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  1. If the deal hasn't been closed, I'll take them.
  2. It's 2024 - aren't you using implantable GPS chips?
  3. Run a Lund 1650 Rebel, it's got a Merc 4 HP kicker that I use for trolling. Have a 24V Terrova with a minnow fin rudder. Run it on auto pilot all day, and the rudder keeps it on course, hardly ever have to spin the propeller. https://unclenormsmarineproducts.com/products/minnow-fin-for-outboard-trolling-motors
  4. The zen of kayaking - When you're alone on a lake and your kayak and fishing lines make the only wake on the lake...
  5. Rumor has it that salted sawbellies on a Hemlock spinner are deadly when pulled behind a kayak
  6. Second that. That area has been very good for me from the kayak. If launching from Taughannock Falls State Park be aware that there's a foot bridge over the channel, so if you have to watch your height. 17' Lund I have to drop the Bimini top going under it.
  7. Lots of red flags regarding the company that's running this. They fired a guy who brought up safety concerns. Sub is operated by a game controller, didn’t want to hire experienced 50 y/o white guys, a carbon fiber hull that can’t withstand the pressures that deep. No certification or regulatory approval.
  8. The stocking of rainbows in Springwater creek started in 2021. 4000 each spring.
  9. Possibly it was the"LOU" page on Facebook that he saw. Look like it's taking posts from here a posting a short preview with a link back to post on this site.
  10. Found these going through my grandfather's collection of stuff. Do you split them at the spring joint then thread a minnow on them like a Hemlock Spinner?
  11. You need to set the filter to "content I have not " then save as your default stream
  12. The LOU app does the same thing. Tap on the solid circle next to each topic title.
  13. https://www.dec.ny.gov/press/127230.html DEC Announces Rainbow Trout Sampling Date for Naples Creek Public is Invited to March 23 Fishery Sampling The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) today announced it will be sampling the rainbow trout run at Naples Creek, Ontario County, on March 23, beginning at 9 a.m.
  14. For your reading pleasure. If you fish these lakes, consider being part of the program - looks like the # of reporting anglers is declining every year. I didn't send much time in the kayak last year, so my reporting #'s were down, hope to fix that this year.... 2022 Can-Hem Angler Diary.pdf
  15. I think it's oversized - Shouldn't they be 4 inches or less upon release back into the lake?
  16. Maybe a weighted vote by county system, similar to Presidential Electoral College ? Try getting the state legislation to approve something like that; they know how it would shift the outcome of the Governors race. Sent from my SM-G981U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  17. Vote Early Vote Often Every Vote Counts !
  18. Found this while going through some of late grandfather's fishing supplies. Appears on google maps to be a vacant lot. Anyone ever heard of it, or have any good stories about place?
  19. My quess is input for shore power. Why 2 ? How many batteries, mabe had 2 seperate chargers. Where are they located ? Can you trace wiring they are connected to ? That will tell alot.
  20. You can conveniently sit and drink at home while watching this you tube channel... https://youtube.com/c/AlfredMontaner
  21. I registered several homemade trailers 10-15 years ago. Now the state is all about the sale tax money... they want lots of receipts to make sure you paid sales tax when purchasing parts, and then pay it again when you first register....
  22. Got a used Lund Rebel 1650 this spring and been using that. With gas prices, I maybe going back to the kayak
  23. Hit the water this am with the boat - done a bunch of shake-down trips and finally got things dialed in and working... Definitely covered alot more water then I do with the kayak, but do miss the yaking experience. Went just south of the point, then set-up running stick baits and spoons on a 4 and 5 color spread on in-line planers and came back north, weaving from 60 - 120 FOW 1st hit came of the 5 color with a silver sutton west river spoon - 21" salmon took the spoon deep, so it went into the cooler. After that, switched stickbaits to suttons. 3 more salmon landed and released, 1 lost about 50 ft from the boat. Also landed and released a small mouth bass. All salmon were in the area of boy scout camp. Took a break from trolling and jigged lakers for awhile. 1st drop was followed and grabbed as soon as I pulled it off bottom - landed and released 5 lakers, watched lots of chasers. Off the water by 11:30, sun was getting brutal as the wind died down. Was worried about fleas based on other posts, but the lead core did a job repelling them - just a small wad on the topshot / leader. Saw lots of folks drifting what I assume were sawbellies. What's the closest baitshop on the west side that has them ? Sent from my SM-G981U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  24. Is it just the camera angle or is the salmon long and skinny ? Sent from my SM-G981U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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