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  1. Fair Haven is open as 4/10 841am
  2. I just called Fair Haven Breach State Pack. The ramp is currently open 4/10 8:41am. Good to go
  3. The only way to get in over your head in a political pole is to lay down on your face! Ha
  4. But I hate shopping for fish. Besides the stores is full of sick people, right. Fishing is safer. Correct???
  5. Very nice sorry I was late. Sent from my SM-J737V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. Ok, that's a promise! Looking forward to that day. 😏
  7. Nice, 111,390 kings, whoa. train them to go to Little Sodus. It was fun helping last year.
  8. Please share the part number for the steering cylinder and helm. thank you
  9. I can agree with Rick. I run a Garmin 7600 with a B60 and a GT 51 transducer. Primarily use the b60 and run the g51 in sidescan to turn on fish that pass to the sides... I am considering a Panoptix live view to tell me went the fish dont like what I have out. I am interested in feed back on that.
  10. I have always enjoyed the roll of devil's advocate. So if the Covid-19 numbers prove to be nothing but a wild over action. Then someone else will be the donkey. I would have to say no, because like combat we make our best decisions with the information at hand. We also know that sadly either way some will die and the jackass's will call others names. 🍺 cheers
  11. Try this site for Lake Ontario wx informtion. https://www.weather.gov/greatlakes/ontario
  12. I have experienced speed differences as hi as 1.5. I have calibrated my water speed device. If you have not calibrated, check your providers manual for there recommended procedure. Great looking fish and thank you for sharing.
  13. Used a hitch bar as a handle to pump the surge brake.
  14. Are you interested in best offers for immediate sales?
  15. Now that one big smile πŸ˜πŸ‘ Congratulations!!!!
  16. So nyc'er cannot travel. Next can we *Stop wasting your tax dollars. *Change the governor. *Get back our 2a rights. *Cut our taxes in half. *Take my wife out to dinner. This is starting to look up. Are there any negatives?
  17. "Quarantine" a song by Mat Best and Tim Montana
  18. Interested. Please send me more information and its location. Sent from my SM-J737V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  19. There were trailers in the parking area.
  20. Water level at Fair Haven Park launch is good.
  21. I am so tried of be alone and this is all that is left.
  22. I am interested in downrigger weights. Three round balls. Where can I pick them up.
  23. Just passed the salmon delivery truck. I wish it was still go to little sodus!
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