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  1. Hi, Ill take it if available. I need shipped to Lewiston. let me know please. thanks
  2. Looking for a Shimano 9' Telora roller guide wire rod... I'm located Lewiston NY Thanks
  3. Hi, Im interested in the 3 tekota 600's. How much are you asking for those 3.. dont really need the rods but let me know anyways. thank yo
  4. Anyone selling a pair of older version 600LC Tekota's send me message.. Thanks
  5. frankyv

    for sale : usa T

    Hi,, what are you thinking for the pair.. Are the rest of the guides in good condition? They can get pretty pricey to redo.. My shipping location is Lewiston NY... Thanks
  6. Thanks bro, I've got two 10' looking to find a couple more if lucky.. Regret selling a friend two 9' l had,, kinda begging me,, now l know why...
  7. Hi, looking for a pair of 9' 10' or 10.5' Telora roller guide rods,, let me know if possible,, thanks Frank
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