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  1. yeah and i bet you pick a lot of them. LOL.
  2. laker's are ok but kings rule when it comes to a good fight. like what i can see of your boat.
  3. i didnt mean to say its not worth the money i'm sorry it came across that way. im just saying gor the super cab i wasnt interested at all. if it had been a true crew cab i might have tried jewing you down a bit, and found out if that was your asking price or your selling price. i have seen junk 4X4's all rusted out and they want 5000.00 or 6000.00 for them. i dont know the yr or the miles on them because i dont stop. if someone wants a super cab with only 105,000 it should make a good truck. when i make a fishing trip i have 6 people and need the crew cab.
  4. LOL. I LOVE ALL THE PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD WHO NEVER MADE A MISTAKE. so i just made another one, my caps was left on, LOL.
  5. i still think that trailer being nose heavy could be the problem. weigh the load then with the trailer level the tongue weight should be 7% to 10% of the load. if it's more than 10% the boat needs moved back on the trailer. this is a good time to check total weight of the load against the trailer rating. make sure the trailer is level when hooked to your tow vehicle.
  6. fyi just to let you know you posted in the for sale section instead of the wanted section.
  7. yep i was just going to do a fyi to let him know that's what we all call a super cab. it is a nice truck with low miles but a crew cab has 4 full doors and a full seat with lots of leg room. i have a 2001 with the 6.8 with 170,000 miles. i would have been interested in a crew cab for less money. i bought my 2001 in 2007 f gave 13,000.00 for it then. but it didn't have 4 wheel drive and the price of trucks have went through the roof.
  8. i'll take them. waiting on pm on money.
  9. those will serve you well on the big water. but what length antenna did you get?
  10. yeah i'm starting to understand salmon fishing with 7 strand wire is a different animal. thanks to you guys for clueing me in.
  11. sounds like 1 of 2 things. the 1st is an overloaded trailer. the 2nd is the trailer is being towed with the front of the trailer to low putting undue weight and stress on the front axle and tires. get a tape measure go to a level spot and measure the tongue to the ground then measure the back of the trailer to the ground. if the front is lower than the back you need to get another bar for your hitch with enough lift to level the trailer. sometimes just turning the bar over will give you the lift you need. or just use a level on the trailer.
  12. i use my thumb to hold the line over to the side of the reel when i'm spooling line. when the line nears the side of the spool i'll take my thumb and hold it to the side until it starts back then i'll switch to the other side and do the same thing. it makes spooling a little slow but the line is even on the reel.
  13. when we fish erie for eyes we let out the wire then enough of the braid backing to reach the release on the board. we have let out as much as 50' of braid.
  14. i use a mono backing so it doesn't slip, then i tie on 30 braid with a uni to uni knot, then comes my swivel i tie my wire with a haywire twist to the swivel then cover with shrink tubing then tie the braid to the swivel with a improved clinch knot. reel on my wire and tie on another swivel for my leader. the swivels will go through my roller guides but they are a snug fit. the swivels i use is the weak link at 20# test there rated low because they never fail as long bas you don't do something stup^^
  15. if you don't get help here be sure to check out eBay.
  16. i've tried several spoons and harnesses even some custom spoons and i've never had the paint stay on any of them as well as galeforcetackle.com spoons and there harnesses. the paint on these are bullet proof catching several without damaging the paint.
  17. the way it was explained to me was a hand held unit is great around the dock or when a group of boats are traveling together. a hand held basically have 2 to 6 watt and i believe a fixed unit has 5 on low and 25 on high, i always just leave mine on high. if you plan on going out on the big water you need a fixed mount unless you are staying very close to the docks.
  18. most if not all fixed units have low and high with high being 25 watts.
  19. a good antenna is 90% of the system. if your going to scrimp do it on the radio and not the antenna. i just replaced my old 9 1/2' antenna with the shakespeare 5225 which is a good one. but i would check the connector and maybe replace it before buying a new radio. but if you replace the radio i would get one with built in gps and register it through boatus.com. i have the icom m330 g which has gps but the radio is new so i can't really brag on it.
  20. the largest spoon they have is the 3 3/4" which isnt as big as mag salmon spoons but they'll still catch plenty of nice salmon and right now they are killing the walleye on the south side of erie on the central basin.
  21. i know its probably a little more than you want to spend but you wont regret getting them. i got a 24" track and 3 holders for each side. with 3 daiwa sg17lca reels it was tight so i ended up getting another 24" track for each side. now i have plenty of room but would have saved money if i had went 48" to start with. but you can get 2 holders and a 24" track to start then if you get more holders later and need more track you can just add more track.
  22. just buy your spoons from galeforcetackle.com there spoons are awesome and there paint has been bullet proof. they have harnesses and small spoons for eyes and the larger spoons for salmon or eyes.
  23. i got my boat name done by boatus.com then went to there graphics. they do a great job and say they let you design you graphics. they have some pretty good sales for members but there full prices ain't bad.
  24. man i'm telling you now you'll never regret getting cannon ratcheting rod holders if you can come up with the money. i gave the last tight lock holders away after getting my cannon holders. i've tried traxstech holders but the one hand operating of the cannon brought me back. i like the single axis the best. hodgesmarine.com has the single axis for 76.00 and the double axis for 88.00 and then you'll need tracks. get the longest track that will fit your boat and budget. i used tight lock and many other holders over the yrs but these are simply the best of the ratcheting holders and my choice over all holders. if you cant get all you want now get what you can. but get longer tracks so yo can add more holders later. you can get cheaper but i don't believe you can get better.
  25. i understand that it was 4:00 am and still dark but the picture in my mind that i cant get out is the monster breaking water. a kodak moment for sure, but sometimes a camera just isn't in reach. congrats on the fish of a lifetime.
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