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  1. Mudflat, That is a great Idea. Now I just have to find barbless hooks which I am going to try. A-Tom-Mik also said if I can find the hooks they would tie them. Great people as always. I was not sure how to tie them and I appreciate the link. I will start. Where are you in NE Pa? I'm originally from Scranton.....We Are....
  2. With all due respect, and I mean that, I don't fully agree. Crimping the barb is a major stress point on the hook. Break one point out of four and start over, break a barb and you have a jagged edge. Barbless hooks penetrate easier and back out much easier. I've seen reviews where a high percentage of so called crimped barbs are not perfectly flattened to the hook causing an offset to the left or right negating any benefit to the crimping in the first place. As for water temperature, much can be debated. I have held fish in a Boca grip that were not torn up by the hooks and felt comfortable they had a good chance while watching them swim off. It takes a while, sometimes a minute or more and that's not easy leaning over the gunnel trying not to swim with the fish but it does work a lot of the time. Again I appreciate your responses but I will say I would enjoy the opportunity to have barbless fly rigs. Now all I have to do is get Tom Allen to agree and make them available. Just wondering if anyone else would support the effort. Len
  3. Barbless Fly Rigs I would love to know how many of you would purchase Barbless Fly Rigs if they were available? (Maybe they are but I've not seen them.) I pull a boat 700 miles a few times every year to fish out off Sodus Pt. I have invested tens of thousands of dollars totaling well into the hundreds of thousands. One thing that I struggle with every year is releasing fish I do not want to kill and eat. Whether they be Browns or Laker's, Kings or Atlantic's, many times they hit the box when they just aren't needed. I would be interested in doing any option that would increase a survival rate. Nothing is perfect but any efforts that would increase a survival release rate would make me much happier. I love this fishery as I know must if not all of you do. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated. Len
  4. Riester, I have a 22' StarCraft Islander. years ago I wanted to put a 9.9 on as a trolling motor but decided to call the manufacturer (StarCraft) for a suggestion. we spoke about control of speed, steering, fuel consumption and immediate response to unforeseen circumstances. I fish lake O for multiple weeks every year out of Sodus Point. I ended up putting a 25 horse 4 stroke Mercury on and it was the best decision I made. If at all possible try getting a ride on a similar boat with a small kicker. check with the manufacturer of your 24'. It cost nothing to get there advice.
  5. Folks I'm relining my rigger rods and have traditionally loaded 30lb Big Game. Noticed they have a color called Solar Collector, any reason not use it? Lines will have Floro leader. Thanks in advance for any thoughts. Just wondering if the color would be a negative for fish?
  6. A little confusing, I know. I will be up to get her updated (software on Lowrance and stuff) in June and she will be then stored till August 13th when I return for two weeks. If someone buys her while I'm there that would be fine but I will only be there for three days. When I return in August, she will be available and if she does not sell I will either take her home or trade her in. If she wont sell for the asking price or close she would be a fine boat for off shore in Apalachicola. I know its a large purchase. if someone wants to look her over and make arrangements for August. Just trying give people an opportunity to check her out. Good question though.
  7. Thanks Smoke This is so bitter sweet, she has been great. I spend two to three weeks every year at the point and that's the only time she gets used. we are now spending more time going south and there is no reason she should just sit. some one will get a lot of use out of her.
  8. Islander for sale (never thought I say that). Time has come to sell Fugly. I will be at the Point Monday June 6th to pick her up from Krenzers. Will spend a day Monday the 6th going over updates and splashing her. The boat will be for sale the end of the season with her available for pick up August 27th. If anyone is interested she can be seen and inspected Monday June 6th. asking price is 25k. Here are some details. 150 Optimax around 400 hours. 25 Merc 4 stroke (2008) trolling no hour gauge, Lowrance HDS-10 at helm with networked 5 at stern. Side Scan. Trax tech rod system with all new ratcheting holders. Scotty propack electrics (2). time to spend more time fishing Florida. I live in Kentucky and Apalachicola is the same distance and longer season...plus I'm getting old. If interested in seeing her just e-mail me and I'll get more details for you. [email protected]
  9. why are you going to miss him? where's Tom going? len972ky Team Fugly
  10. Dude, roll this! All I was asking is, are there any interesting techniques or areas I may not be aware of. Back when,,, we fished Jan, Feb.. was wondering if October is way to early and should concentrate on streams. I am not interested in spawning salmon. Looking for an oportunity for Rainbows and Browns with catch and release hope. I've never been to Oak Orchard, are there good options there? I''l be at the Point whithout the boat so I was just wondering if anyone had some thoughts.
  11. Hi all Planning on comming up to Sodus in October and was wondering if anyone can give me some pointers on shore/pier fishing. Many years ago used to go to fair haven and put out eggs from shore and had a ball catching steelies. Still possible? any input would be appreciated.
  12. The only public (N/C) is on the Bay, Rt 14, Just past Arnies marine. Good launch with trailer parking across the street. Only issue is you need to cross the bay to get to the chute at the lighthouse. Next place is Sodus Bait shop just as you enter point, next to Krenzer marine. Launch charge is 10 bucks I believe and the Chute (lighthouse) is visible and close. Len
  13. I just ordered mine. If i did not pick correctly, change mine to what ever you say Tom I can't wait. Len