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  1. The dreamweaver rings where for the luhr jenson divers not the dreamweaver divers
  2. If you want to use wire it needs a twilli tip. Can you us it for both yes. Would I use it for both no. The ss wire will grove the eyelets. When you switch it back to copper rig. Bye bye copper when the backing hits a cut in the eyelet.
  3. I'll take the 2 with 30 lb mono
  4. We went 20 years without 30 lb kings on lake michigan. You have 1 problem and it is too many fish. When I was at the niagara bar last spring for 8 days during the LOC derby we landed 296 salmon and trout. In 2012 on lake michigan we had fishing similar to that all summer. Small fish couldn't catch a king over 20 lbs all summer. Then the dnr cut the stocks. And within 6 years 30lbers where common along with a great lake record king.
  5. Okuma Coldwater 303 Mono backing 150 yards 50lb Power Pro Top shot of 30lb mono $160 for the pair plus shipping 989-seven3seven-539seven Daiwa 47 LC 100 copper with braid backing $100 for the pair plus shipping
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