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  1. From all the reports on here from out West , I would trailer to Ollcott / Wilson . 45 min drive from Sandy .
  2. My son who lives in Cary NC says all the stations around him are out . All this over some guys who hacked into the pipeline computer system ? It's a good thing those guys went around election time . Or were they ? Get ready to be bent over on gas prices. I knew one way or another the price would go up .
  3. Nice of you to blend a hand But you can buy a cheap one for 10 to 15 $ and put a broom stick on it to make it longer . Nice thing to have .
  4. As you walk out on the big pier , on the bay side from about 100 yards to the main channel is good for warm water species . The corner where you start to walk north is the best spot fishing in the bay . I would think the channel where the swim area is to the small pond would be good because of the warm water .
  5. After going out deeper yesterday to find cold black water , and seeing my rigger weight down 20 ft and getting skunked I decided to try in close this morning . First light I started close to port and ran my trusty Rebels . Got this one to take on the edge of the colored water .
  6. HB2

    Perch / rock bass

    My son can't have shellfish so it's poor man shrimp tonight . And steelhead .
  7. HB2

    Perch / rock bass

    For all you panfish guys , I have caught about 100 since Sat . Mostly keeper perch on the smaller size with some good ones mixed in . With a bonus steelhead first cast this morning Jigs under a float
  8. I fished close to port and fished dawn to 8 . 6 to 20 ft , good temp nice color nice mud edge ,no hits for 3 trips doing that . I'm done in there . I was fishing the creek off my dock yesterday and the in and out current was ripping .
  9. Sold ! Pm me your address And time I can come
  10. If they are 12# I will take them Let me know
  11. The piers at Oak Orchard are IMO the best . 25 min west on the parkway If the wind is from the west , get on the east pier . If its from the east , get on the west Krocidile spoons in the smaller sizes are my best . Cleos 1/3 or 2/5 oz . Silver blue, green or Orange . Also stickbaits and rattletraps work if the water is stained . Don't forget the net .
  12. And on a side note , how much warm water species spawning habitat has been lost for this year ? Many of the shallow bays and swampy areas are dry this year .
  13. I think it is 3/16 " braided nylon rope . And i a hard time finding it . If you get to big , the knot won't fit in the pulley . If you don't get the right thing , it won't work in the holding block you mount on the rigger . As I remember 1/8 was to small . And it will slip . After a while , what I bought to replace was slipping in that block , so I tied an overhand knot in the right location and that worked .
  14. Now THERE is some complicated scientific data . My question would be this .... If you can see the level is very low ,and you know it will be below long term average , why would you continue after 3 weeks to increase outflow ? Unless of course you would want it to be low . I feel like I am getting my chain jerked. Or they have no idea what they are doing . That part , I can't figure out .
  15. Dropped the small boat in yesterday and fished about an hour Went back out this morning at dawn till about 8 Fished 6 to 20 ft east of the pier . Colored water that looked good Never had a hit .
  16. With what is going on , we are pretty much screwed anyway . Seem like it's just a matter of time . So might as well party while we can . I don't but I might start .
  17. To all of you that are so inclined :-
  18. Right after ice out I caught a bunch of smaller Brown's off my dock at Sandy . Then I got a bunch of Smallmouths , panfish , etc . But the last few weeks I have been struggling . Which is unusual for this time of year for me . So fishing in general may not be good .
  19. I feel they know exactly what they are doing
  20. I got 6 / 7 at my dock . Being a member of the prestigious IJC has its perks . Didn't Bubba say , " I never had sexual relations with that women "?
  21. Excellent report It's nice to here some of the best fisherman on the lake have bad days also . It's all part of it .
  22. And also there are more important interest that have a huge financial stake in this . President Obama , in his infinite wisdom spent a lot of political capital to get this passed . Gov Cuomo invested a,lot in the vegetation that was planted in many ofv the swamps to give cover to the real reasons why the bill was passed . And if the lake is to low to navigate or launch your vessel , might I suggest hiking .
  23. And furthermore , we as representatives have been appointed by our highly respected federal government's . So that Fact alone should make it clear we are highly qualified in our decision making . There are some native species and water bugs that were in peril . So all the high water damage and the impending low water are a small price to pay to insure their survival. The loss of revenue of lake shore businesses and damage from high water has all been factored in . So in a show of good faith , everyone should get on board with this . And please give us the appreciation we deserve . We know better than you on this issue .
  24. And being from the IJC ,I ask this , can't you guys read ? We told everyone to expect a 7.2 ft difference from high to low AND be prepared to live with it . Sorry if it disrupts your lives , but we have shipping and hydro power to worry about . Oh yea , the real reason for all this is to save the wetland , almost forgot .
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