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  1. I was 17 my first derby . We threw Cleo's off the piers . Had no clue what we were doing . Bought a 17 ft wood boat and outfitted it with 2 Riviera manuals and a flasher depth finder . Ran stickbaits close to shore mostly. Spring was 4 days . Boat launches were backed up 20 cars . Fishing was more fun back then . There was a mystique to it that is long gone for me . A 21 ft boat was big back then . Look at the equipment / boats we have now . It's on the verge of unfair chase .
  2. A friend of mine won the spring derby maybe 1979 Got it on a 1/3 oz Cleo 5 ft down on a rigger and ultra light with 6# test at the Oak off the ladders in 15 ft. . I think it was 17# . He was sleeping while his father was driving the boat . He played it out , netted it , and when they were bringing it over the side , it went thru the netting . But they managed to land it . Won a new Hydro Sports boat . Selden Beebe. RIP.
  3. HB2

    Sold / Closed J- plugs

    That one top left is a first light killer . That one alone is worth the asking price . And very hard to find .
  4. Now what does this virus have to do with fishing ? Gee , I wonder 🤔🤔
  5. All I ask is the people that we elect to office to serve us , do right by the American ,yes , American people . And I might not even agree with some of it . But most don't . One guy did , and look what they did to him . And they wonder why we don't trust them . I think they don't even care what we think . Stay healthy my friends .
  6. What about all the small businesses and restaurants that were forced to shut down ? Every day these people were begging to survive . Guess you may have missed that . What about all the free money for those who make more staying home than working ? Which is largely to blame for the labor shortages and supply chain issues? I as a landlord have people that are still waiting for assistance because their employer was shut down . And the best part , I could not evict them , not that I would, because the gov said I could not. So I have to pay their utilities and pay my taxes and mortgage, but can't evict non payers even if they can pay but don't have to . This has bankrupt a lot of property owners . And Trump got the Vaccine done when Biden and Harris said it was not possible . And Kammy said she would not take it and encouraged others to do the same .How soon we forget . More worried about impeachment over stuff Brandon actually did .Remember that ? Seems to me Nancy and her crew made the mess . Now they are crying that a lot , mostly minorities, which does not get reported , will not take the shot , which is available pretty much everywhere. We have had bad flus before and people die . That's life . I'm not afraid. And excuse Trump for being positive. We have more ventilators and other equipment than we will ever use because of him . So please,with the he did not do anything . Time for the out of shape people of this country to keep the junk they call food out of their face, get off their asses , and start living a healthy lifestyle. That's a real OZ of prevention . So this stuff doesn't have as big of an impact . Did not think this post would go in this direction .
  7. My original post was how the booster made me , and my son who said it was as bad as he has ever felt , affected us . My wife , nothing . So how can anyone say that this vaccine can have no long lasting side effects ? Maybe worse than the virus. This remains to be seen . Back in the day they told us Sacrin and cigarettes were safe for gods sake .and there is a long list . So don't be so quick to throw those that are anti Vax under the bus. And Fauci is a deucsh bag . Trump should have fired him .
  8. A lot of the above stuff is way over my pay grade . My wife got a sub call from a teacher that likes her asking if she can take her class because she tested positive. Mind you , she has all shots , does a few miles a day on the tread mill , and oh yeah, feels fine . Happy New Year. Hopefully by the end of this year , things will be semi normal
  9. Yeah , well who ever would have thought we would see what we see on the news for the last few years ? So absolutely nothing surprises me . Maybe you will have to show your Vax card to get a license . Far fetched ? And why would the gov not regulate what we eat ? They get into our knickers for everything else .
  10. Bordum Information Education Mental stimulation Stirring the pot .
  11. There are 4 ways to get your lure down to the fish 🐟 once they get deeper than 15 ft . 1 riggers 2. divers dipsey style , jet planers ,pink lady and the like . 3 copper ,lead core , steel , snap weights . You need different lengths for different depths .expensive and kind of complicated for small boats . Best off planer boards . 4 diving plugs , only good to 35 ft max . Easiest , riggers . Most versatile , slide divers . Can be used from 15 to 80 ft with no or minor adjustments . And some of you guys are so set against braid . And I just don't know why . I know Whaler uses both braid and slide divers . And he does well on them .
  12. I am talking about the 7 oz optional replacement weight ring that that goes on the slide diver . When fish are below 80 ft there are better options IMO . A reg or mag dipsey or other brand same diver is better option IMO . But the slide divers with the 7 oz ring, which pulls hard , will get down to 120 ft .I know this because I smacked bottom .it surprised me . And that's with 65# braid . Which is fine with the fleas if they are not real bad . I have been using braid divers for over 20 years . If you want to get into divers , a braid rod setup is a great start . A slide diver is 20$ . When fish get deep cut the mono off and wrap the whole setup on a pool noodle or similar and run a reg or mag dipsey . 60$ gets you a very versatile setup other than rod and reel .
  13. My suggestion is this .. Buy a 150 us spool of 65 or 80# power pro , 20 $ Get a bigger size slide diver, 20 $ This setup is good to 80 ft . Shallower waters , set it to 6 and let it out so is 5 ft bellow surface or 10 ft above bottom . I have the 7 oz ring and don't like it. When you have to get down real deep , a mag dipsey it better and you most times don't need the long setback . A slide diver is a very versatile tool . And pretty cheap , relatively . And way more forgiving and durible than wire . I have braid that is 15 years old and 2 setups . Zero , repeat , ZERO problems . The wire in 2 years cost me 200$ . AS far as swivel goes , what Les said
  14. I believe there are good people in the CDC that are doing the best they can for the people . Problem is we have politicians who use and twist things to best suit their needs . Anyone with a pulse can see this . I'm not afraid of 75 years down the road , I'm worried about 7 years , or 3 for that matter . And people need to look out for themselves . I'm a bit of a health but . I watch what people have in their carts at the checkouts . Some people are digging an early grave . Maybe the Gov should set our diets next .
  15. I had zero side effects from my Phizer shot . 3 days and I'm still not myself . One of the guys who gave us the shots had to take a few days off. So it must be powerfull . The way we got the opportunity for the shots was we were working at a super big shot in the health care industrys house and asked us if we wanted it . I watched him get his so if anyone would know about these things , he probably would . But you never know. We see adds all the time from lawyers on TV , did you take this or that drug , you may be entitled to compensation from long term side effects. There are pro athletes who won't take the shot , and one is a friend of mine . And they get chastised and shunned for it . Who's to say in the long run , they aren't the ones who are right on this . Merry Christmas 🎄🎄
  16. So my son and I got our booster shots Wed afternoon by luck My son was on his butt and in bed with how bad he felt . Dizzy , sweats , chills etc . Me the same . Felt like I had the flu . Today I still feel like crap . Makes me wonder .
  17. You guys are missing the boat if you look past slide divers . They are a great presentations on a tough bite day . Have saved the day many times for me . Brought one on friends boat and ran it opposite a wire rod . And it outperfomed it on 2 outings. Get the bigger one without the depth ring . My set up is 65# braid , Albright to 40 to 50 ft of 30# mono which the diver slides on , bead , swivel 6 ft of 15# mono or flouro, BB swivel and spoon . Or I use flasher sometimes . They work . I would suggest if you have 2 divers , one is a slide diver . They shine in 30 to 70 ft depths .
  18. About the only atickbaits that come out of the box and run straight are Rapala . And even those can go out of tune after a fish or two . When I ran a lot of stickbaits , I was anal about tuning them . If you bend the nose down , they don't dive as deep as have a wider wobble . Go somewhere when it's calm and tune your baits . I use to do it in my mother's swimming pool . I don't think she liked it very much , but it worked .
  19. I have used 65# power pro for years . I switched to wire on one rod . I had nothing but trouble with it . I lost 3 divers ,3 flasher setups and all the terminal tackle that goes along with it . The wire is in the landfill now . Running side by side , wire to braid , I saw no difference , and some days the braid did better . To start , use braid . Light-years difference from mono . Then add a wire setup after you get use to divers .
  20. And there won't be a war . we would have a hard time winning. While China was building up their military and economics , look at we were busy doing the last 15 years .
  21. I don't think anyone doubts the fact the electric motors will power a boat / car fine,. Maybe and probably better . My concern is the supply and availability at peak times will not be enough and sufficient . Suppose there is an electrical supply issue and there is a shortage of supply. I can see rationing and essential usage. And fishing isn't essential . I would hope the powers at be would have and are thinking of this stuff . We won the cold war etc etc . But we seem to be more concerned with BS . Good thing I like Chinese food .
  22. And furthermore ,who will set the price of the electric ? OPEC and foreign entities set and control oil production and prices . We were energy independent and now we are not . Which gives them more control. Great move . Or is that the plan ? I can see the gov setting the price as most of the elec will be produced here. And the way things are headed , I can see different prices for different people. Rich pay more than poor , etc...... Equity we hear so much about . Absolutely nothing surprises me anymore .
  23. Just pulled in from driving up from North Carolina 11 hrs drive . A,lot of traffic and all gas stations were busy . It takes 5 min to fill your tank . It takes 1/2 hr charge approx to get 200 miles of an average car . . What a nightmare that will be . But that SHOULD improve. And the amount of amperage( 70 to 100amps ) Times the amount of pumps there are . If you remember the gasoline lines in the late 70s this will be nothing . And it will affect everything else electric . You are dreaming if you think there will be less tax . There will most likely be more . Much more . Who is going to pay for all the amperage service upgrades and all that goes along with it such as sub stations ,etc? I'll give you one guess. Supply and demand will dictate price . You can store oil , you can't store electric . Not that I know off . I know this really needs to be done at some point and I sure hope this is thought out . But we couldn't even set up a website for Obama care for months . And now this ? I am less than enthusiastic . We now have big oil . Next is big solar / wind / electric . As long as we ( and I mean the politicians ) can get the money to the people they are" chummy" with .
  24. How is all the gas a boat that is capable to safely fish/navigate the great lakes going to translate into electric? My 45# trolling motor drains a good size battery at full in about 2 hrs max . Look at all the cars on the road rush hour and multiply that across the country . We already have rolling blackouts in some parts of the country at peak times . What happens when America ( if its still called that by then ) gets home at 430 and we all plug our cars in ? All sounds good on paper . But I'm sure it will all be good .
  25. We used to fish the St Lawrence for pike . Our best was a red and white 1 oz daredevil . Followed by a Mepps Cyclops for spoons . They were heavy and got down to the 15 to 20 ft depths we fished .
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