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  1. Don't complicate things . Proven spoons and flasher / fly or meat rigs. Watch Yankees reports and use what he does . If that doesn't work it your location or presentation
  2. I have learned , you really need to have patience .Sometimes the fish arnt hitting . If you put down proven go to / confidence lures a lot of times it's just a matter of adjustment . Doing wholesale changes is huge mistake IMO. You wind up with a mess no self respecting salmon would hit Look at Yankees reports . He uses the same 10 lures pretty much all year . And he is as good as it gets . If I'm marking and not hooking up I change 1 lure . I keep my provens down . I have one carbon 14 that has been down every minute I have been out there since early July . Location depth and speed .
  3. My depth finder was experiencing this same thing . Also my depth raider was squirrely also . I put a nose filter on my gas kicker and it all went away . Maybe you could put one on your negative an positive leads on you depth finder or trolling motor .
  4. Looks like they got her out and it's sitting on the trailer by Tommy's . And that's a good thing . Let's Hope it's not to big of a job drying it out and getting it back up and running .
  5. All joking aside , I feel for this guy I would hate this to happen to me
  6. Man , that's cosmic . Please don't ever step foot on my boat 😭 ⛵
  7. Boy it sure looks like it I see a boat with the name Shattered on the tramsom coming up the creek sometimes and I think of you
  8. Aw man , that sucks . Seen him drive by the cottage a bunch of times . Hopfully they can float her back up dry her out , and be back at it very soon . Good luck
  9. Not as good this morning as yesterday afternoon but really how could it. Still did very well from 100 to 190 down 60 to 95 ft . Spoons and flashers both worked . The D- rig managed another board king and I beat my son out by a few oz . Probably won't last till the end as fish get bigger every day .
  10. It's no longer fishing , it's catching . Out for 2 hrs . Boated 11 and lost a few more . Kings and a laker . Ended the day with a triple . Asked my brother if he had enough and he said yes , thankfully .
  11. I don't know how this will work but We will find out That's 4 coats I think . Takes seconds to do and no mixing . Do 5 at a time to be efficient
  12. Just a few days ago I was at my bench and had a meat rig I was messing with . I took the treble upside down and put a few drops of the clear finger nail polish I use on my jig heads on it where the hooks come together . It dries fast so I repeated it a few times . Looks good. And it's not bulky.
  13. The fishing is easy They seem to hit pretty much anything you put down .
  14. It's no secret the bite has been great. Really ,what more could you ask for? We have been going out mornings and doing well . Sone days better than others . 15 to 20 bites are common . With great screens . Our best lures have been Carbon 14 mag , black glo green and the like . Gary D rig has been very good also . 80 to 150 seems to be the best 50 to 90 down . Our best was a 24 # 8 oz board king ( which actually was 24 # 12 oz , but that's a story in itself ). Sat, I believe, we boated 4 Steelheads in the total . Yesterday afternoon I took my brother and niece out. Boated 7 salmon and lost some more in a few hrs . I wore her out . Hope things continue .
  15. I feel your pain bro . And these ladderbacks and die cuts are not cheap anymore . And tackle shops don't carry them much anymore . At least the colors and styles I want .
  16. Go to Kell Outdoors and look at parts. You should find it easy
  17. So I have been having trouble with my depth raider , loosing signal , false readings etc. I did the wet towel thing and it helped. I thought maybe I had nicks in the coated cable coating . Then I get a new depth finder and see those tell take lines on the screen you know is interference . I reaserched a little and finally installed a noise filter on my kicker which apparently some are know to create interference . I have not lost signal once . My depth finder is clear as a bell . Got mine from Kell Outdoors where I got my Depth Raider . 40$ total . Very easy I stall.
  18. I read articles on this where some feel the warmer water is a contributing factor . But the salmon in LO seek out the water temp that is desirable to them . If 50 degree water is down 150 ft , that's where we fish . And where we see the fish on our depth finders . Seems like the only time they spend any amount of time in warm water is when they stage or run the streams So I wonder about that .
  19. My favorite treble hook is an Eagle Claw LS 374 . Bronze or Chrome. They were the original equipment on NKs and Pirates . 1/0 on 28 ,and 2/0 on Mags . They are 2 x strong . I see no need for 4 x . Never once have I straightened one out . The finer wire penetrates better IMO . Also lighter weight helps action of spoon . The beak style point is sharp and easy to touch up . And they are cheap enough to replace. I have used a lot of different trebles on my spoons and my rigs and always seem to come back to these . Ain't no way I am spending 2$ on a treble hook . They might be a little better but not much . If they are sharp and your release is tight , they hook themselves in the hit.
  20. I sure would like to know exactly what happened a few years back to give us the fishing we are now experiencing . There must have been a very successful natural reproduction season. Combined with the increase in stocking and bait. Maybe the stocking class was very strong that year . Because it sure is great . Kudos to DEC . Keep up the good work .
  21. They are getting bigger by the day Packing on the #s
  22. That's 24 8. So I would guess 18.5 but it's hard to tell from a pic . Get a scale !!
  23. I don't know what kind of depth finder you have but some you can get an after market paddle type surface speed add on . They work well . Granted it's surface and won't take deep currents but I loved mine . Usually about 50 $
  24. I trolled for many years without one and caught my share of fish but I must admit , downspeed sure helps. I had a surface speed paddle on my depth finder . It sure did help . It didn't account for down currents but it was something I could use . When I got a hit I would see the speed and note the direction of troll to duplicate it. . Watch you cable angle . That will help . Also do not troll straight , all ways be turning a little so you are going the right speed at least sometime. Dipsys are less dependent on speed as they are far behind the boat and any slight turn will slow or speed them up . Which IMO is part of the attractiveness. Also speed tolerant spoons . Better to go to fast than to slow.
  25. X2 on the braid . Threw my wire in the trash a few years ago . Haven't looked back Mono is definitely a no no
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