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  1. Kept my boat at my brothers at Johnson's creek for a few years . Spent a lot of hrs from Lake side to about a mile west of green harbor 70 to 180 ft of water , sometimes out to 220 . Got a awful lot kings and Lakers there in the spring and kings from Mid July on . Unless they changed things , might be hard to get in and out of Green Harbor in rough weather or low water .
  2. I use a good zip strip that will take off epoxy. You can use super fine steel wool to finish clean and also shine Chrome but not real.silver . Use silver polish for that. Spray Rustolium works . You can make them like new .
  3. For about ten years , we would camp at Shady shores , father's day weekend , opening bass . We would stay on the hill lake side across from the dumpsters on the hill . We loved it . It was perfect Then they sold and new owners would not allow tent camping . Way better than the state campground . We fished Blind Sodus .
  4. And when I'm close I will put my rigger ball down 1 or 2 ft below surfAce
  5. Leads of 75 to 125 shallow ( 12 to 20 ft ) , 35 to 50 after that . Run 1 7 to 10 ft off bottom, and one half way down . Run them on the fast side and turn a lot . Glow and whites first light generally , shiny during day although glow can work all day . Size 3 and 4 Pretty simple .
  6. Why would you use a slide diver fixed with a 7 ft leader ? Just use a regular dipsy for that application. What makes the slide diver attractive to me is the longer leader option . I feel if I have 100 ft out , I'm down 40 ft . The afternoon bites were off a rigger . I have a ultimate depth adaptor . It's real heavy , but works .
  7. Went back out at 530 . Drove out to 40 ft and headed north . Was a little sporty out there but laying down . Was best pic I have seen in a long while from 45 to 60 ft on bottom .Lots of big hooks . Managed 1 very nice female and lost another on a #4 glow green fluorescent J plug . Back at it in the morning if it's not to rough . I love my slide divers . They work great and have saved the day for Me numerous times . I don't use them enough . Less than 6o ft is where they shine .
  8. Well it has been a Murphy's law year for me . After the last few years of I could do no wrong , this year I could do no right . My slice of humble pie I guess . Went out first light . Started close and worked out to 40 ft . Went 1 for 2 . Nice male king . Both hits on slide diver with my Gary D rig which kind of let me down this year . 100 ft lead . Did not see a whole lot out there . Nothing on my normal J plug set up . Was,a little sporty for me .
  9. I wanted to go out in my 16 ft but thought better about it after the forecast so I fished bass at the mouth of Sandy . It was a south west wind and it looked good close but you could see it was,choppy out farther . I saw 2 boats go out . A 17 ft v hull and a 17 ft low gunnel bass boat with makeshift manual riggers and 2 guys and a kid . The guy driving the boat had a big carefree smile on his face . This was about 45 min before the big blow . I could see the weather coming and almost said something like " it's going to get bad " as they drove by me but regrettably , did not . I was just back at my cottage when all of a sudden the house shook and the trees were going wild . I worried about those guys . The weather forecasts have gotten more and more accurate over the years. So you need to be aware . But more importantly , use your head .
  10. My brother in law had a double hip replacement and hiked the 46 peaks of the Adirondack mountains after . So you have a lot to look forward to if you keep yourself in shape . Nice fish . The water looks nice and green .
  11. I think it is a lot of factors I remember the very first ESLO Derbys We grabbed our spinning rods , a handful of Cleos and hit the piers . A 21 ft boat back then was big . Electric riggers were a luxury . There were not as many charter captains . And we really didn't know how to fish . 10$ to get in . And there was a lot of excitement. It has morphed into an expensive sport. 40$ to get in . The equipment is costly . You get excited and ready to go Sat and the lake is rough . Or you go out and get skunked. And go out the next day and get skunked, again . . My friends don't like salmon trolling , even if we catch fish . They would rather fish bass . It's,boring if rods are not going off regularly . If not ,it's a boat ride . Also the shine has worn off . It's not new any more . More guys are stream fishing because it's cheaper , and more hands on . Take a,charter and they sit there till the rod the mate picked the lure ands set goes off and hands it to him and reels the fish in . I really wish that 2 things would happen but I doubt they ever will because we like to step over a dollar to pick up a dime . A bulk price for like 150$ Or so to cover anyone on my boat. Probably more for charters . This one is a no brainer . As long as they have a licence I can pull someone off the street . , This Derby is to promote the fishery . So seemingly they would want as many people out there as possible ,esp first timers . . I am reluctant to ask guys to go because they have to get into the Derby . Had guys register for the day and got blown off . Waste of money . They get turned off . I can fish alone . If this would happen , I would buy a 18 ft center console , equip it and my wife would never see me Derby time Also , the best fishing of the year lake wide is 3 rd week in July to 2nd week in Aug . And there isn't a Derby . And I mean big fish Derby , not tourney . I
  12. Nice thought , but what do you do when all three points of a 2/0 treble are in there mouths ? I agree with you but unfortunately this is a contact sport .
  13. Spinnerbait over submerged weeds Tandem Colorodo chart 3/8 or 1/4 Texas rigged 5 or 6" Seiko style worm Scum frog of some sort . They have micro wire leaders at Wal-Mart
  14. I realize hard choices had to be made . But to me , it didn't have to go down this way . If they were worried about release survival , why not Add say 5% to each pen to compensate for that ? Instead all that was done was piss of and push away an enthusiastic volunteer base and piss them off . They say they want and need our support but it seems they thru Sandy guys under the bus . What happens when things get back to normal and they want to pen rear lake wide again ? Are the guys that were forgotten about suppose to step up ? This fact , and to me it is important , seemingly was not even considered .And that in itself is a problem . A lot of guys put a lot of time and money into making the project successful . After how this went down , will they ?
  15. I would be interested , Dave , but I be live their may be more qualified people than me . Brian to name one . But that being said , I have no agenda except for the betterment of the fishery as a whole while having shared sacrifice during lean times . And I would hope that the person who would do the job would feel the same . Both lake and trib.
  16. Not saying there will be no return , I'm worried there will be a weak return . And suppose it is ? It will take years to get it back to where it was . Why take the chance? Not just for me but for a lot of out of state angles that put a lot of money in NYS economy . It's risky .
  17. Well if that is the case , and I'm not saying it is not , then consider this . Year after year ,the Sandy pen reared fish were the strongest vitality wise of all pen reared fish lake wide . And also the Sandy project had support from an enthusiastic volunteer base and Brockport state student help . And I'm sure their data had some benefits . Add in the fact that pen reared fish still home in on the Salmon river or so we are told . With all those factors , if you truly want the best for the lake managed King salmon , why would you not pen rear all the kings at Sandy ?
  18. So we take one of the greatest South shore lake and trib streams and turn it into crap . These guys know what fish are where and when . When The discussions were being had at the tables , was Sandys hit not considered ? When they decided to cut stocking numbers they had to know they were going to hear it from business owners lake wide . At Sandy ,we really don't have any " infrastructure " so we were an easy target to keep those happy . As I see it we got bent over , plain and simple .
  19. The more I think about this , the more it grinds my gears . We got bent over because we were easy pickings IMO . I don't know about the rest of you Sandy guys , but I'm ready for a fight . They can give us 25 k+ salmon , some steelhead and Brown's .
  20. Nothin but love for you King Davy and the creel guy . But anybody with an IQ higher than a canary know its mostly about economics . So why don't these guys just come out and say it . I'm sick of the song and BS dance from these gov types. A lot of the reasoning I hear from these guys is contradictory . Which make them lose their credibility . Hey Whaler , what Brown's ? I guess I will see soon enough about the King return to Sandy . Last year I landed 72 after Labor day and the year before 73 . And lost a,whole bunch more . Both stagers and in the creek on plugs and eggs . But I did not get the domestics I have in the past . Which disappointed me . And not a lot of Brown's in the fall , but not bad after ice out .
  21. Well there you have it . We had a good thing going that benefited both lake and stream anglers and because we don't have a tackle shop or lodge we get thrown under the bus . I knew this and the creek survey guy adamantly denied it . Which is why I kept prodding him . Maybe he knew and wouldn't say or maybe this is what he has been told . He seemed like a good person . So I assume the best . If it's about economics , how can we be live anything we hear from these guys in the future after the reasons they gave ? I'm disappointed . But not surprised .
  22. Well there you have it . We had a good thing going that benefited both lake and stream anglers and because we don't have a tackle shop or lodge we get thrown under the bus . I knew this and the creek survey guy adamantly denied it . Which is why I kept prodding him . Maybe he knew and wouldn't say or maybe this is what he has been told . He seemed like a good person . So I assume the best . If it's about economics , how can we be live anything we hear from these guys in the future after the reasons they gave ? I'm disappointed . But not surprised .
  23. A lot I see and hear about this flies in the face of what we are taught about diversification or more simply put , what grandma told me about putting all my eggs in one basket . How is survival rate determined ? We can't tell what port penned what returning fish came from and if it's wild or not because they stopped marking the fish for some reason or another . I was told by a business owner that the reason for this is they are concentrating the penned fish at the stream sites that have the most pressure and the guys have fish to catch when they get here , plain and simple . Weather that's completely true or not ....... But I think it partly is . And I think there is some politics and arm bending . There is , and it all comes down to this , a lot of money to consider . I was told I'm a" stakeholder " as we all are . But it seams the Sandy folks stake ain't as big as some .
  24. Obviously smarter folks than me are making these decisions . But how do they know where the fish were penned to determine survival rates ? Many factors could influence that . Clear calm water for days and a huge flock of cormerants at the release site to name one .
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