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  1. Best game in town right now . Match the Bait fish .
  2. I talked to the Magnum Metalz downrigger guy at the shoe a few years back . He told me his riggers could crank up a 20# ball . I asked why he needed a 20# ball . He told me in Lake Michigan , he gets half his kings 300 ft down .
  3. They could be 30 pounders .......... Carp
  4. Don't assume every fish you mark on your screen is a trout or salmon . Especially in water less than 100 ft . We have had sustained east winds and bad temp/ water for most of the spring . Fish are scattered. All fish are scattered . They could be smallmouth bass / perch/ pike / sheephead , etc. .
  5. As I said , I want surface speed thru the water , not SOG , which I already have .
  6. Yeah , well they haven't been working so good lately . I'm pretty good at judging speed . In fact I have kind of perfected trolling in my small boat without having it . And I really don't want a fish hawk . A surface speed gauge will do just fine , and I'm apprehensive about that . And yes I know all about the sub surface currents. I have ways to compensate for that . I don't think some of you guys know what I want to accomplish when I'm out there in my small boat .
  7. Honestly , I'm probably going to do nothing , and just keep bringing my hand held GPS with me , which I only turn on once in a while . Or make one . I usually do pretty well out there . But this year I struggled so far . And from what I gather , I'm not alone . I have boxes full of lures in my basement that I ran out and bought when I struggled . It'll turn around . When I'm small boat`n , I try to stay as primitive as I can. And let my talents get me by . I get a lot of satisfaction from that . And it makes me a better fisherman .
  8. I'm just looking for a cheap way out to get some sort of gauge of speed to satisfy my doubts when I'm not hooking up in my small boat which has been a lot this spring . I think I'm going to buy a new depth finder for my big boat and put the old one on my little boat which has a surface speed probe. I've done very well in my small boat without having speed for years but this year has been tough . But that has been the norm this year .
  9. All good points And if your crew is inline waiting , help out the guy in front of you if he needs it . nothing grinds me worse than people that don't have their boat loaded and ready to launch .
  10. I have a fish hawk on my big boat so I know all about the speed difference top to bottom . I just want a reference point so I can feel better when I'm not getting hits . And SOG ain't the best . I fished for years not having anything on my small boat and did well . This year has been tough for everyone , so it not just me . I'm going to hold off and see what happens .
  11. Sounds like a Sutton 38 . Great spoon Zugo`s favorite . Or a 71 if you want it real thin . Hammered brass and silver .
  12. Agree 100% I have learned that there is an optimum time to fish for all species during the year . Got some hog perch this morning and a few of these
  13. Went out first light till 8 Saw a lot of bait in 50 ft Moved out and fish 50 to 100 No hits I'm done for a while till I see some good reports on here . It's like beating a dead horse. I Ican't bring myself to target lake trout . I don't figure things will get good where I can fish out to 120 max till the lake stratifies .
  14. Yes, they are great motors when they are running . But everything breaks down eventually. And these are my experiences with them . We went thru my friends 70s 60 hp and we would get it running good and it would do just as you described . He finally wound up selling it . After that I found out from someone who had the same problems what his fix was . The part was like 400$ .
  15. The OMC outboards of that era are prone to those issues . I had a 55 Johnson that did the same thing . I would change the coil and it would last a,trip or 2 . I think what happens is it runs fine till it gets hot then it shuts down and runs on 1 cylinder . It wound up being the spark amplifier or power pack . This happened to 3 other motors of that era I know about . Question .. Is it running on all cylinders ?
  16. I saw three bait fish schools,this morning . Dawn to 8 . I ran out to 70 ft and set down in bait and fish . Put them down , rod goes off , drop it , and that was it. Not a lot of marks today . I may go back to fishing for warm water species .
  17. Tommy at East Fork Pro did my 1986 OMC cobra a few years back after 2 sets of point failed in 2 weeks . Boat never ran better and I get better gas mileage .
  18. Yes I judge speed by all that also and have for years , but I have been struggling this spring( sounds like most have out my way ) and I doubt what I am doing when I do . So I figure for 100$ I can have piece of mind . Maybe It makes a difference , maybe it doesn't . The thing looks simple enough , maybe I make one .
  19. A guy I know who lives in Spencerport says the creek behind his house is higher than he has ever seen it today Also Coyote K said Sandy creek behind his house is also very high Also today . Anybody know what's up ? Are they draining the canal to try and raise the lake ?
  20. I have, no speed indicator on my small boat other than my handheld GPS for SOG . I can't get a paddle add on for my depth finder and I'm not going to drop 900$ on a fish hawk . Anyone have any experience with the Luhr Jensen manual type indicator for 75$ ?
  21. First light to 8 this morning 60 to 90 Nice temp break and scum line Not a great screen but saw a few.Lakers on bottom No hits
  22. HB2

    No Gas

    They should look into getting the same security software that was used for the last election . There is no way that could EVER be hacked . Or so we're told .
  23. First light this morning till 8 Started close with sticks but no hits Switched to spoons and worked my way out . Got good surface temp and green water . Maybe its working it's way down our way and the kings won't be far behind . Managed a Laker down 75 and a coho down 30 . Did not Mark any bait and no fish other than the Lakers on bottom..
  24. How does it feel to be canceled ? Some prominent Dems have said anyone who supported Trump was not worthy to even hold a job and should be shunned . And we should be " deprogrammed" . So now we are outraged ? Please spare me . What's good for the goose . if a Biden voter was on my boat and I knew it , he probably would regret getting on board . Maybe we get a law saying I have to take them .
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