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  1. Same here yesterday, sst sabot- 70 yards shoulder shot. No blood first 40 yards which at first made me think i missed and only a splatter here and there after. No snow to help me so almost on hands and knees searching through a scrub brush field. Only reason this pic has a big wound is bc of follow up shot. Other side was where i first hit him and I could barely fit my pinkie finger in. Good luck searching today and hope you find him!
  2. The charter captains have been doing well on them!
  3. Depends what you have confidence in and what you have been successful on. I think the answers will vary greatly depending on how many fish youve caught and where your fishing. A person fishing the Great Lakes can/will choose differently than a person on an inland stocked lake and someone with 5, 50 or 500 fish will answer differently also. Everything works given the right time and nothing works given the wrong time. All we can do is enjoy our days out there - keeping our lures wet and our fingers crossed. Tight lines everyone!
  4. I fished outta Pugent Sound years ago, mooched with plug cut herring and casted jigging spoons. Was a neat time- got silvers and kings. Sea lions near boat were cool too! Have fun!
  5. I found her years ago and have held onto her for 8 years! Katias my lucky catch! I hope we all get a lucky partner to spend our time with! Tight lines!
  6. Super nice guy, has what we want/need for lake o. Makes some awesome super mag spoons and is open til 9pm .
  7. 2 good kings, 4 shakers and a good steelhead this evening. Spoons, in less than 400' Katia has the big king on her phone.
  8. We got 2 kings today. One 16lber and one 22lbs. Spoons.
  9. Was out this morning. No kings but got cohos n some decent steelhead, temps were 50 degrees 55' down- 2 shaker chinooks. Talking with others it's been rough for big kings, know there's been some caught outta Wilson and Oak.
  10. 6 for 7 for us. 220-230' was where we caught em. 75' down was 52 degrees. 300 and 400 steel were best for us, no hits on f/f. Moonshine half moon bad toad got 4 of them, mostly smaller fish today but 2 were in the low teens.
  11. Looking to sell a used Great Lakes Company Dual Planer Board Mast purchased a few years ago. These are stock pics off the website but has normal scratches from using it occasionally. Located in Rochester and will meet up within 30 miles if interested. Spooled with 150lb Dacron line - $300 or best offer, thanks.
  12. Those damn zebra muscles can mess up a 150lb flouro musky trolling leader in a heartbeat and cuts my 30lb mono for salmon if I simply touch bottom in close. I'm thinking these guys are right, you drug bottom. Happened to me last time out slowing down for a king with mini divers in shallow.
  13. Yankee- wanna give ya a huge shout out for helping me lesson my lake o learning curve just by following all your posts! The time you take to break down techniques and explain your spreads has helped out a ton to weekend warriors like me. Not everyone does what you do by sharing so know your time and effort helps us common folks out greatly!
  14. Nice job bud! Bet it was fun chasing those fish around trying to net em!
  15. We love the lake not only bc its so close but bc the fishing is amazing also! Nice to bring out new people and let them enjoy what all we have come to love! Tight lines everyone and wishing ya'll the best season of your lives!
  16. Tried yesterday to fish but waves over the bow had us turn around so we tried again today. Fished off Rochester and found 3 cookie cutter browns and 5 nice Kings, 16' -20' Fow was best with all fish hitting spoons. Small 3/0 dispsey 40' back was getting action. Nice to see the kings around so early!
  17. I used troubles clips last year, super easy to rig- didn't slide around. Worked great imo.
  18. If like to invite everyone to the first annual NY Musky Expo on Chautauqua Lake located in Mayville at the Chautauqua Inn and Suites April 9th and 10th. Show goes 9am-5pm Saturday with a lure swap afterwards and 9am-2pm Sunday. This is your chance to buy the newest hottest lures, meet guides and attend seminars by some of the most knowledgeable anglers from across North America. $10 admission fee. Below is a list of vendors attending. Any questions, feel free to ask.
  19. Thx bud! Lots of excitement building for the show 2.5 weeks away!
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