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  1. very nice,hope the weather cooperates for this weekend
  2. don't worry about the snow,its going to be in the 50's and 60's next week.i feel a sick day coming on!!!!
  3. mexico launch is open,but I don't think you will get in there with a tandem axle trailer cause the county is pushing snow just inside the barriers and you cant make the turn.
  4. Cut Bait

    I hear ya,thats why I just buy a pack or two every weekend from the local bait shop.
  5. Convectors

    the 15 bucks includes inspection,clean,lube,and replacement of any broken or worn parts he legacy said ,no need to upgrade drags out of the box,i had 5 seasons on mine and just had him do the drags while he was in there for p.m.
  6. Convectors

    just got mine back from tuna's,it was 9 bucks for the drag upgrades.
  7. Cut Bait

    tom allen (a-tom-mik) sells it,i believe you can get it by the case.
  8. willing to ship.buyer pays shipping
  9. First mate

    jared comes out and fishes on our boat a few times a year for the last couple years and I love having him on the boat!!!!!he is a hard worker and knows what he is doing in the back of the boat.i feel confident and have no problem with him setting riggers,deploying dipsys and copper or netting fish.i feel he would make someone a good first mate.

    I run a 24 series dual purpose marine starting/deep cycle battery on my boat.troll on a 5hp trolling motor with no charging system and it starts my 90hp main motor with no problem.i don't have elec.riggers,just stereo,f.f.and gps.i can go several trips before I put it on charge.its a napa battery which is made by decca.
  11. GPS suggestion?

    pm sent