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  1. I would stay away from stripping the paint off. Unless it is all scratched up There are plenty of boat cleaner soaps available at West Marine or online. Another powerful cleaning agent is a product called crud cutter. It is often used with power washing equipment , but you can also use a higher concentration in a bucket and use a sponge or a soft broom.Just don't do it on a hot day because you don't want everything to dry up before the soap has done its thing.
  2. sharp temperature break between 2 water currents?
  3. I would be interested in seeing the boat, but I have become very doubtful about its veracity because you did not say where it is in addition to strange language use (I pm you) ,even though you were asked several times. If you want me to come and see, please put the location, floor and transom status and compression numbers on the board so I can decide whether to come and see based on good information.
  4. Much the same for me. We worked the same area and ended up 3 for 3. One big slimer and 2 2 year olds. All on spoons they were not interested in meat or FF. There was a DEC officer at the dock,but he seemed more interested in socializing than in inspecting, which is a nice thing.
  5. If you don't know what it is ,you don't use it. Anyway, mozilla firefox is an open source web browser
  6. Same here. Do you use firefox?
  7. There is a simple alternative. You can use truss headed stainless steel philips bolts, washers and nuts. You can get those at Fasten all. You can buy a small amount and of course the right size. Just use them instead of rivets. M5200 is available at Walmart, Lowe’s etc. if you are so inclined, you can replace every last rivet on your boat this way. The only condition is that you must be able to get to the inside of the hull in order to tighten the nuts. Just google truss head bolt and you will see what I mean. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  8. It is a beautiful balloon. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  9. A few years ago we had this tent settlement in NY City, which was about the one percent and the power of Wall Street. Now we have the Black Lives Matter. Both are noble causes .Both lack organization and both will peter out as the weather gets colder. It is a great way to vent, but unless it is aggressively challenged it will go away by itself. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  10. I'll take it. Sent you a pm
  11. Did you stop fishing to have that big one on a LOC scale is quick as possible?
  12. I've seen that technique being used on the Atlantic with cod and haddock on all the undersized fish and for soft mouthed fish it works great. The problem is that it is impossible to see how much damage to the fish mouth it causes because the fish never is close enough to see what really happens. Another much bigger problem for using that "hook and pole" is that it is commonly known as a gaff hook, which is strictly illegal on Lake Ontario. I would be interested as to where "hook and pole" ends and "gaff hook" starts
  13. We also release without ever taking the fish out of the water. Taking a fish out of the water for 3 minutes is similar to sticking your head under water for 3 minutes. Besides, how many pictures of fish do you need and will you still look at them three weeks from now? It seems to me that killing beautiful creatures for bragging rights is not right. Eating them is a different story.
  14. Spectrum news is not far left or right , nor do they have an opinion. They just bring the news. They are owned by spectrum and the company makes money by piping internet, telephone and tv into your house.They are careful not to loose customers. So they are deliberately neutral while leaning toward the public opinion that attracts the most customers.
  15. And that goes all along the spectrum . Breitbart on the right end and Fox as the cheerleader of our current president then on to the center where you will find ABC and veering to the left is MSNBC. It is sad that Breitbart and FOX are presenting opinion as news while the mainstream media at least still have news cast and apart from that opinion while trying to keep them in their separate boxes.While everybody is cherry picking the news So what to do? I listen to the BBC and NPR. If you think that those are left wing propaganda you are in danger of falling of the right end . By the way. The purpose of "News Shows" is not to inform you. It is to entertain you and give you cheap thrills, while all the time trying to sell you coca cola or mattresses or whatever other thing that helps them make money
  16. 4.5 millions gun buyers in a country of over 300 million people seems like a pitiful minority to me
  17. Most people who do not like this country live in other countries. There are a lot of people who like this country but they do not like the way in which it is currently going. You may interpret that as not liking the country. Just remember that the land of the free means that everybody's opinion about how this country should go forward is equally valid.
  18. Those entitled brats, are our children and about that flag. I see a lot of people waving it, but not so many living up to what it stands for. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  19. Would a new 3 gallon Tohatsu tank fill your needs? If so I'm in Rochester.
  20. You should put one one or two of those little pests under a microscope. You will see that they clone themselves in warm weather. You can see the clones under the skin on their back. that is why they reproduce so fast. Once the water gets colder they will reproduce by mating. Then they die soon afterwards If you look at the back of the little bugger, you can see a back spot. That is a cloned flea. It can clone itself at a very high rate with the offspring doing the same thing
  21. My son just dug one up out of his shed. thank you all for your offers.
  22. I think the reason why it is not done by a contractor is because of the stipulations set forth in the grant that pays for all of this.
  23. either in Rochester, or Scipio Center, according to day of the week
  24. I'm looking to buy a cannon swivel base. Anybody have one that they want to part with? Thanks.
  25. K&G Lodge is clean , has a pool , has nice cabins, is maybe 1 mile from Wrights Landing.
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