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  1. I may have a little of experience in both, but certainly not enough to have a fact based opinion. Besides I don’t know what other considerations there were to do it this way. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  2. Thank you for your opinion. Please tell us what your engineering and management qualifications are so we can understand better what your opinion is based on.
  3. That looks like a Credit River steely. On a wild guess I will say that you were fishing in the area near Ocott or Wilson. In the Credit river near Missisauga there is a small fly fishing club hatchery. They tag their fish when they come back from the lake into the Credit
  4. The perch are there. Just this afternoon I caught about 18 on worms and small spinners all in the 10 to 12 inch range. This was in about 8 to 10 feet of water on the inside of the weed beds just on the edge of the beds. It is hit and miss though. These are small schools that disappear into the weed beds if they are spooked
  5. I thought that this comment was so far out there that I sort of expected angry maga supporters to react. The last thing I expected was anyone taking it at face value. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  6. It occurs to me that you are not very fluent in sarcasm , but it seems that you are in a very risky line of work indeed.
  7. As Lake Eerie levels rise, the amount of water that goes down the Niagara falls will increase. That is partly why Lake Ontario levels rise and fall. The time a drop of water needs to travel from Lake Superior to Lake Ontario is something like three years. Let's just hope that we have a fairly dry year when the mother lode gets here
  8. Yes a hoax! Our President has said so, so it must be true. We will no longer drink the cool-aid. We will drink chlorox instead
  9. We started at 5 in the morning and worked everything from 60 feet to all the way out to 260 feet and by 1 in the afternoon we still had not moved a rod. A beautiful day on the lake though and it was real good to talk to a good friend. I also enjoyed seeing that both boat and new kicker work well. Next week I will give the Oak a try. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  10. Not to puncture your balloons, but that monstrous amount of water is on its way here. It just has not reached us yet.
  11. It feels like some hard feelings were expressed
  12. The time has come to replace my garmin 182. It’s starting to have memory lapses. I have a furuno fishfinder so all I need is a good gps unit. Any suggestions are highly appreciated. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  13. I seem to remember that Beckman went out of business a few years ago. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  14. Not to mention that it will give us time to think about things with a cooler state of mind. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  15. I too am disgusted. One fellow American was murdered by a police officer while three other police officers stood there and didn’t prevent this murder and afterwards wrote a false statement. Yes there should not have been any looting. But the anger was justified. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  16. Maybe for eyes. That place is so loaded with carp. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  17. I call it Lake Wegmans because I know it very well and not unlike the grocery it has easily available and varied fish. The reason why I didn’t ask him to catch and release is because I didn’t expect that little lake to become popular that fast. There always were just a few fishing boats , but now that may be changing fast. Besides I never said that I want to keep it all to myself. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  18. Did you ever wonder why there are walleye in Owasco lake? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  19. Actually, Owasco lake is the only lake that my entire family will eat from. Because it is quite clean. I call it my little lake because we have a family home there. But I am quite protective of this beautiful place and it scares me a bit when people sing it’s praises on a widely read board. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  20. Please don't empty out my little lake. Catch and release. Specially the browns. They were very scarce a few years ago and only now have they made a comeback. Thank you.
  21. Sounds like you want to add some hydraulic fluid
  22. A couple of weeks ago the organizers of the LOC derby announced that the spring derby is canceled. They also said that people who had already paid would get their money back. Has anybody got their money back yet? I understand that there is a lot of hardship these days. Personally I would be quite content with having my derby money applied to next spring or even a donation to people in need. But I would like to know what is going on.
  23. It is a very nice lake indeed. Once you know it well it is also very predictable. lol, I sometimes call it Lake Wegmans, because that is just how predictable it is
  24. In the prop wash it will also get a not so healthy dose of exhaust gas
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