000 lbs. with motor & gear. 9 1/4 x 8?
  3. I've been up to that lake the last 7 weekends. Had one on back in Sept. Lost it due to my line breaking at the release. Don't know why that happened. Of course I can't find a replacement for the lure I lost. X4 Flatfish green. 20 ft down. Buddy of mine sent me the link to the program you were talking about. That guy was using a 3/4 oz. bucktail jig with a 4" tail. Green with sparkles. Went out to Cabela's and matched it the best I could. The next Sat., which was Oct 31., I picked up a 28"er after 3 hrs of trolling. 51 ft of cable out @ 2 mph. 10 lb ball. I found that the jig started to bounce the bottom about the same time the ball started to bounce when it got shallow. Fished about 40 ft of line out from the release. It's a tough fishery. Went up 2 X last week and got nothing. There were more boats on the late Wed. compared to Sat.
  4. The problem with the 2 stroke is timing must be advanced as the butterfly for the carb is opened. If you look under the cover, you'll see the plate under the flywheel move when you twist the handle to advance throttle. That plate contacts the cam follower for the carb. Remote throttle controls use servos to open the throttle. They don't have enough power to move the timing place. I believe 4 strokes only need the butterfly opened, just like a law mower.
  5. Show has been postpone indefinitely. http://www.mcall.com/news/local/mc-outd ... 3185.story
  6. Are you willing split these up? Looking for a 8500. What would you ask?
  7. Hey Mike, I have on old Eagle AccuNav GPS. A few lines on the screen are out. Not really noticeable. This is the original GPS I bought in 1993. It does not have land marks, but you can mark waypoints. I was thinking of listing it, but never got around to it. I'll have to hook it up and and make sure it still works.
  8. Received as a gift. Removed to make space for a Fishhawk. $50 OBO
  9. I'm interested. Is it a 15" transom? Where is the boat located. Could you provide email.
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