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  1. When I fish water less than 12 to 15 ft I I almost never run spoons for that reason . I have a bunch of different sticks I use . You need to know the dive rate of each model / type so you don't snag . I am a big fan of jointed Rebels in shallow water . As they dive maybe 5 ft . Straight Rapalas dive maybe 7 ft . Jointed Rapalas dive 8 to 9 ft . Size 9 and 11 J 13 dive about 12 Smithwick and Bombers dive about 8 . You can tune the stick To run a little shallower . Generally speaking the bigger the bait the deeper it dives I put a small split ring in each of my stick baits and tie direct . This fish can be in as little as 4 ft of water . Good luck
  2. Orange and reds down to 50 ft or so . Then blues ,greens and glows deeper than that . Try the pearl / mirage bottom left for high Sun days. A Mirage Atomic has been a good one for me high Sun at all depths . Also try a little green mix with white They look good . My best all around Spin Dr is a double crush glow white . Followed by a white green dot .
  3. I consider slow is as the flex of the rod starts just above reel seat . I have a few rods with slower action that I use for spring Brown's that I put away when I'm after kings . But I used them for years and got kings on them . What you have are designed by Okuma to be downrigger rods so they should be perfect
  4. I feel that a lot of the newer super glows are to intense . Especially in low light and early morning situations . For example , I like the older Glow green J plugs compared to the newer super glow models . Side by side I do better with the older . And it seems they do better when they are in the water a while after the initial light charge wears off a little . It's dark down there and IMO a subtle glow will show up fine where an intense glow maybe scares fish away . Mid day high Sun could be different story . But I still feel any light penetration to those deeper depths hits that glow and makes it attractive as I've done well on those days with glow . Which is why UV works well mid day high Sun foR same reason .
  5. I use Rustolium.from.Lowe's . It works OK.
  6. When I do glow , I paint the spoon or flasher white first , then glow , then I mist over the glow with the color I want . I just did a few with florescent green . Then the base glows through the green and makes the green glow . Then I spray lacquer over . I
  7. Great deal for a guy looking to get into fly tying . I had to look twice at that hand with the finger pointing upwards .
  8. Which is why I bring my boat to Tommy. I would think you have points . I had Tommy put an electronic Ignition in mine . . I get about 1/3 better gas mileage . Money given to Tommy is money well spent .
  9. Albright knot Summer Flea season I run 30# Big Game then 25 ft( my usual lead from.the ball ) of 15# USUALLY . . I have 2 dedicated flasher rods with straight 30# no leader. Never a problem , see no reason to change .
  10. I have a Black and Decker electric a good friend who use to Ice Fish a lot who passed away left to me . It works great. Any of you guys know Chipper ?
  11. Preferably long arms . Working or not .
  12. I have an NK mag that has been real good . Also a Dreamweaver 28 size . Both have black dots on a silver blade .
  13. Watermelon was great last year mid day
  14. DEC said that upwards of 47 % of kings were Nat Reproduction . That is nearly half , no small number . With all the cuts and concentrating the pen sights it remains to be seen what will happen . But to get back to the spring king question , there are a lot of factors that will influence it . Water temp and more importantly color. . Wind direction to name a few . There are years we have had terrible spring kings but great summer fishing. So wait and see .
  15. I have one Magda I use as my slide diver rod . It works fine . $55 I also have a few Diawa Accudepths which are a little more, $ 90 I also have a connector which I feel is a nice reel also . $90 TDR or Eagle claw are nice rods for the money . There are nice combos you can get for less than 100$ on sale . There are guys on here that seem to need the best of everything to catch these fish . I'm here to tell you you don't. . Better off buying the cheap out fits and spending the saved money on a temp / speed probe which will get you way hook ups than the better rods / reels . Once the rod is in the release or behind the dipsy , the fish won't care what's in the rod holder .
  16. I have 2 slide divers , both on 65 # braid . My setup is , braid to 50 ft of 30# mono , small bead to stop the diver , barrel swivel , 5 ft of 15 # , swivel and almost always a spoon . I only put one out ,usually, when I have to, and things are slow . But it has saved the day countless times for me . And skittish kings seem to like it .
  17. This is how I do it . Pull the hook out with my pliers and hold it between my boots till it swims , away . Works every time .
  18. How about a 4 ft level and a speed square I'm old school
  19. 12# cannon balls will do everything you want them to .
  20. I have a 1986 2160 and it has a kill switch so I would think yours has one also It is forward of the throttle / shift cable on mine above the radio box . Could be the ignition switch itself . I know i have had to clean all my fuses as they have some corrosion on them and had to replace a few of the dash switches for lights and such for same reason. So check all connections first . Clean and tight are Buzz words for electrical .
  21. X2 on outdoor store . Got some very durable rain wear there for less than 50$ Great store .
  22. Until the fleas,showed up in the lake , all we ran was 12 to 15# mono year round . And the fish were bigger back then . Those rigs are fine .
  23. I also have used diving plugs like Sooonbill rebels , Lindy shadlings , and Rapala tail dancers on big boards . They work well to get down to the 20 to 30 ft depths . Got many nice kings on them till Memorial day , and the lake stratifies and Thermocline sets up . Mid morning on is when they seem to work best .
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