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  1. i'm located in muncie in. but the price includes shipping. i'm not trying to make money here just want to get my money back and see someone get some use out of it. it looks used with some of the paint off the brackets. but it functions just like new. if you havent used one or know someone who has you can google using the ez steer and you should get some videos.
  2. no i don't even know how to post pictures on here. but you can tell its been used but all parts function as they should. i just don't need it as i bought 2 and used 1 on my boat. if your not satisfied you can return it for a refund. i'll be out the shipping to you and you'll be out the shipping back to me., i wouldn't think twice about using bit.
  3. if you have a ff that's compatible you can use it as your monitor you don't need to buy one. then it's only about 2299.00.
  4. this works on a Mercruiser outdrive as well as outboard to outboard. you just need the bracket that goes on the outdrive for a Mercruiser. you wont need anything for outboard to outboard.
  5. price reduced this ez steer is used but still works great. 100.00 shipped to your house at my expense.
  6. i was thinking of doing the same thing with my kicker. but for its not in my budget to get the auto pilot i researched. but from days of checking them out i settled on the garmin reactor 40 with the monitor. you can ust a lot of FF as your monitor. but i'm just not good at technical stuff. the cost for the stand alone unit with throttle control included is 2599.00 maybe by next season i'll have the money to spare. check out the garmin before you buy something you'll regret later.
  7. those would be easy to ship. just go to the post office and pick up a priority box large enough to hold all three weights and pack them with old wadded up news paper so they don't roll around and take them back to the post office. you can even ask the clerk how much to ship the box your using if its not posted. but you can ship up to 70# for the same price. they charge a flat rate depending on the size of the box. you could ship at buyers expense. you would know the cost to ship ahead of time. a box just big enough for all 3 balls would be around 20.00 to ship. just a thought.
  8. if your having a hard time figuring out how to steer your kicker from your main motor then this is the way to go. its the complete kit for outboard to outboard or you can use the kicker bracket and the rod on any drive. you just need to get a bracket for your drive.
  9. supply and demand! as long as there are only a few around and people are willing to pay the price they'll stay high. you can find them on eBay but you'll pay for them.
  10. the power handles are smaller than the larger handles. would be ideal for converting the 17,s to power handles. how ever i do have 2 of the larger handles in black. or i have a few of the paddle handles.
  11. like the title says i have a used ez steer outboard kit. it has a 23X36 arm with all parts to make it work. the arm and kicker bracket will work with stern drive units. you would need to get the bracket for your drive alpha or bravo outdrives. the alpha is around 75.00 and i'm not sure about the bravo unit. 150.00 with free shipping. you cant go wrong ar this price. price reduced 100.00 shipped.
  12. i'm kinda getting attached to the new name. but i did mention they had wire on them for people that use wire. but i don't use wire.
  13. i was going to say you can mount them as far forward as needed to watch for them to fire without having to keep turning your head around to see what's going on behind you. i guess riggers are mounted in the rear of the boat to allow for other gear. but fishing with only 2 riggers the only draw back i see is in turns one line might be under the boat causing a problem if you got a hit on that rod.
  14. I'M not sure as to what you need. but go to the website and just look for what you need. isn't there any way to use the tracks on your boat? fyi just so you know the cannon ratcheting rod holders are the best because they go up or down with one hand. they don't have as many settings as the traxstech holders do but they take both hands to adjust them down but they would be my second choice. and if you search you can find the single axis for about 75.00 the traxstech is about 135.00 each. and personally I like the single axis best because I can adjust as little as i want for fine tuning. the double axes basses are fixed and they adjust from pin hole to the next pin hole. but the double does rotate 360 degrees where the single only rotates 35 degrees each direction. good luck with your search.
  15. that's a fantastic offer. as hard up I am for money if I hadn't already bought a 2000 9.9 for a 1000.00 I would have come up with the 2000 your asking for this one. mine doesn't have power trim but for 350.00 I got a used panther unit. so that's 1350.00 already. mine doesn't have rope start so if I have starter or battery problems I'm just stranded. but it does have a charging system with all controls. but mine isn't running right so I've got to put it in the shop.
  16. amazon is out of stock on the bracket. but you need the arm and the bracket for the kicker. you want a long arm to reach your outboard when it's tilted. i found a 29 to 39 that was perfect for my set up but i already have a panther trim and tilt mounted to our boat. so i didn't have any choice on how far from the outdrive i mounted the motor. but i got mine off eBay for 175.00 then got the bracket for the outboard for 75.00 and the outdrive already had the bracket. but a new kit will run you in the 400.00 range. i seen a little shorter one on Facebook market place that extended to 37" but its 23" closed. you would have to have your kicker closer than mine is. mine fully closed will align the kicker and the outdrive almost perfect. with the arm closed it needs to align with the kicker bracket on both outdrive and kicker. it can be a little long but it cant be short. the one on FB was when i was out 500 miles. but it was only 50.00 for the arm and outboard to outboard brackets, clamps, and sleeves. you would need to get a bracket for your outdrive as this one has the kicker bracket. clamps, and sleeves. just make sure and get a bracket for your alpha or bravo drives. hope this info helps.
  17. just make sure and get the right length rod. i lucked out on mine and bought one that goes from 29" to 39" ant it turned out to be a perfect fit. in the retracted position both drives are aligned. so i've still got 10" that it will extent when tilting the kicker. the boat already has a panther trim and tilt thats in a fixed o=position. if my connecting rod would have been any shorter the only options i would have had would have been to move the panther unit closer to the outdrive or got a longer rod. but i think the 29"X39" is the longest one you can get.
  18. have you checked the bolts around the bottom plate of the bell housing and have you checked the starter bolts?
  19. there's a steel rod in the end plastic piece with a set screw to hold the plastic piece in place and sometimes the set screw comes loose causing this to happen. just unhook the end and see if the plastic piece will move. if it does loosen the set screw and push the plastic piece back on the little rod and tighten the set screw down.
  20. if someone buys these and wants a long boom to replace the short boon let me know. free plus shipping. it might be a while before i get it removed.
  22. that's pretty darn good, there 149,99 on eBay. and the 303ds that i looked at on amazon was 149.99.
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