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  1. I have used them . They are fine . Decent price .
  2. I had very good luck with Pro Troll 8 " flashers this,past year . Very speed,forgiving . I use 11" hotspots 8" pro trolls Spin Drs And most of my hits,by far come on White of some sort . By far .
  3. HB2


    He walked out before I did that day . I never thought to ask him .
  4. HB2


    Was the guy from Beckly WV named Jeff ? Great news I'm happy for you We have a great site here
  5. Very happy with Buffalos performance this year Was surprised how they started season out with the crazy passing game . It was all new and they did well with it but hit a few speed bumps through the year . Josh grew a lot this year with his poise but lost it at the end as his weapons were not open as KC defense took that away and he had hard time adapting . A few upgrades at certain positions and who knows , but they are close . Sure is nice being relevant again and in the conversation . There is Hope . And that's a good thing .
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    Those spring / summer time teen king fillets sure look and taste good . I'm sure someone out there sees dollar signs if they had an outlet . Heck, the Russians were hauling out half dead kings by the truck loads . So why not lake caught ?
  7. About 12 years back there was a ton of ice cold water on west end LOC . We fished Johnson's creek and had some lest say OK water out to 30 ft then clear cold black . We spent the days we fished from 10 to 30 ft . Our setup was J 13 and 5 1/2" jointed raps and rebels 75 to 125 ft back on both big boards and riggers set 10 ft off bottom. We did well on some nice kings. One morning I remember we boated 6 . We got 2 or 3 each day as I remember . Up until the NK / Pirates came on scene , all we used were sticks untill the Thermocline set up . It's a good way to fish .
  8. Went to Monroe Ave Wegmans yesterday Wild caught King Salmon 37$ per # I know it different but it's not that different .
  9. I used a piece of tube from a spinner bait trailer hook kit . Worked great .
  10. Mahomes got knocked out . Wonder what will come of that with the protocol . Could be out next week .
  11. I would say whoever plays Buffalo will have their hands full
  12. Umpire probably looking at the ball to see if it crossed the plane . Was right in front of him .
  13. Would not be surprised to see college rule implemented in the NFL in future .
  14. I would think they should be perfect . I don't like them too slow so you can muscle up the bigger kings and Lakers .
  15. May / June is great king action on the west end .
  16. Let's go Baker !
  17. HB2


    Steelhead fishing the Oak this afternoon and as I came our I met gentleman who left his Sage fly rod leaning against his truck and drove off . When he came back it was gone . Told him to look on here as we have guys with high moral fiber on here that would look for its rightfull owner .
  18. I'll miss seeing his boat coming up and down the creek . Condolences to his family
  19. I like original Power Pro . Like Whaler said , I don't get it either . The fact is , you are going to get fleas . The wire cuts them better . I check my dipsey more often when fleas are real bad. But there are issues with wire which makes it more difficult to handle and manage . Braid is pretty much indestructible. So you have to weigh that out and make a decision. Some guys swear by wire . I swear at it . My, mind is made up . I lost enough stuff.
  20. Honestly , I liked the wire OK . But it has no forgiveness and when it breaks , it's 25 to 50$ lost . Side by side with the braid , they both caught fish , there was no difference in hits some days the braid caught more. Start with the braid and get a feel for it then add a,wire later IMO
  21. Get the drill out to make a hole in your belt so it's not to tight in a few weeks
  22. Lost 3 divers/ flashers etc the last 2 seasons with wire due to kinks . Wire is very unforgiving . Took it off and threw it out . Which is why I went back to 65# braid which I catch just as many on with zero issues. .
  23. Was fly fishing steelhead on winter day a while back. I caught a keeper size steelhead . Swallowed the fly . After taking the hook out ,,it was bleeding pretty good and figured it wouldn't make it . A lot if blood . So I put it on the stringer and tied it off on the overhanging pine right across from the Archers club and continued fishing . I walked up by it about an hr latter and I scared it it it started splashing around . When I took it home ,,it was still alive when I put it in the truck . So they aren't as fragile as you might think .
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