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  1. Thanks, the one I was looking at is 50/200 . I will try the p66 though thanks
  2. Yes only issue is Garmin says the p66 isn’t compatible with UHD and newer models. I am going to call and see what the issues would be.
  3. Not sure on the difference between the p66 vs standard garmin dual 50/200 besides p66 is 600 vs 500 watts. Garmin says the UHD models are not compatible with P66, going to call and get clarity as my ice unit is a 73cv UHD and would save money to put the transducer on that vs a new additional finder. Also for $80 might worth trying the dual frequency garmin transducer, not sure how much detail you would need for the wide cone purposes.
  4. I am will using the P66 on a different brand next to the garmin. I am not sure if garmin are compatible. They are really quick to respond to questions.
  5. With the new longer shaft garmin kraken likely to not mount a transom transducer for the garmin and the gt56 on the trolling motor for SI. The the P66 off the back. I believe with the new longer shaft brushless from minnkota this is probably an option as well for those is smaller boats,
  6. Garmin just announced force trolling motors with much longer shafts and gr-56 built in, about time!
  7. I plan on doing that, my gt56 runs at pretty different frequencies so I don’t think the p66 at 50/200 will have an issue. I am adding the furuno 588 next to 93sv. that being said, I was on Lake Huron and the gt56 was fine and picked up cannon balls at 100 feet laker fishing.
  8. I am sure he will answer but do know many upgrade their helix to airmar p60 for better deep water performances.
  9. The 93sv with GT56 is on clearance since the uhd2 is launching. So great deals out there , picked up one from big fish encounters.
  10. Was curious if fish have hit during this process. Back in the day I recall jplugs getting bit before line went into the release. Work be no fun to have finger wrapped in 30lb line when a king hits:-)
  11. How heavy are the magnum slide divers in total weight? Is it noticeable ?
  12. Thanks, that makes since. I would think a simple wire knot to the spro would work. Also looking at the SW diver approach with it clipping off like a board does. I appreciate the help.
  13. I hear that, I often wonder if we tend to overthink it:-) I am using 7’ rods for inside diver, so hopefully they are aggressive:)
  14. Curious on this. I fish alone much if the time. I can use slide divers, but curious if a 6 foot leader is really detrimental to success.
  15. Was curious if anyone is running 2 chinook divers off one side. Inside wire, outside shallow? What size , settings? Appreciate it.
  16. Setting up first wire divers. Picked up TDR 7’ MD rod for inside wire divers. It has the aluminum oxide rings I believe. I have twili tips to add if better with 19 strand. Also do the wire knot work with 19 strand? Appreciate it the insight.
  17. Is there a link to this knot? Curious on how to do it.
  18. Sounds like there might be something new from fishhawk? If you can only get one, is the new version of i troll the way to go? Fish hawk? Or wait for new announcement from fishhawk?
  19. I always ran spoons shorter furthest 30-35 feet and plugs longer. I had seen videos back in the 80’s of spoons action too far from the ball and it lacked. Similar with a dodger they seemed to kick more with shorter leads. At the end of the day switch up until it works.
  20. Anyone use the Dubro release? Seems similar to the blacks.
  21. Yes thank you I should early enough to avoid them. Appreciate it
  22. Able to get 275 yards of 20lb XL on reels. Enough capacity for kings out side of flea times? Can always use braid backer to increase. Saltist 20. Thanks
  23. Hi, anyone have experience with these releases? I use braid on my downriggers when not on the Great Lakes and looks like these work with braid and are adjustable for use on salmon or inland use. Curious if people have had good experiences with them. Open to other suggestions for adjustability and use with mono and braid. Thanks
  24. Yes, I have fished there. I spend more time on Granby and Williams fork, but Blue Mesa is huge.
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