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  1. Got out this afternoon after the thunderstorms. Went 4 for 4, between 375-450. North/Northwest and South/Southeast troll. Water was in the low 40's 70-100' down. Hit the fish on a 10 color, and riggers 65' down, all spoons. Uv green jeans, uv hulk, uv wonder bread
  2. I'll be out of Olcott Saturday and Sunday. Happy to share any info. Sent PM with my number
  3. I started off with the X2 model which has a transducer that connects to your downrigger cable and it uses the same prob as the X4. You don't have to worry about mounting a transducer to your boat, and you can save yourself a couple hundred dollars. You will be amazed how different your speed can be at your cannonball compared at the surface on some days. Same goes for the temperature. With the Fish Hawk you will be able to consistently be in the most favorable temperature, and keeping your gear moving at a favorable speed. Yes there will be days the fish will be out of temp, and like a different speed, and you will know that and be able to keep your gear in that zone, catching more fish.
  4. From what you listed, you're off to a great start. I highly recommend getting a Fish Hawk so you know what your temperature and speed are at your cannonball. I consider my Fish Hawk the most important tool on my boat. With it you will be more consistent with your spread.
  5. If I remember correctly, it's called green monkey puke
  6. 16 NK 28's for sale, $80 plus shipping. All brand new, never used except for the first one top left.
  7. What style of releases are you looking for? I have some Chamberlain releases that I bought and never used. I think there's 4 of them
  8. I'm in the Albany area. This weekend I'll be in Utica for my son's lacrosse tournament if that helps
  9. I have 2 Tite-Loc Multi-Loc rod holders for sale $25 each. Work 100%. Will ship at buyers expense, or if possible meet up to deliver.
  10. I have 6 Tite-Loc Multi-Loc rod holders with track adapter plates for sale, $40 each. All work 100%. Will ship at buyers expense. Or meet up to deliver if possible.
  11. I have 4, 12lbs cannon balls for sale. $25 each. I'll be in Olcott this Friday night and Saturday morning if interested.
  12. 2 sets of piranha rod racks for sale. I got them last year but never used them. $30 each. I will be in Olcott this Friday night and Saturday morning.
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