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  1. I learned that a transformer is not the ticket ,but I found a dc speed controller for actuators so I'll take that route
  2. Here goes. I have a tailfin (powertran) remote control wireless steering setup and a powerpro 3 wireless speed control both for the same kicker. I need 2 remote control fobs to run this setup which I do not like very much. So I tried to hook the tailfin actuator into the powerpro 3 and now everything is through the powerpro 3 controls. The only problem is that the speed of the actuator is no longer controllable and it goes full blast which makes it quite tricky. I am thinking of putting a 12 to 6 volt transformer in the wire going to the actuator so it will get half the voltage and hopefully slow the actuator down by 50 %. Will the actuator speed actually go down or will it stay the same ? As always, thank you for your advice. Rolmops
  3. I had a similar problem a couple of times because I often over tighten stuff with my big hands which my wife used to call coal shovels. Usually I try to squirt a lot of penetrating oil on the top if I can get to it. And after about ten minutes I take a hairdryer and try to warm the filter up a bit, then I use a very big old pipe wrench that goes around the filter and that usually does the trick. I never tried a screwdriver ,but I think that it would not work as well as a pipe wrench because it has less leverage and the force is applied on 2 small areas which may just tear a longer hole.
  4. They were made for narrow wood covered creeks
  5. I have for sale a new never opened boat cover for a 20 to 22 foot center console with a beam up to 106 inch. I use one the same size for a 1989 221 cuddy cabin Starcraft Islander and it covers the Islander nicely with enough room to cover the sides . They sell new for $430 and then there often is a sale that brings them down to around $300. It is a B1231x6R. I got it in September , but a few days ago another one came up on the LOU board which is for a hard top . This allows me to keep the bimini up and work on the boat without having to remove the cover. This one is $200
  6. I'm interested, but in order to get a better idea about what it covers, what boat length is it over in the picture? I would want to know because I am looking for a cover that is long enough to also cover my engines. It would be on a 22 foot Starcraft Islander
  7. If the motor has been sitting around for a number of years without turning at all, it is quite possible that it froze up a bit. These motors are basically windshield wiper motors and easy to open and close as long as you keep the brushes in place. I would try carefully put a visegrip on the shaft and play around a bit to see if it loosens up. If if does, but the motor still does not want to turn when power is put on it. You should just open it (with the help of penetrating oil) carefully so the brushes don't move and see if you can lubricate the shaft and clean the brushes. (There are springs under the brushes) I made a special tool to put the motor back together. It is easily made of the top of a soup can or a piece of thin hard plastic that is bigger than the motor, You take tin snips and make a long rectangular cut in the top that is wide enough to allow it to slide without having to touch the bolts. The cut should be made at he same length as the outer diameter of the motor but the top should still keep its shape. And that 's the tool. When you are done cleaning and lubricating, make sure that the brushes are in place with the springs in proper position, lay the "soup" tool on the motor so everything stays in place and press it down. Now with the tool in place,put the cover back on and screw it down until it touches the tool. Now pull the soup tool out and screw the cover down the rest of the way. All of that is just to keep the spring loaded brushes in place. Don't forget to eat the soup.
  8. Does anybody have this rather special piece ? It is part of EZ steer kit 2202
  9. I use 50/200 because I have a Furuno setup. I'm happy with it. How deep do the cracks go? You only found out while winterizing ,which implies that it worked just fine in spite of the cracks. It could be that a bit sealant in order to prevent further cracking may do the job
  10. These critters ,like all water fleas, are really quite amazing. They reproduce sexually and a-sexually. When they are in nice warm water with plenty of food, they clone themselves multiple times, hence the sudden rapid increases within just a few days, but when it gets cold or dry (in puddles) they reproduce sexually, thereby diversifying the gene pool and increasing the survival chances and mutations. it is really interesting to put them under a compound microscope. You will see the water flea and on its back you can see one or two developing clones that will separate from the "parent" by breaking through the the outer soft skin layer. only females will clone. They do winter over in egg state.
  11. It was hit or miss. There were real bad days, but then there was an upwelling with cold water coming up and the flees (and the fish) were gone. This was off Oswego. Last week I finally launched my new to me 22 foot Islander and went fishing a bit. Now for the first time in the end of October The flees were all over the place,so it is hard to understand what is going on.
  12. If you can, turn the engine upside down or at least horizontal so with the help of a flashlight you can see what's going on at the bottom of the engine block. That may save you from having to take the exhaust off the block.. it will also help you to insert the cooling water tube correctly into the hole.
  13. It used to be a site where information about fishing Lake Ontario was exchanged. Now it is mostly a sales ad website. Also, salmon fishing may be a baby boomer thing. The boomers are getting old and are fishing less and there are not so many replacement fisherman.
  14. I'm with you on that one, but with a twist. There is not a real reason why the egg take is done at a specific date. It can be done a lot earlier ,or in stages. If the river can be closed to fishing for say, a week before egg take so the salmon can safely reach the hatchery there would indeed be a better chance at SELECTIVE size dependent egg take. But it should not only be the river. There should be no boats in front of the river during that time either. I'm sure that the DSR would support this for their own reasons
  15. It is a bad sign that a lot of this thread has centered on armchair politician complaints centering on laying the blame on those "evil" liberals and democrats. It is an easy finger pointing cop out that requires no action beyond impotent complaining. There is a clear alternative that may change the picture and can help the eco cops. How would you feel about a page on this site where you can deposit pictures accompanied by place (GPS location), date and time. That would give the DEC an effective source of information about offenders and potentially a history of repeat offenders. This site could be accessed by DEC officers and give them a lot more muscle in the court room. Please consider this and write the cons and pros of this idea down so we have more info on how to protect our resources from illegal profiteers
  16. There are attachments in the market (E-bay) that can be bolted onto any of these boats. They stick out about 2 feet and you would have to strengthen the transom to support these. The last Starcraft Islanders were 22 footers with the attachment which turned them into 24 footers. They are available for just main engine and also for main and kicker.You can buy them online. The overall weight of the boat would not differ much since you would remove the I/O and the the engine which together weigh about 700 pounds. The center of gravity changes a lot and I doubt that towing long distance would be an option. The good thing is that you will no longer have a dog house which gives you a lot of extra room in the back of the boat. The attachments are aluminum .
  17. Is this a one piece bamboo fly fishing rod? If so, it was probably made about 1908 so you are talking a real and valuable antique. You may want to contact some fly fishing organization and ask them for more info.
  18. I tried that and the only thing they have up for sale with the Starcraft name is bimini covers.
  19. That sounds like you want to make it a protected species
  20. Looking for an Aluminum Starcraft Islander Bow tip
  21. This conflict between native Americans exercising their treaty rights and local law enforcement or DEC enforcement repeats itself over and over again. Some Native Americans have a huge chip on their shoulder and they can be quite ornery,leading to unnecessary conflicts. It is beyond me what this has to with democrats or republicans. As for one "leader" or taking the law in one's own hands. Please let me remind you that you are getting riled up about a dispute between a policeman and a man lawfully exercising his freedom rights.
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