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  1. this is a great offer, 250.00 for a good used rigger is a good price. and the second one should be worth getting a new board if you can find one, if that's the only thing wrong with it. then you would have 2 riggers.
  2. fyi i purchased the prop anmd have it on my motor but haven't tried it yet, but plan on doing it sat. it was the same pitch as mine but was 13 7/8x17p where my aluminum was 13 1/4x17p.
  3. is the 6'3" from the floor to the bottom of the top? how wide is the mounting points on the top?
  4. good deal, i always loved fishing myself to ever run a charter. so, I totally understand your choice. really hope you enjoy your boat and being able to choose when you fish and who fishes with you.
  5. you couldn't ask for a better day on your first trip. as for going alone i use to fish alone a bunch. i just loved fishing more than most of my friends. I fished the intracoastal by a bridge in ft pierce Fl by myself a few times. then I got older and made a trip by myself. I had dropped anchor and letting the strong currents drift me back along the bridge piling the boat started to bang the piling when I pushed off from it I got to far over and ended up falling in the water. it took everything I had to fight the current and get back to my boat. after reaching the boat a just hung on to the transom and motor for maybe 15 minutes resting until I could pull myself in the boat. when I got home and told the wife she told me that was the end of fishing alone. that was a few yrs. ago and I haven't fished alone again.
  6. there is some of those i would like using for walleye on Erie. but just too many that would never see water for me to buy. but if a guy fishes for salmon but makes a trip to Erie for walleye this would be the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
  7. the boat you got is still a nice boat that could be used for a 1 to 3 man charter for a little less money. a lot of guys have trouble getting 5 or 6 guys wanting to charter out. but being semi retired you can still pick your days to just have fun. and congrats on getting such a nice ride.
  8. I would make sure I had power going to the charger.
  9. why didn't he just keep his plates and registration? so if he gets a trailer, he can just transfer them, if he was good enough to let you use his plates to trailer it home then I would contact him and see if he wants them back. if he does you should mail them to him at your cost. you should have taken the plates off your trailer and took them with you to put on the trailer.
  10. you can get a perco battery switch which can run on battery 1 or 2 or both and off which shuts the power off to both batteries. i used one in my boat for many yrs. but in the boat, we just bought I think I will just use an isolator to keep both batteries charged. you can get the perco switch at amazon or usually on eBay. check both for the best price.
  11. is the price a typo? if not i am 1st to come and look at it, just tell me when and where?
  12. sherman brown

    for sale : usa 1983 BAHA 26ft fisherman

    that is one really nice boat for an 83. I thought the price was a little high for a 83 but it looks to be much newer, and in great shape. if I hadn't just bought an 89 sylvan last fall, I would have been very interested at 10,000 and even more so at 9,000. good luck on a quick sale.
  13. hey, thank you so much for this info. I bought a hds 10 insight used which came with an older structure scan box and a long transom mount transducer. so, I assume it's a total scan. I just bought the hds 9 gen 3 used that came with a newer used 3D structure scan box and another long transom mount transducer, but I have no idea what it is. a want to check the numbers on both to see if they match and contact Lowrance to see what I have
  14. if you would split them up and sell me 5 that I want for walleye I would gladly pay 25.00 shipped. I would take the 4 on the right on the top row and the red or orange one in the second row.
  15. will just an HDS9 even work with a live scan transducer?? I have a hds9 gen 3 and didn't know it would work with a live scan transducer. I believe you need a carbon or an HDS live unit to get live scan to work but I could be very wrong. and if I am please set me straight, right now I have the structure scan 3D and transducer or I have a 3 n 1 transducer I can use. but I haven't mounted it in the boat yet.
  16. I believe you are the first fisherman that admits to having to many lures, LOL. I had lures for every kind of fishing even a lot of saltwater lures in my pole barn and some a**holes broke in and took everything I had. they even took full tackle boxes of 3, 4, and 5 oz no roll sinkers I had for saltwater fishing. they took my high five ss prop of my boat and took the vhf radio out of the boat. just too much to list all the other stuff like my almost new welder and my brand-new champion dual fuel generator., and the list just keeps going., I knew who did it but the police said without proof there was just nothing i could do.
  17. those are some great looking spoons for sure. i am very temped to buy them for walleye on Eries central basin, but just can't pull the trigger. but i may change my mind and buy them later. the only big thing that's standing in my way is I just bough over 150.00 in spoons from fishusa.com if not for that I wouldn't have much of a problem. I don't know how they work on salmon, but I believe some of them would be awesome for Erie eyes.
  18. are you the Outwest on ogf. I haven't talked to you for a while if you are. but I just wanted to say hey. i have a bass boat and trailer without titles with a little older good running 70 hp Johnson that i would let go for 800.00. you could check to see what yrs will fit your motor or just use the motor. i thought my 115 hp motor was done so i bought this rig for the motor but didn't need it after my 115 was fixed.
  19. i would do like Andre says. i would wait until spring to see what's new and lower prices on outgoing models. all the new models come out early and some have great sale prices. and usually, the units being replaced are priced where you can save hundreds on them.,
  20. I have to totally agree with bulletbob on the 4.3 motors being the same motor. just the outside of the motor is a little different. but the bare long blocks are the same. and yes, they are a very good dependable motor. but i would fully check everything out before doing anything. the 1st thing i would recommend doing is turn the motor over a few times if it's not locked up or won't start then i would do a compression check to see if it has good even compression. if you have 1 or more cylinders that's much lower than the rest then i would look at having it rebuilt or replacing it,. if I were replacing it, I would check eBay if looking for a used engine. and I would want to know the compression on the engine. if I wanted a better engine, I would go to michiganmotorz.com and get a new vortec 4.3 base engine and a 4-barrel intake and carb and any other things I needed to make it work. I think with your older motor you would have to get an intake and electric fuel pump to make it work for you. but you can save a few hundred by getting a rebuilt but then you would only save about 325.00. you can also look on eBay for older engines that's a direct replacement for your year boat.
  21. how long have you had the unit, is it still under warranty? go to their website and contact them and tell them what your unit is doing and ask if they can help you. I bought some used hds units and asked about using the transducer that came with it. it came with a gen 1 but I have a gen 3 touch that I want to use the best transducer for fishing Lake Erie. but they want the numbers off the transducer before they can advise me. and I have been procrastinating and haven't sent it to them yet.
  22. Garmin does make nice units. but another one to check out is Lowrance.
  23. I live and hunt in IN and we have a late antlerless hunt after the gun and muzzleloader hunts. myself, I just don't believe they should have an antlerless hunt before the gun hunt. the bucks are spooky enough the way it is. after the 2nd day of our gun hunt on public land the bucks disappear and become scarce. we have at least 1 or more antlerless tags in most counties here. but you can only take the allocated number from each county. but no limit on the total deer taken in the state as long as we change counties to take them. and no daily limit on antlerless deer. i can take up to 8 in Switzerland county then move to Jefferson County and take 4 there. as long as i change counties after a county quota is taken.
  24. I am sorry it's taking me so long to check my old prop. but I have been sidetracked by personal issues that I can't go into here. I have to take my truck in for a front brake job in the morning and my wife's car in to get the inside door latch on the driver's side checked out. I will try to get out tomorrow or Thursday and check my prop.
  25. I don't like butting in but if you don't get what you want I know a place that sell the dredge type fish weights at a reasonable price. i had never used these until our trip to Erie this year. i was using 12# pancake weight on my riggers. but my son and I bought a boat that had 8# dredge weights and we forgot to load the pancake weights, so we were stuck using the 8# weights. as much blowback as we got with the pancake weights, I just knew we were going to get a mile of blowback. but to my surprise the blowback was about half as much as with my old weights. i bought 1 10# coated weight for 42.00 shipped. he has heavier weights and has uncoated weights at lower prices. if you want to get in touch with him, send me a message and I'll get his info and send back to you.
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