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  1. Down by the bridge or upstream of me? My boat is going up for sale this week sometime .
  2. I bass and pike fish the crap out of that creek from my cottage down , and I have never seen it . But I'm not saying it's not there
  3. I fish all species of fish in Lake ontario and NY state . And fishing in general for bass and Salmon trolling tech wise has gotten crazy . It gets better , and More intrusive each year . Bigger faster boats with crazy better electronics , that see,everything and position you perfectly . And it's easy to get caught up in that . I considered the tourney life but did not and am glad . I fish because I love to . I have a rag tag 16 ft Barely sea worth boat I absolutely love . Nothing beats being out first light , quiet, seeing wildlife , no pressure . That might be hard for some to understand . When it becomes all about winning and competition , it would change it for me . Some of these guys I see I wonder ... It seems they like the idea of being a pro fisherman with all the glitz and fame more than they like fishing .
  4. I have caught fish on it all different times . But I usually fish flashers below 50 ft . I find glow works well sometimes mid day high Sun for some reason .
  5. One of my all time favorites is a white crush glow spin dr with a T 41 ultra glow Atomic fly .
  6. HB2

    J Plugs

    I absolutely love my J plugs . . Small boat`n after Labor day I use them for staggers almost exclusively . And you have some good ones in that box . Size 3 and 4 . Glow green fluorescent , and pearl white first light . Silver bullet when Sun comes up . 35 to 75 leads off riggers . Run ball 10 ft off bottom .
  7. My favorite setup this time of year is a flasher on 1 rigger set back 20 ft set at 50 deg temp . Other rigger one spoon set 10 ft below the flasher and one spoon stacked 10 ft above the flasher 25 ft leads . And one or 2 dipsey . A lot of times I run 4 flashers .
  8. Use 2 of the same weights if you can I used 10# fish shaped for years .. I use cannonballs also . Hopefully yours are 10 # at least I seldom run leads of less that 20 ft , more like 25 for both spoons and flashers . Run leads back the same and keep the weights at least 10 ft apart vertically to avoid tangles At first , run 1 lure each rigger and 1 dipsey if you have one till you get the feel of things . I never run more than 5 rods . Better to run a few rods right than a bunch wrong Watch your depth finder for fish / bait . Do a lot of turning so your lure will be running the right speed at least some of the time if you don't have Down speed temp . Note direction of troll on hit to repeat it
  9. Those buoys are there to mark the channel . RED ON RIGHT WHEN RETURNING FROM SEA, RED ON RIGHT WHEN GOING UPSTREAM STAY BETWEEN THE RED AND GREEN Fishing bass I have seen numerous boats over the years , 2 this morning , go outside the buoys and have waved some off . Could be very expensive for you , especially this year .
  10. I am more and more partial to the 8" pro troll with the agitator fin . But I like the spin Dr as well . For big I like the Hot Spots or Big shooters . But white of some sort is my go to color . Glow or UV
  11. Yeah sounds like you should go out and buy a few 15 # torpedoes at 150$ plus . And hope your riggers are rated for that much weight or you will replace them also . Or hook the release on the weights you have , call it a day , and go catch some fish . Sounds,from your original post you already know that hooking the release on the weight solves your problem . So if it ain't broke don't fix it .
  12. Don't attach the release to the weight? I guess I have been doing it wrong for the last 40 years,. That is what keeps the weight straight and stabilizes it IMO . But I don't load my rods up as much as,some of you guys because I think it pulls the weight back and you get more blow back .
  13. Best wire I have found the hard way is 65 to 100# power pro braid.
  14. 2 Scotty or offshore . 25 $ Done .
  15. I had the same problems when I used Roemer releases or blacks . I had the weights tangle . Went back to pinch pads and solved the problem . The weight dragging the line/ lure behind keeps it straight and stabilizes it . I have used cannon, offshore for years and now Scotty . I like Scotty best . You see shakers better with them Also .
  16. I feel you need to get bait placement with your middle rod at the 50 deg Mark if you have a fish hawk then above and below . If not fish the the bottom of the bait then above and below . Cable angle tells me you are going way to fast . Pull some buckets or a bag . I love my buckets . I put a how to on them on here somewhere a few,years ago . Also I use scotty pinch pads and set them tight so fish has to pull hard to get a release . I put a bend in my rod but not crazy . With my tight release , the fish is hooked good on the strike . My go to set up with 2 riggers is a flasher at 50 deg 1 rigger , other rigger a spoon 10 ft be low flasher , spoon stacked 10.ft above flasher 25 ft lead or spoons a little behind flasher .
  17. We are getting played like fiddles Makes me sick the way some of this stuff is reported . The weak minded get swayed . The events of the day are not reported but used as ammunition for or against a cause . Trump is not the president anymore but he is talked about constantly while important issues of the day are glossed over or not even reported by some outlets . Can we just report the news,with, no slant or agenda already? .what pill do these People take to say what they say and look straight into the camera ? It's not news anymore .
  18. And they fight better than lake trout
  19. You must be referring to my failed attempt at a rapala knot I use to tie my jig heads on with . So I came up with my own version . Want to guess what I call it ? I haven't tied a jig head on without it for 15 years . And I use a ton of jigs . No special knot on my rig .
  20. Do you really think it would make a difference ? I ran it this spring the 4 times I went out till I gave up trolling and did the creek thing . Never had a hit on it . We will see in a few weeks . I tell it like it is .
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