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  1. Jans Netcraft Or Mudhole
  2. We all want and use all this modern stuff that makes our lives better and gives us higher standards of living cheaper .And everybody, everybody, wants cheaper. Our clothes,homes , vehicles , boats . Even the plastic lures and the paints on them . Everything is plastic or some sort of composite . The production process of these materials are extremely invasive . These " profit mongers "are giving us exactly what we want .
  3. I to use know a guy that use to eat a ton of LO fish of all kinds . Sadly he died mysteriously one day . Quite possibly from what was described . He was 97 years old. As far as food allergies etc in children. After getting in my eat healthy kick a few years back I started to read the ingredients on the labels at the advice of a nutritionalist.It amazes me the amount of crap we are feeding ourselves and our children we call food . And we are worried about some fresh fish ?
  4. I agree with Whaler Downriggers are the center of any small boat trolling system , especially for newbies IMO . I love mine on my 16 ft . Easy to deploy and are precise with depth , no guessing like with dipsys . If you were to get dipsys , make one a Braid slide driver IMO . If you are fishing spring , planer boards are nice . Some sort of down speed and temp is a great investment .
  5. Looks to me like it has gone up about 6" the last few weeks
  6. Seems like the water has come up at least a few inches the last few weeks
  7. The way I see it , it's not about power or green . It's about putting money in the right people's pockets .
  8. There is offshore and inshore fishing down there . Both are fun . If you or anyone is driving down and you are on I 95 , make a point of stopping at Buc EE's in Florence. It's quite the travel plaza experience . Get a brisket or what I got , a club melt sandwich . Incredible .
  9. My Dad wintered in Venice about an hr south of Sarasota . We went out on a head boat a few times. It was fun and relatively cheap . But I had fun on the Venice jetties . Caught a variety of species . Best setups were 1/4 to 1/2 oz jigs with shrimp on 7 ft med spin rods or I used a 9 ft steelhead rod with a float with shrimp . I let it drift with the current along the rocks . Enjoy the nice weather down there .
  10. They were a high percentage of my stream catch .Way more than any other year since I have had my cottage . I saw a good amount caught be other anglers also. Some who I believe mistook them for Coho.
  11. I am was just saying, since you are buying a spray can of lacquer , you could use it to refresh other lures you already have to kill time during the doldrums of winter .
  12. Also any scuffed up or rash stick baits , spoons or flashers ,etc can be brought back to life with a couple quick coats . Maybe some super fine steel wool to clean them up first . Then spray .
  13. Actually I have had good experiences with them . They rebuilt the my Cobra outdrive on my Bayliner and did other work . They did some work on my 35 Merc . Got parts and oil from them many times . Never once had a problem . But this was before they sold and I found Tommy Barbara
  14. I did pretty well in Sandy this fall and other guys also . Not as good as 2 and 3 years ago but good and I did not fish as much. So with all the hullabaloo about there not being a lot of kings in the lake this year , maybe we weren't fishing the part of the lake the kings were .
  15. So it was nice and I have not been fly fishing the tribs this year because it has been so good off my dock so I donned the waders and went to Sandy. North of Church Rd to be exact a long way north of the bridge Water was clear and I look down and see this phone in the water . Looks like it hasn't been in the water long . It's currently on charge and it booted up . No fish in the creek on the fly rod. Stopped at the cottage and went 3 for 4 on domestic rainbows and browns on jigs under a float .
  16. Well, the people that give us this great fishery seem to think they can make it work . 2 days ago I heard of guy that said he caught a good amount of Atlantic's . I have heard of trib guys in my area getting some , so they are there . Let them try . If it's a flop ,then maybe they learn something about the fishery to make it better all around There a guys that would like to see them in the tribs ( me included ) so let the feds try . It's not hurting or taking away anything from anyone or a least not much . Maybe it's a waste of effort and resources but we do that all the time. When I first started doing this back in the late 70s , there were way more steelhead and the average size was much bigger . The lake was packed full of Alwives. It didn't seem that thimine deficiency was a problem back then ?
  17. If the Feds are footing the bill for this , I don't see what the problem is . As much as everyone hates the lake trout , they sure save the day more times than a lot of us would like to admit . That is a successful fed program . I'll take a let's wait and see attitude on this . A diverse LO fishery is a great thing .All the more reason for people to come here . And no one style angler , lake or trib owns it . Both contribute financially to the state tax revenue .
  18. HB2


    I have been working on my house painting the upstairs , new carpet ,etc for 6 weeks Guys were going to stay at my house , girls are the cottage . I reserved a vehicle . Had people coming in from Orlando , Rhode Island, North Carolina , Saratoga . Now nobody except my son from NC and I cancelled the vehicle . Probably saved me 1+ K . My son who is a season ticket holder with his friends are considering driving to Detroit thru Canada . I told these people in Aug when they got tickets something like this could happen .
  19. My favorite person to listen to " Big Picture " wise is Victor Davis Hanson . His take on what is going on with the dynamics of the country and why who does what , are spot on . All this cancel culture , defund police ,woke , CRT , ignore the boarder , hate America, etc ,has to stop . It has to for the sake of Our great country . But I don't think it will.
  20. America hater George Soros has been funding the Dems forever Now the Dems have the Crypto version of Bernie Madoff funneling millions of dollars of scammed investors money to the Dems I try to watch some of the liberal media channels to get their take but thay have turned into into the Jan 6 or White people suck channel . I find it funny when you see and hear with your own eyes and ears the crap show of stuff that is going on and the liberal media trys to spin it to say what you see or hear is not happening . And how dare you question it . Hit a three team parly today off my dock . A brown , domestic rainbow , and nice male coho . All on jigs. Landed 9 fish the last few days in a few hrs total . And lost a few more . The water is clear and I wanted to see how my jig was working so I had it in front of me pulling it along and I watched the coho come up from nowhere and nail it. Pretty cool
  21. Runaway inflation ,crime ,defund the police , Stampede at the boarder , gas prices , Afghanistan debacle , spying on the Trump campaign ,etc , all Fox news lies . It's not what CNN, MSNBC , NPR, or Networks report on , it's what they don't report on . But hey , there is always Jan 6 they can harp on whenever they need smoke and mirrors . Or Russia Russia Russia , which was all proved to be a load of crap .
  22. We should have gotten out of Afghanistan. But properly . Not the crap show that happened . Zalinsky is trying to goad is into that mess . It ain't like the Ukraine is a democracy . A lot of people have full pockets because of American taxpayers I suspect . NATO needs to take a bigger part in the security of Europe .Financially and Militarily . Somebody , I don't remember who , made them finally pony up and pay their share . Trump was a business man before he was a President . He has hotels all over the world . He built his empire as a good smart entrepreneur . Capitalism . He gets endlessly audited by the IRS and if there was something wrong it would be front page 24 /7 . I find it funny these politicians go into Congress broke and walk out millionaires.They can engage in insider trading , what they put Martha Stewart in jail for . Kathy was fast to give money for the new Bills stadium. But isn't her husband in charge of the concession business there? Not everyone can use their politic standing and sell out and be bought off like the big guy . Putin and Kim are pulling this crap on a total Dem watch . They smell weakness . Is it the Republicans time to endlessly investigate and impeach now ? Trump funded and rebuilt and upgraded the military . And thank God he did. But I'm sure Rachel probably spun that . Dems and the mentally weak are being played like fiddles by corrupt leaders . And we are losing our beautiful country because of it .
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