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  1. Did the water deep down get a bit cooler ? Or was it still 60 degrees at a hundred foot down?
  2. So far I have restored 4 aluminum boats. My first rebuild was a boat that was a sixteen foot boat like the ones used in the Bay of pigs fiasco. The rest all Starcraft, a Holiday and 2 Islanders. I may be able to help you out dependent on what you need done.
  3. 3 day delivery is not too bad. In Rochester (Irondequoit) there is a West Marine store. They have high quality epoxy resin, but here is a 3 day delivery option for your preferred epoxy. High Performance Epoxy Resin TotalBoat https://www.totalboat.com › resins › epoxy-resins Our 2:1 High Performance Low Viscosity Epoxy Resin cures clearer than traditional 5:1 resin, making it ideal for wooden boat builds. Rating: 4.5 · ‎18 reviews · ‎$38.99 to $371.99 · ‎Free 3-day delivery · ‎30-day returns · ‎In stock
  4. I would not throw good money after bad money. Do retire the Magdas
  5. Just a heads up. The 150 quarts 7 day Igloo coolers are on sale in BJs for $74.99 If you're interested you should go get one before they are gone.
  6. You may want to reconsider. Most trolling is done with small kickers in order to save on gas and because the 9.9 engines can run at very low speeds ( between 1.5 and 4 mph) Here it is quite common to have a 30 or 40 horse main engine to go places and then switch to the 9.9 for trolling.
  7. You should not expect the counter to give exact footage. They count the number of rotations, not feet. They are fine for going back to the same depth.
  8. Go to Keuka. Launch in Penn Yan and troll slowly along the north east side south of the marina just outside the weed bed.
  9. They probably puked the baitfish up while fighting your line.
  10. We only had 3 lamprey scarred salmon and zero fresh scars on about 40 salmon we caught last week out of Olcott.
  11. There was hell and high weather, but no big one for me this week.
  12. I'll be in Olcot for a week and I'm fully planning on catching the big one, come hell or high weather!
  13. Thank you guys for your comments. It helped me decide to set aside all the stuff that I somehow thought might make things work and went for a Garmin reactor 40 with an additional screen on the dash.
  14. I remember the last time time that the winter was this gentle. The Pro-Am was won with a fish in the high twenties. Most of the boats had their box full before 8 in the morning.
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