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  1. All this stuff ( riggers ,rods , reels ,electronics ) are tools to catch fish, that's how I look at it . All this stuff does the same thing . Some better than others . I would pick the ones that you have the most confidence in . The ones that are most reliable , and user friendly for you . You say you have 4 Penns and will be mounting 2 . I would go that route, if you like them . If one goes down , just grab another and fix the bad one later . Everything breaks eventually .
  2. I'm still " wait and see " Spring and Summer LOC weights will tell us a lot . Bait has come back somewhat last 2 years and should make an impact . Not a lot we can do between now and then .
  3. As stated , we got our original eggs from the upper Great Lakes. So we have the same fish as Lake Michigan. Their bait crashed, and they had Mature kings returning at 12# for years . It's come back over there after years of management. Am I wrong to consider a summer to late summer 12 to 18 king to be a 2 year old ? Some probably are . But are some smaller 3 year olds? DEC says after their studies how much bait there is . Some guys disagree,and say I had bait on my screen all day . Well maybe their was where they were but there is a lot of dead water out there.
  4. Actually it might have something to do with diet . I don't know how it might but you are what you eat . And if the fish are malnourished , mother nature might send them early. And how can we tell age ? Yankee says you can't tell by looking at them. Last year I and others got a bunch of Jacks in the stream on skein . Did not catch one this year .
  5. I did contacted( email ) the DEC and asked if they were aware ,why it is happening,and what they planned on doing going forward . They replied they were fully aware. And the reason they suspect and are sure of are ..... Low bait abundance in the lake we had a few years of bad year hatches. He said you can't grow big fish without a lot of bait . Sea lampreys that suck the fluids and can kill a salmon . 2 years of covid thwarted stream treatments . He also said it is strictly diet and not genetics . We got our eggs originally from the upper Great Lakes . The same fish that are in Lake Michigan . They crashed their bait by overstocking and Mature fish were avg 12# . But it has rebounded . He also said we constantly have the biggest Kings in the Great Lakes . He also said we had a good hatch of bait the last 2 years and expects sizes to rebound , but not much . The increase in stocking will offset the increase in bait . He said they are trying to do a balance of good fishing to size . He said more , and I am paraphrasing . But that is the gist of it .
  6. Ring ring ring DEC , how can we help you ? Are you aware king salmon weights are down for the last 15 years ? OMG , with all the scale samples , graphs, charts of every aspect of their lives egg to eggtake , the angler surveys lake and creek , bait biomass assessment and how many to safely stock , and all the other data we take , we completely missed the fact weights are down . Its a a good thing Mr Stakeholder you called and brought this to our attention. Otherwise we would have never seen this . It all starts with Mother Nature . And she's in charge .
  7. I heard thru the grapevine they want to drop it another 1.5 ft . I'd rather have it on the high side , but not to cause damage . It dropping fast now .
  8. I agree with big pike and Gambler . And it is world class fishery . Where the hell are you going to go anywhere in the country , or world ,aside from Lake Michigan ,to have a chance to catch fish like we have 12 months a year ? I appreciate the heck out of it . Its awesome .
  9. Id bet my favorite fllyrod our guys have read this report ,and others . This was a decades long study with no definitive conclusion . And I'm sure there are more west coat studies out there as this problem is chronic . So go with the obvious , it's probably bait related. Even that study said that might be it . We have been told this by our DEC . But in the beginning,looking back , when they said this, and they wanted to cut stocking, there was huge push back . And still is . So it seems the DEC is walking a tight rope to provide us the best possible under current conditions. Any study will take years . So short term , go enjoy what we have while you still have it . Untill the bottom of the food chain gets built up , ( and how do you do that ) were probably going to have to live with this , at least for a while . And hope it does not get worse . We will have wait and see .
  10. Looks like the guys up there did an extensive long term scientific study . And they still have no definitive answer as to why it is happening up there . Well, short term for us , we will know more mid May when we see spring LOC weights . So we just have to wait and see . Sounds to me our DEC has not committed to or has an ongoing study as to why this is happening . Maybe they will . I wonder if they don't want to publicize this for bad PR . We will just have to wait and see . Hopefully the fishing is as good as it was last year .I guess we will have to wait and see. It was a madhouse at Wilson for the spring LOC . A lot of boats in out of Sandy some days during the Summer LOC. The word stakeholder gets thrown around a lot on here . What and and who exactly is a stakeholder ? From my perspective it's any resident of NY state . Taxpayers foot the bill for the funding of the stocking program .Hopefully it is profitable or at least a break even . Some have more skin in the game, ( captains , tackle shops , lodging and restaurants ) but even the kid who works at the Pulaski McDonald's and doesn't fish has skin in the game . From the study , they are going thru what we are down here . Maybe it will get better. We can only hope. At this point all we can do is wait and see .
  11. My brother in law had both hips replaced and after hiked all 46 high peaks of the ADKs . I had an Aunt who basically could not walk have both knees replaced and walked to the grocery store daily after . This was 25 years ago . Joint replacement surgery has sure come a long way .
  12. I have a little more faith in the people who are in charge of what is going on in the lake than some . I'm sure they are quite aware of what is going on out there . They seem to moniter this stuff pretty well with all the data that's available for all to see. It's in their , and the states best interest to provide the best fishing experience possible . And I mean monetarily wise . This lake has gone thru huge changes in the last 40 or so years. Anyone with a pulse should be able to see that . And know that with way less bait , there will be less and smaller fish . Obviously something is going on . Maybe it's not the bait . I have my theories and bait is part of it. You can have all the stakeholder input you want( with the demands for as many kings stocked as possible in the past might be part of the problem ) but you can't make a silk purse out of a sows ear . For every action their is a reaction . Zebras cleaned up the lake. less bottom of the food chain , less bait , fewer fish stocked ,cleaner water , sight feeding cormerant thrive . Fertile ground grows great crops . And the lake isn't as fertile as it once was . It seems it is a delicate balance of fish to bait biomass . Maybe they are stocking to many fish ( to satisfy stakeholders) and they are stunted like to many sunfish in a small pond . I'm not shrugging my shoulders , but you may HAVE to live with it .Fishing has been great last year . And the years before they cut the stocking . Time will tell . You may want to hear what they say about how ,why ,and what they are going to do about it . But you may not like what they say .
  13. Ring ,ring , ring Hello is this the DEC ? Why yes it is sir , how can we help you ? Are you aware the size of kings has decreased over the last 15 years ? Are you looking into that ? Why sir yes we are . Our extensive studies we have been secretly doing concluded that it is strictly bait related . There is a shortage of bait and they have less calories for the fish because of the water being cleaner . Our recommendation to get those 40# kings you demand is a complete stop of all king and trout stockings for 5 years to build the bait biomass to sustainable levels . Well you can't do that . There must be another solution . Well sir you can't have your cake and eat it to. The lakes ecosystem has changed dramatically the last 40 years . If the lake ecosystem was the same as it is currently , there would be no Salmon in LO . Thanks for your concern on the mater .
  14. Ring ,ring ring Hello is this the DEC ? Why yes it is how can we help you ? Are you aware that the size of kings has decreased over the last 15 years or so? Why yes we are . Well we as fisherman demand bigger and more kings . You guys better do something about it . We are working on it sir . Thank you very much for your input . You have a nice day . ..... Yeah , that call will do a lot of good
  15. I heard at a meeting once that that the natural reproduction rate was as high as 47 %. That's half the fish , a huge number . DEC has no control over that . The lake surface used to shimmer with dead alwives after the die off . There are way less in the lake. It's not our father's LO . It's cleaner . Which doesn't necessarily mean better fishing . But we still have a great fishery I'm grateful for. I'd like to see them get some new eggs from the West Coast . Raise them at a different hatchery , mark them and see what happens . But I think DEC said they did not want to do that to introduce more genetics someway . The salmon run is pretty much over .Pretty much a fly and pin trib trout fishery now . They got their eggs . Lets wait and see how things go . And let the DEC do their job .
  16. And a call to the DEC will accomplish exactly what ? The data you posted shows they know what's going on with weights . This I do know ...... Increase in king stockings due to more bait last 2 years A good class of 12# to 18# kings this past year . So at this point , about the only thing we can do is wait and see . If there are 27# to 33 # kings on the spring LOC board , problem solved . And it was from lack of bait . Other than that , have fun catching whats out there . I know I will . The fishing was great this year . The catching also . I'm excited about next year . And I still say it's time for a new hatchery . And raise some kings there like they use to at Calidonia in and see what happens .
  17. These things morph into other things. It's a discussion board .
  18. Looks like it just came out of the water
  19. My wife and sister in law got the great idea of renting a house down there and all the family having Thanksgiving there . Anyone know of how the fishing is down there and the where and what's?
  20. I'm all good for bigger fish . But that's not the lake we have right now . Maybe something can be done . But we still have kings and trout to catch which are of good size right now . And I will be out there fishing for them and loving the opportunity to be able to do it . Who knows , might be better this year and the problem will solve itself . I'm kind of sick of the crying on here about every little thing . First it's trib guys ruining the fishery , then it's Atlantic's , or not enough kings stocked ( maybe too many caused this problem ) , or too many Lakers ( which also might be a problem ) ,or they are wrong on the bait assessment ,etc . Or DEC guys that dedicated their lives to this are idiots . I enjoy fishing , I really think some of you guys only like catching .
  21. I would love to see the good old days. And yes , it should be looked into as to why there is a downward trend . But maybe the ecosystem can't support what once was . Or it's genetics , or it's something else . Someday maybe we will know why . Could be simple , could be very complex. A 20# king is not a small fish and fights well . Maybe not as well as a 35# but that's what's available currently . I am looking forward to next year with hope and enthusiasm that things will be better than the last and at least the same . I'm not going to cry about what we don't have . I appreciate what we do have . We should all hope for the best . But some might have to get their heads wrapped around the fact that this is how it will be , at least short term . And hope it doesn't get worse . With all the 12# to 18# kings caught this season , we will see if they turn into 30#ers this year . I look at Small mouth Bass . The gobbies showed up . Then VHS . They adapted and feed on gobbies . A 5# fish pre goby was a trophy . Now tourny guys get limits of 6# + fish . Makes you think .
  22. I have been lucky enough to have fished this since the first stockings . Was not uncommon to get a 30# salmon , 15# steelhead or brown. For some reason or another , the size has been down . Nobody knows for sure . But this year we had great fishing on the lake . Good numbers of kings . Better than the last 2 . I'm happy with that . I'm glad and greatfull there are kings out there to catch , even if they are somewhat smaller . Hopefully the people who give us this great fishery which is literally our my back door can figure it out and keep it going . And who says that they are not studding as to why this is happening ? I guess it bothers me a bit when a cooler full of 15# to #25 kings is an embarrassment . When a day like that is deemed a failure , gentlemen, we are in hell . Which begs the question ,what do you really want ? We could be fishing for catfish .
  23. Michigan went thru a long time of small fish . The general consensus was that it was from a baitfish crash. An it seems like things are getting back to normal there . So there is hope . If the average size is bigger next year , we can assume those fish we were catching that were 12 to 18# were 2 year olds .
  24. My point is I did not catch jacks this year and got a bunch last year , more than any other year for some reason. And I know size is down . I see it . And realistically , NOBODY , knows for sure why . We all can speculate , and I have my thoughts , but it's just that , speculation . So untill we know exactly why , I feel you can't shut down the livelihoods of those who have invested a lot and depend on the fishery for their living. Hey man , I got a lot of kings this year , and a lot of 2 year olds . Next year might be great .
  25. Last year I caught a bunch of Jacks skien fishing the creek . This year I did not catch one . And did not see anyone else catch one . So I'm going to take a wait and see attitude on this . Maybe next year will be better size wise . We had a few good years of bait and the stocking is going to increase . And we did catch a bunch of 2 year olds this year that had good size
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