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  1. We also release without ever taking the fish out of the water. Taking a fish out of the water for 3 minutes is similar to sticking your head under water for 3 minutes. Besides, how many pictures of fish do you need and will you still look at them three weeks from now? It seems to me that killing beautiful creatures for bragging rights is not right. Eating them is a different story.
  2. Spectrum news is not far left or right , nor do they have an opinion. They just bring the news. They are owned by spectrum and the company makes money by piping internet, telephone and tv into your house.They are careful not to loose customers. So they are deliberately neutral while leaning toward the public opinion that attracts the most customers.
  3. And that goes all along the spectrum . Breitbart on the right end and Fox as the cheerleader of our current president then on to the center where you will find ABC and veering to the left is MSNBC. It is sad that Breitbart and FOX are presenting opinion as news while the mainstream media at least still have news cast and apart from that opinion while trying to keep them in their separate boxes.While everybody is cherry picking the news So what to do? I listen to the BBC and NPR. If you think that those are left wing propaganda you are in danger of falling of the right end . By the way. The purpose of "News Shows" is not to inform you. It is to entertain you and give you cheap thrills, while all the time trying to sell you coca cola or mattresses or whatever other thing that helps them make money
  4. 4.5 millions gun buyers in a country of over 300 million people seems like a pitiful minority to me
  5. Most people who do not like this country live in other countries. There are a lot of people who like this country but they do not like the way in which it is currently going. You may interpret that as not liking the country. Just remember that the land of the free means that everybody's opinion about how this country should go forward is equally valid.
  6. Those entitled brats, are our children and about that flag. I see a lot of people waving it, but not so many living up to what it stands for. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  7. Would a new 3 gallon Tohatsu tank fill your needs? If so I'm in Rochester.
  8. You should put one one or two of those little pests under a microscope. You will see that they clone themselves in warm weather. You can see the clones under the skin on their back. that is why they reproduce so fast. Once the water gets colder they will reproduce by mating. Then they die soon afterwards If you look at the back of the little bugger, you can see a back spot. That is a cloned flea. It can clone itself at a very high rate with the offspring doing the same thing
  9. My son just dug one up out of his shed. thank you all for your offers.
  10. I think the reason why it is not done by a contractor is because of the stipulations set forth in the grant that pays for all of this.
  11. either in Rochester, or Scipio Center, according to day of the week
  12. I'm looking to buy a cannon swivel base. Anybody have one that they want to part with? Thanks.
  13. K&G Lodge is clean , has a pool , has nice cabins, is maybe 1 mile from Wrights Landing.
  14. The only difference between an 8 and a 9.8 horse tohatsu is the carburetor size (and the price).
  15. If you think that the problem is caused by a chemical reaction with the transom wood. It would be a good idea to double check the bottom of your boat near the stern. Although the wood would not be my main suspect. I would first check whether the hull and engine are properly grounded and whether the anodes on the engine are in good or bad shape.. Specially if that boat has ever been in salt water Then there is the question of the dock where you dock your boat. Does it have shore to ship power hookups anywhere nearby?? If so, the aluminum may corrode a lot faster.
  16. SMC metal on Buffalo Road/ Mount Read Boulevard in Rochester. They will cut it for you on the spot. + They are nice people. https://smcmetalrochester.com/contact/
  17. The smaller lakes are very much influenced by this. As the wind pushes the top layer one way, it also creates a current deeper down in the opposite direction in order to replace the water that has been pushed away. That is important when you fish near a point. The fish will find a place where this current will go over their head, usually on the lee side of the top of the point and wait for food carried in this current. So make sure that your presentation is deep and moves in the opposite direction of the wind. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  18. It is very easy to accuse and condemn, specially when you are a spectator. I would suggest reading this small article. Sorry, there are no pictures... It mentions new bath room/shower facilities and fire pits. It also mentions that the marina will be elevated in order to prevent a repeat of the flooding we saw last year. It does not mention a fountain, although there might be one in the beautification plans. Mayor Billy Barlow announced City of Oswego Department of Public Works has started construction on several improvement projects coming to Wright’s Landing Marina this summer. The project, named the Wright’s Landing Marina Boater Services Improvement project, will further strengthen, support, and complement the ongoing momentum to revitalize Oswego’s waterfront to provide enhanced amenities to appeal to existing boaters and attract new boaters as well as attract more people to experience and better enjoy the picturesque waterfront on Lake Ontario. The project will improve the boater, recreational and leisure amenities at Wright’s Landing Marina through the construction, renovation and improvements of existing bathroom/shower facilities, new boater access services building, new pavilion, and installation of new stone fire pits along the waterfront, and making the marina ADA accessible. The awarded grant from the Department of State is $934,200 with the total project cost estimated at $1.6 million. “Our Wright’s Landing Marina Boater Services Improvement project, along with our REDI improvements, will completely transform Wright’s Landing Marina into a modern, state-of-the-art marina that will attract more boaters, more visitors and Oswego residents into the marina and along our waterfront,” said Mayor Billy Barlow. “For years, we’ve had to admit, as a community, we failed to capitalize on our waterfront. The upcoming changes will enhance our marina and are projects that were identified by the boaters themselves during our 2016 waterfront feasibility study. I truly believe once the projects are completed, we will see an influx in boating traffic into the Oswego Harbor and will have a marina that can help market our entire community,” Barlow said. Nathan Emmons, Director of Economic Development, said “The Wright’s Landing Marina Boater Services Improvement project beginning this spring along our waterfront is truly transformative and is a result of the Mayor Barlow’s vision to have a vibrant waterfront. I am very proud of the work to date with our waterfront and look forward to enjoying are revitalized waterfront when complete.” Wright’s Landing Marina is currently closed until July 13th due to COVID-19 and the beginning of the planned construction. The City of Oswego is currently planning more construction as part of the $12.6 million REDI improvements funded by New York State that will elevate the marina to prevent future flooding from high water levels, expected to begin later this summer. Construction for the Wright’s Landing Improvement project is expected to last through this year with other REDI and FEMA projects lasting through 2021.
  19. Talking about bank. They still owe me a return for the spring LOC. Did anyone get their money back , or did they just make an empty promise and kept all the money?
  20. It is a bit tricky. Closed cell foam’s expansion rate depends on the temperature you work with. Check out urethane foam expansion on google. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  21. It may help if you religiously clean the bar and you use fine oil (sewing machine oil) on the bar. One of the problems that has arisen is the small particles of spiny fleas that fall on the bar,dry up and clog the channels. Very regular and precise cleaning ( use a tooth brush) followed by lubrication may lessen the problems.
  22. Yes, you can launch and park. All for free. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  23. I have Accudepth 57s and 47s And have used them for about 15 years without ever a hitch. That is probably why Daiwa stopped making them.
  24. I'm not going to defend anybody,but a lot of work did need doing in and around Wrights Landing. They have been busy for about a year now replacing sewers and such things. The virus thing opened a window of opportunity for doing work inside the Marina area while the place was closed and while water levels allowed the town to do this. (remember last year?). This project has provided work for many people in and around Oswego while at the same time improving infrastructure. Yes I love fishing and I would love to have my rig in a slip.At the same time,launching and parking has not been a problem at all. Looking at the big picture, I think that playing with our hobbies really is not as important as keeping people in a job in a town that does not have a lot of financial opportunities and not such a great economy. So maybe we should figure that into the picture. For all we know they may even build a restaurant that has good food so we no longer have to travel to Mexico to the Eis House for a decent bite.
  25. Sometimes when the lower unit is in the water without running zebra muscles will start clogging the intake. Flush her with acidic water. It will clean things out.
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