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  1. Yes kinda what I was thinking. Getting a Helix for my big boat and I am trying to figure if I needed DI/SI or not....probably not.
  2. Is side imaging and or down imaging really that practical when trolling for salmon/trout?
  3. What would be a good trolling rod for browns in terms of length, action?
  4. I don't have a kicker so that won't be a problem, though I can see how it would be.
  5. So you want the short booms on back and maybe long booms on sides? Reason I'm asking is I want to get downriggers with extendable booms to keep cables from props and so fourth. Was going to get cannons with extendable booms for stern and I found 2 with 24" booms cheap thought I could put those on sides.
  6. Do many of you run short boom riggers(like 24") off the sides of your boat? Wondering how, if at all that will interfere with turning at all?.....
  7. Anyone run 150' copper on a magda 30DXT? I just purchased a 30DXT and it doesn't look like it will be big enough.
  8. Thinking about trying steel wire or copper. After doing alot of research, I'm finding that...I still can't decide. I'm new to this so what would be the lesser of these two evils(I know there is nothing evil about either method) for a new guy? I'm speaking in terms of less headaches, easier to achieve desired depths and so fourth. I appreciate any and all input.
  9. Thank you for the advise Sir!!!
  10. I figure on going out of Mexico, or Port Ontario. As far as when I'm going to try and come up next sunday to get my feet wet so to speak.
  11. Ok thanks for reply. I know kind of a dumb question but I'm just getting into trolling for salmon/trout and I got some dipsy rods and one of them is for copper/lead(sent by mistake). It is my understanding wire and copper setups are for running deeper water? I have a small boat and am not going to go too far out.
  12. aren't copper/leadcore dipsy rods supposed to have a wheel on the tip instead of an eye?
  13. It's a fiberglass boat, maybe later down the road I might delve into downriggers but for now I think my only options will be dipsys and boards. Don't you have to use different poles for wire?
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