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  1. If your deal falls through let me know, I would take one off your hands thanks
  2. Looking for a color Furuno chart plotter - prefer only a few years old. Thanks
  3. Looking for a hauler to transport 30 ft boat with no trailer. Anyone have any contacts in the area? Thanks
  4. Tried that and still no response, maybe having second thoughts.
  5. How do you get in contact - would like to come and see the boat
  6. CDHC


    Carborator Anyone know a contact to rebuild a couple Mercury 230 horse carboators?
  7. Interested in unit - location 

    1. Tensor74


      Amsterdam NY. I can ship it too.

  8. CDHC

    Engine help

    Inginition module
  9. CDHC

    Engine help

    Engine help Merc 230 HP inboard with Thunderbolt ignition - engine turns over and not getting any spark - replaced distributor cap, rotor, ignition sensor and coil and still not getting any spark. Before I get a marine mechanic involved any ideas what else to check? Thanks
  10. Anymore pics of the inside
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