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  1. I feel they know exactly what they are doing
  2. I got 6 / 7 at my dock . Being a member of the prestigious IJC has its perks . Didn't Bubba say , " I never had sexual relations with that women "?
  3. Excellent report It's nice to here some of the best fisherman on the lake have bad days also . It's all part of it .
  4. And also there are more important interest that have a huge financial stake in this . President Obama , in his infinite wisdom spent a lot of political capital to get this passed . Gov Cuomo invested a,lot in the vegetation that was planted in many ofv the swamps to give cover to the real reasons why the bill was passed . And if the lake is to low to navigate or launch your vessel , might I suggest hiking .
  5. And furthermore , we as representatives have been appointed by our highly respected federal government's . So that Fact alone should make it clear we are highly qualified in our decision making . There are some native species and water bugs that were in peril . So all the high water damage and the impending low water are a small price to pay to insure their survival. The loss of revenue of lake shore businesses and damage from high water has all been factored in . So in a show of good faith , everyone should get on board with this . And please give us the appreciation we deserve . We know better than you on this issue .
  6. And being from the IJC ,I ask this , can't you guys read ? We told everyone to expect a 7.2 ft difference from high to low AND be prepared to live with it . Sorry if it disrupts your lives , but we have shipping and hydro power to worry about . Oh yea , the real reason for all this is to save the wetland , almost forgot .
  7. Hey guys , I'm from the iJC The water got high and everyone complained . Now we lower the water and everyone complains . Make up your minds already .
  8. I use attractant religiously on all of my plastics for bass ,pike , trout etc . It makes a big difference
  9. Do yourself a favor and go buy some bigger duo lock snaps and put one on the back swivel . That way you can change easier without having to put a larks head knot to it .
  10. I have owned a lot of different trolling reels from a lot of different price points Way back when the 47 h from Diawa was the standard and I think I have 6 besides the drags getting a sticky over time , the only issue I ever had was a clicker go . I really don't think you need the best to catch these fish . Any mid range reel will perform for you . A smooth drag is what is really the most important thing . I have 2 Accudepth and they are fine I have 1 convector that I like . I have a magna pro I like Currently I have 2 Penn 309 for my dedicated flasher rods I love . I have caught my share of kings over the years . Buy the best if you feel you have to but I'm here to tell you , you don't need to .
  11. I used Blacks and like them Went to Offshore , used them for years , pads wear out after a,while . Got some Scottys last year, like them a lot I like the cable pinch pad style . And hook them on the weight . I think it runs better that way . For a few reasons .
  12. I kind of measured it today and it seems to be about 54 " down from the high point . My mind is made up that I would like to see it how it was before they passed the new policy . And IMO , they know what they are doing as far as controlling the lake level . They should know the snow pack and rain fall totals of the watershed and the amount of inflow from Erie. And should by now be able to adjust accordingly . Like they did before and had it under control. They got caught with their pants down the first year and did not let enough out when they could have . And also the next year . 2 ft higher and 1 ft lower . Be prepared for low water .
  13. An old timer once told me if you take a leak on your lure before you send it down , it really helps . Another guy told me to smear chicken crap on it , but it has to be from a rooster .
  14. Well they said 2ft higher and 1 ft lower from normal before the bill passed .
  15. My bad , I read it wrong Yes kill every one of those birds .
  16. I have caught a whole bunch of huge smallmouth that say the contrary
  17. Which is why they should stock a whole lot more of them .
  18. Keep it very simple at first better to run a few rods well than a bunch wrong. Sometimes , less is more . When I am small boat`n alone , I run 2 . Shallow water is snag country and snag time = no fish time . In close you could be in 8 ft and it could shallow up to 5 and snag up . But that could be where the fish are . Or you turn or board stalls and spoons sink . I would run strictly sticks . If the fish are in there , they will hit them . Straight original Rapalas and jointed rebels dive the least . You will learn the dive rate of your sticks soon enough , the hard way . Get some natural and some bright colors The purpose of a Rapala knot is a pivot point for the bait to work freely/ properly . Some baits come with split rings , if they don't , I put them on . And I tie direct . Any snap could change action . I'm anal about tuning my stickbaits . It kind of an art . Good luck
  19. When I was,using flies Atomic Mirage Hypnotist And my best , T 41
  20. Tie an Albright knot Then yes , a quality welded ring ball Bearing for spoons , But with stick baits , I tie direct to a split ring or you can use a small duo lock snap . Good luck
  21. I have a 6500 that I have used for a light spring and rigger rod . It worked fine . I still use it as A spring brown rod . Before we had to use 30# for fleas I used it all summer . I would spool with 12# Big Game which is more than enough and tippet off that .If the water is,stained the 12 # will be fine alone . Then 10# Flouro , if it is clear water if you feel you need it. .when the fleas,show,up and you have to use 30# , your reels,won't have enough capacity And have also landed more than a few big kings off 8# . It's a little light but it can be done . I know a guy who ran Sutton spoons for kings and used 8# all year and got many kings . He won the ESLO,one year . If they are Sweeden made Abu Garcia , those are fine reels . My 6500 is one of my musky reels .
  22. Apparently the lakes upstream of us are at record highs levels . And weren't we told to expect high levels in LO because of that ? Looks to me this is what happens when you pull the plug when you are suppose to , like they use to do before they passed 2016 .
  23. The Jury is still out with me on Fluro. Other than stealth , and the fact while fly fishing , it sinks and pulls the fly down , I see no advantage . And a lot of disadvantages . Which I have experienced . Colored water close , not needed . Mono is much stronger and forgiving IMO .
  24. So my neighbor ,retired Capt Charlie Chick gave me a bunch of boxes of lures . Some were fished hard and needed some TLC . Here are a few I brought back from the dead .
  25. HB2

    Long Pond perch

    The outlet is open as of noon today .
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